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  1. Just now, esquire8 said:

    Thank fuck Castore aren't using any of these shity sport stores to peddle the product. Online and in the Ibrox store will be more than sufficient for sales 👍

    Was thinking that myself, keep it in-house even though we'll have teething problems as there always is, jd and the rest can lie in their pish. jd is the new sd.

  2. 4 minutes ago, BillyG91 said:

    Fuck sake just bought a pair of trainers off them. Bastards

    Be like being in santa ponsa in their shops now, full of green and grey blootered tramps smelling of pish!

  3. 1 minute ago, Swally said:

    Makes a lot of sense mate, but do you not agree the strip on the site looks like the player version?

    Hoping it is, we have quite a few cuddly Bears in our support and it would be funny seeing a players kit stretched to breaking point :lol:


    Fat Proddies Matter ! Fixed that for you!

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  4. Wish thickos on twatter like stephanny would do their research properly the socks were at one time completely blood red to commemorate the knees up at the Boyne when our team indeed gave them a damn good seeing too on the hallowed green grassy slopes, hence up to our knees in it. The black was only added later to empathise with the blm peace movement, now you don't see that printed in the main stream mheejah do you.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

    To be fair .If it were in Edinburgh .They would have a far better chance of getting a non bheast than ourselves in this rhancid City 

    Judging by the sentences and treatment that murderers, rapists, paedo’s and other serious offenders get up and down the country I would say most judges have been secretly replaced with social workers of the ill phil category.

  6. 12 minutes ago, Gallant Pioneers said:

    How fuckin funny would it be if hearts won their court battle and null and void was declared for all leagues. Wee popcorn teeth and lieswell would fuckin implode and the Erskine bridge would be rammed wae they cunts jumping off. 

    A wonderful thought but hearts win a court case in this country, nae chance ! Hummer useless is on the case already!

  7. 4 minutes ago, Bad Robot said:

    That’s the problem as sometimes the academia don’t actually live in the real and practical world and it’s all about theories and writings, and driving the narrative of papers to suit their own political agendas or whoever is financing the institutions where they are employed.

    It’s also occurring in our schools where crazy mixed up thinking is being forced onto our school kids and again by so called educationists and teachers who have never lived in the real world.

    I’m actually thinking that you probably the type of person who has taken offence to the  latest nonsense around the tweet by JK Rowling  😂

    So for a third time in asking where do Rangers need to change in regards to BLM?

    He's away googling more bullshit.

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  8. 38 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

    They cunts are openly anti Semitic ,and get praised for their empathy with Palestine ,

    Despite most of the cunts thinking Palestine is the stuff Tony Harts wee pal Morph was made from 

    Yup they walk hand in hand with terrorists and get praised. Used to laugh at people that said what a great club they are for charity, some of ours as well. I’ve never been deceived but. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, HG5 said:

    Indeed mate.

    They have a lot to learn about how things work in the present day.

    I believe they think they’re only here to run a football club.

    If only it was that simple.....

    I despair now bud, doesn’t matter what we do they’ll find fault and denigrate us because it’s a dawdle to do so. Funny how the only club that needs to change is Rangers after decades now of bending over backwards to accommodate them that quite simply hate us. Anybody that believes things like charity and even local community initiatives are going to make us seen in a better light to these people are quite frankly deluded. They east end ‘freedom fighters’ waltz through life doing as they like off and on the park whilst every move Rangers and their fan’s make is scrutinised with a fine tooth comb by a now filth tamed Scottish media and still hammered at every opportunity. Still taking it in every orifice as the big bad bigots, maybe racists now who knows. As I said I truly despair I really do.

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