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  1. I'm not...would rather he stayed another year and had an absolute mare!
  2. Can't believe they're missing out on all their targets due to the premier league millions ?
  3. Cheers mate, will need it! I've been up and down so far...more down than up but it's improving ?
  4. Mate I'd do that and lose ? Although my luck in Vegas so far has been great so far! Glad to see Andy end up winning convincingly all things considered! He really needs to rethink his day to day team.
  5. I'll be away at a stag do this weekend, what will no doubt be a shite one too, so I'll miss the game completely. After last night's game I'm not bothered, happy for the season to end! Hopefully we'll get some good news after the game, shortly after to cheer us up!
  6. Win 10-0 and we wipe out their goal difference advantage and go into the final game with a chance of second spot
  7. Main problem with any sort of guess of a selection is that it's hard to actually put a midfield together, it really is the weakest area of our team currently. Hearts however are absolutely rotten so expect us to win this one, hopefully a good performance to boot but the win is most important here. Really can't wait for this season to be over.
  8. Hardly mate but I budget well and make the money last! Obviously have some crazy nights but with a few good days gambling I'm usually fine
  9. This is my 11th visit and 9th where I've done two weeks Well versed!!
  10. Aye mate I am, drop me a PM. Will be looking for a pair as my brother is heading over too but definitely worthwhile keeping my eye out in case some more come up.
  11. Is there mate? Where from? Asked directly to be notified if more became available but hadn't heard.
  12. Aye mate, more time there is never a bad thing!!
  13. 8am Thomas Cook from Glasgow mate, yourself?
  14. Will be in Vegas from the 25th until the 8th so I'll be around but didn't get NARSA tickets unfortunately. Sure I'll bump into a good few bears while I'm over however which I'm looking forward to
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