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  1. I love the guy but he's wrong on this one. Still, great he's having a go at the bheasts!!
  2. I agree it should have been Stewart that got the nod, but Barker had more than enough chances to do something. So SG had the right idea, but Barker just isn't the player to do it against them. St Johnston would be his level.
  3. I didn't have any expectation for today, and I based that solely on the fact we have history of not turning up for scum games. So I didn't expect us to win and should be feeling disappointed but not surprised. Then I watched the game. How we played so well and came away with nothing is gut totally wrenching. We deserved that trophy.
  4. Just simply not Rangers class.
  5. I dunno why this happens at our club, but successive managers seem to make the most baffling decisions. Stewart has impressed and gets 2 goals against (albeit a weak) Hearts. Has shown really well in training too apparently. Doesn't feature against Aberdeen or today. Yet Barker, who hasn't been in the squad at all....gets last 20 minutes. No consistency at all.
  6. Fuckin weak minded cunts. That's the worst response to going 1-0 down and against 10 men ever. We just don't believe in ourselves and it stems from that utter mouse of a captain!
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