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  1. The last game, fucking hell, was proper shaking. Wimbledon Champion 2013: Andy Murray
  2. Keep your serve and you will break again Andy, no doubt about it
  3. This isn't over, not by a long way, but FUCKING COME ON HE'S ACTUALLY GOING TO DO IT YES HE IS
  4. 13% of second serve points won for Murray
  5. Average double faults during a match for Nole this Wimbledon: 1 This match: 3 You're getting to him Andy, don't let up.
  6. This umpire is a joke. I like him though.
  7. Few first serves wouldn't go a miss here Andrew.
  8. Novak hardly getting any first serves in here. Murray just needs his serve to perform to take the set....
  9. Hope Delpo goes through today, he at least has the weapons to beat Novak. Although I like Ferrer for his wall like ability he's never going to beat one of the top four if they bring even 60% of there game.
  10. Nah, not for me. Madrid are capable of scoring 3 goals tonight but I can't see them keeping a clean sheet against Dortmunds attack. 2-2.
  11. I know what you mean but still, did you see hear the Dortmund fans tonight and the Bayern fans last night? I think Wembley will be a bit more energetic in contrast to the Wigan v Man City game
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