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  1. The last game, fucking hell, was proper shaking. Wimbledon Champion 2013: Andy Murray
  2. Keep your serve and you will break again Andy, no doubt about it
  3. This isn't over, not by a long way, but FUCKING COME ON HE'S ACTUALLY GOING TO DO IT YES HE IS
  4. 13% of second serve points won for Murray
  5. Average double faults during a match for Nole this Wimbledon: 1 This match: 3 You're getting to him Andy, don't let up.
  6. This umpire is a joke. I like him though.
  7. Few first serves wouldn't go a miss here Andrew.
  8. Novak hardly getting any first serves in here. Murray just needs his serve to perform to take the set....
  9. Hope Delpo goes through today, he at least has the weapons to beat Novak. Although I like Ferrer for his wall like ability he's never going to beat one of the top four if they bring even 60% of there game.
  10. Nah, not for me. Madrid are capable of scoring 3 goals tonight but I can't see them keeping a clean sheet against Dortmunds attack. 2-2.
  11. I know what you mean but still, did you see hear the Dortmund fans tonight and the Bayern fans last night? I think Wembley will be a bit more energetic in contrast to the Wigan v Man City game
  12. Incredible performance by Dortmund tonight, quite rightly most of the praise will go to Lewandoski but Gundogan was superb in the midfield, in total control against Alonso and Khedria. All German final then, the atmosphere is going to be something else! God, imagine playing your rivals in the final of the CL, I don't think I could take that pressure if it was us and celtic, my heart would pack up!
  13. Wonder what kind of reception Gotze will get from the home fans. Anyway, think it'll be a score draw tonight or Dortmund winning it by the odd goal, and Madrid to beat them convincingly in the second leg to go through. Would much prefer to see a Bayern/Madrid final than a Bayern/Dortmund one in any case.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtcCZFsgYrA Anyway, Barca lucky to go through, but it's the final 4 everyone wanted. Reckon Bayern will win it but I wouldn't put money on it. To close to call.
  15. The real losers tonight are Scottish officials. 3 times they fucked it up, Malaga's goal and twice for Dortmund's third. Jeez. Wiley's saves That touch from Reus :praise:
  16. It seems strange to me that Alonso would want to go back to Liverpool. Living in his home country, playing some of the best football of his career with one of the best teams in the world. Why would he want to go back to Liverpool where there's not even a guarantee of Champions League football? Very odd.
  17. It wasn't a red card. Nani had his eyes on the ball and showed no intent to harm the Madrid player. Yellow would have sufficed. I didn't know so many people are scared to disagree with Roy Keane on here.
  18. United got there tactics spot on tonight. Giggs and Rafael marked Ronaldo out the game. Apart from his goal, I can't remember him doing anything of note. Having said that, it wasn't just a tap in, the control he put on the ball on the slide was brilliant. In the first half Man U counter attacked efficiently and had the better chances on the break. If it had stayed 11 v 11 when Man U went 1-0 up I couldn't see Real scoring. For the 10 minutes after the sending off Reals attacking play was brilliant. So much more space and it's the best game Modric has played in about a year. Never a sending off though. And if God exists, Clive Tyldesley should lose the power of his voice.
  19. Only caught the last 10 minutes but Barca should have been given a penalty in the last minute. Clear foul from Ramos on Adriano.
  20. Just one more cross Fraser, one more cross....:'(
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