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  1. Will take that but need to up our game for what's coming
  2. End of the day whatever the board need to get their finger out and fight this Cunt !
  3. Said it for years the provos are allowed their own laws within our laws, as you say a mockery.
  4. Aye we are on an even playing field ! Fuck me !
  5. It’s not a first offence for them either their list is only partial, a stand of theirs should’ve been officially shut for the number of times they’ve been fined alone? How many times can you fine offenders before jailing them? C’mon who are you defending here ?
  6. If a team has had all these charges in so many years it accumulates to a closure surely same as a yellow and red card situation, they have been treated with favour only because they are a catholic club favoured by a catholic based organisation.
  7. The cunt has shafted Us here there’s no question.
  8. Hates the Rangers because his loan spell failure ended in big Eck sending him back soon the road in jig time, carrying a grudge also his snp involvement another failure by the way, he hates the Union flag, not fit to be a neutral pundit really is he!
  9. Apparently it’s ok to aid and abet terrorist sympathiers.
  10. st midden another shower of provo collaborators, just fuck them Rangers👍🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  11. In one fell swoop the jesuit/provo pr machine and connections have taken the derry off the big paedo cover up at bheast fc, pretty clever though eh !
  12. And they are using Nuremberg shugs word that he uses to justify the bheggars every heinous action ‘whataboutery’ to defend their spineless outlook. Keep on hearing even about their abuse cases ‘their day will come’ don’t fucking see anything happening in the foreseeable future, all I see is sweep sweep and it’s immediately forgotten whatever shit they do!
  13. They are going to attack us anyway doesn't make any difference what we sing or not, they will create other angles helped by the mobs based at hampdump and what passes as a government in holyrood. When this shower of scum got away with this then it was flood gates open. What will it take for the hand wringers to realise what's going on here ? Real bodies hanging from their stands !
  14. Maybe some of our friends in the Scottish government could help fight a case. Now you know what the black tie was all about. He Knew
  15. I'll have to go away for a wee while to calm down mate I'm that Fucking angry, there are spineless bastards at our club and on here that make me sick to the stomach. This is another surrender. The athletic wing have pulled another stroke that they know they'll get away with because of our weakness at upper levels. Sickening.
  16. 100% There's only one target, liewwell involved in the euro scene will be adding to it as well. Will only get worse as well as long as you sit on your hands, the brigadoon mhob are shovelling it on to boot.
  17. What a divisive post, very fifth columnist.
  18. I'll take that, pity we didn't nick a goal but hey ho nice wee result and performance.
  19. Be a tough call this, need a disciplined performance. Give us thunder Rangers.
  20. I see there was a comment from one john james ? I take it that'll be that nutter who howls at the moon.
  21. When this cunt english appeared here they tried to palm him off as a ‘rugby correspondent’, but bbc jacobite quickly fast tracked him into chief sports writer where he fits in with the rest of the snp/athletic wing Rangers hating rabble in fact I would go as far as to say he was probably head hunted for the job to fit in with the nest of vipers that is sportscene. A cunts cunt !
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