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  1. Aye definitely in their camp with heavy snp baggage, confirmed.
  2. Well done Alfredo and Mrs Alfredo๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Another wee Proddy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  3. He's either one of them or is shit scared of them.
  4. Some of them are shit scared of them at bbc brigadoom and the rest of them are them ! They run it !
  5. Don't forget Manus Joseph Fullerton another employee of Lloyds who then moved on the Harper Macleod, and a founder member of the board of the celtic trust, what a coincidence eh!
  6. That's their take on it end of ! An organisation that has been covering up bheasts for decades from savile to torbett. We subsidise them as well. Got to change.
  7. I see that other bheast english has crawled out of his hole, saying its a bit much blaming the taxman. These haters are way beyond the line now. They must be brought to book. Only been brought in to have a go at us.
  8. Aye as predicted bheggar broadcasting trying to take the importance of this away, 'expert' says it's all about the keyboard warriors now, dirty twisted bastards.
  9. These waltzer spinners were gender benders long before it became all the rage !
  10. You are not alone with your rage, disgraceful that they have not been punished by the powers that be whilst we it looks like have been done over proper.
  11. It's not even spin it's just pure vitriolic hate which like this 'mistake' by the taxman must be addressed.
  12. Wee gollum mclaughlin will be taking advice on the phone from cardinal liewwell in the bowels of the bbc crypt on how best to demonise this as he is passed about like a scud book by the high priests of pacific quay !
  13. Unfit to hold a journo card anywhere else except here.
  14. This slag still at it, horrible spunkbucket still spewing her bile!
  15. They've been at it from the start, that cunt done Morelos deliberately followin through with the knee, andy wanker "accidental collision" !
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