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  1. To be fair he should have been trying to strike a deal as soon as he got his feet under the table. There does appear to be little to no chance we'll get out of the current deal so I certainly hope they can come to a working agreement on how to work with one another. It would be to the benefit of both parties.
  2. To be fair he can only add to what's going on their, they're already a clusterfuck of a club.
  3. This Federer lad might have a future in the game...
  4. Non story as this was his confirmed fixture before the OF game, they've came out and confirmed this.
  5. How many times you been mate? This summer will be my 11th visit in 8 years!
  6. Joy to listen to, talks far and away a much better game than our previous manager. What's refreshing is he actually seems to be thorough in his analysis of our opponents and takes the time to recognise their strengths. I mean not bothering about our opponents for the last 18 months obviously worked well Really looking forward to Saturday but we all know this will take time but hopefully we see a few elements of what Pedro is trying to integrate into our play.
  7. More like "enough"
  8. The odds before that match were simply mental tbh! Sounds like a dominating performance from Federer 👍🏻 Kyrgios beats Djokovic for the second time in as many weeks as well, impressive from him! Federer vs Kyrgios could be an interesting matchup!
  9. I reckon the team will not be drastically different from Sunday unless Pedro has specifically clocked someone in training and thinks he wants to start them. This seems to always be the case with new managers, we all expect them to chop and change immediately but it's usually a gradual process especially during a season. In saying that I'll still be looking forward to seeing the line up
  10. I don't doubt he was injured either but would you have seen him spend upwards of 5 minutes of the game when he should be warming up in case called upon heading over to the fans to take pictures etc if the Manager was still Warburton or under a Walter Smith as an example, not a chance. Also I would extremely doubt he will do this with Pedro in charge either.
  11. I'm saying I would have liked him to miss out regardless of the injury based on his behaviour not that this was the reason 👍🏻
  12. Nobody in their right mind will accept this 20p he has been forced to offer, best thing he can do is get on with it and make the offer sooner rather than later rather than all this spin that seems to be coming through that it could affect money available for the team.
  13. I actually think he got confused with the journalist earlier who was talking about Celtic having the best squad as he did say "Like you said, we have the best squad..." before going on with his point.
  14. After his pisstake of a warm up against Hamilton in the cup I'm glad he wasn't included regardless of injury. He was too busy heading over the fans to take pictures etc instead of actual completing his warm up on the sidelines, did this when we were up 1-0 and then later on also, clearly showed no respect for the Murty at that point.
  15. Bit sad that THIS will be the fight that puts him to 50-0...Berto was bad enough to equal the record but this would be a joke to break it with!