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  1. I'm not...would rather he stayed another year and had an absolute mare!
  2. You never hear Wallace on the pitch he seems to have no voice out there which is one of the many reasons why he shouldn't be considered captain. Only made captain due to loyalty and nothing else, hopefully Pedro does change captain and chooses the right leader on the pitch for next season.
  3. Probably find that with a more commanding defence around him Wes will be more confident in coming and claiming the ball!
  4. Can't believe they're missing out on all their targets due to the premier league millions 😂
  5. Cheers mate, will need it! I've been up and down so far...more down than up but it's improving 😂
  6. Mate I'd do that and lose 😂 Although my luck in Vegas so far has been great so far! Glad to see Andy end up winning convincingly all things considered! He really needs to rethink his day to day team.
  7. It would be fair to judge them on the summer transfer business complete at the end of the window and see how our side is shaping up :) No business is done yet but the news coming out and going around is certainly promising.
  8. They'll observe it
  9. To be fair, if this list has been circulated down south, the media can easily get a hold of it through their contacts. Not saying it's completely true but leads me to believe it's more likely the case. The names are more likely correct than the valuations 👍
  10. Motherwell wouldn't be able to afford what he's on therefore for him to go we may need to supplement his wage somewhat to go. This happens all over football to get players off the books.
  11. I don't think it's that credible either but just stating what it says.
  12. It's in their live transfer feed at around 11:30. Dont want to post the link and provide them with any hits 👍
  13. Tonight no doubt
  14. Daily Record claiming they've checked with their Ibrox sources who have confirmed the move isn't happening.
  15. Daily Record claiming the move isn't happening as they've checked with their Ibrox sources.