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  1. In a way he's calling out some players as he mentions that they weren't all pulling in the same direction from his Rangers TV clip. I definitely didn't see the aggression we've seen in various other games since he's came in and that was disappointing. It feels to me like certain players simply froze.
  2. ...For his gambling history! The FA don't mess about! http://www.skysports.com/share/10851609
  3. The manager confirmed Jordan will be back with the team in full training at preseason so we can at least put it to bed that he won't play again this season. It will be interesting to see how he gets on after a proper rest (constantly played throuout last summer) and hopefully he's over his injury issues.
  4. Worked hard again this season, shows the passion every player should have and is still delivering on the pitch, that's the main thing. He's deserved his offer of a one year extension for sure.
  5. We're doing this today 👍 See you all at Hampden lads
  6. Oh and Djokovic out now as well.
  7. Well he's competing in an additional tournament as he gets himself back to full fitness so that's got to be a positive. I will say one thing, Rafa has looked really good so far in this tournament.
  8. Can't afford to have McKay as a passenger for 45 minutes on Sunday mate, I wouldn't risk starting him after Saturdays performance. Also just seen your post above...Dodoo would be just as effective tiring out a backline given his pace and directness. Dodoo for him and Hill for Bates are the only changes I can see being made for this one.
  9. Which he actually needs to show more of and soon as he's 22 now, potential needs to flourish at some point. The way he's going this season he may never reach his potential and we as a club are not in a position to wait years for it to possibly happen.
  10. I've written him off based on facts this season, he hasn't produced often enough considering the experience he has already amassed. If he was to leave in the summer I wouldn't lose any sleep, each entitled to their own opionion and your enthusiasm towards him is admirable but don't let it blind you to his deficiencies.
  11. He has 3 assists in the league this season, I believe that's what was being talked about this week, in fact it was discussed before the Aberdeen game. Not good enough. He's 22, has had plenty of experience over the years, can't keep using the young and inconsistent winger excuse. With the amount of games he's played he should be fairly consistent by now. I don't think he has the fight in him to be part of this new set up and the way we play.
  12. It was a disgraceful performance yesterday, he was so uninterested and didn't seem to try a leg. When Dodoo was sent to warm up at 38mins I was thinking thank fuck he's being hooked at half time. He should be nowhere near the starting eleven next weekend.
  13. As others have said Hill if fit should start over Bates and Dodoo HAS to start ahead of McKay as he was an absolute disaster today. Other than that the same players go again, nice to see some consistency in the majority of positions and we are playing well for sure. End their treble attempt and then follow that up by ending their season at Ibrox too
  14. If you come back mate
  15. ...and we know that's true, remember all those "tax experts", "directors" and "accountants" on the phone who knew all about the big tax case and they were allowed to bump their gums. If a Rangers fan tried to comment about the goings on it was always, entering legal grounds etc.