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  1. Dundee Utd away....... ......oh, wait!!!
  2. If we're going with a 3 again next season, it will be great to have options on the left and right. I felt we were sorely lacking in genuine quality when Arfield was injured, and when Kent had a dip in form. Now we have (if Kent comes back) players who can play in wide midfield AND wide attacking positions. It all makes sense.....so long as they have the ability of course. We still need another striker though. Hopefully Lafferty is off, so possibly even 2. Welcome big man
  3. Andy Webster, Charlie Adam and Christian Daily. All born in Dundee. Fuckin no mans land!!
  4. Taking this one on a technicality. Jordan Jones. Born England plays for NI.
  5. Sorry for the delay mate. As the others have said, it's just a panoramic pic taken front & back. This was in July 17.
  6. For anyone who hasn't done the tour before. I looked at the door, and just imagined every ding was from an angry boss or player. Gave me goosebumps actually!!
  7. Sandy Jardine for Hearts v's us. Sadly had left us by the time I started going to games. Not sure if Sandy Clark had also left us by then too....'83? Sure they were in the same team. Also, Craig Paterson for Hibs v's us.
  8. Paedo's trying to get Turnbull to sign be like.....
  9. Saw it too. Absolutely fucking heartbreaking......but on the flip side, incredibly motivating. Here's a man literally fighting for his life, but still able to crack a joke and with a steely determination in his eyes. Makes you feel so humble and stupid for daring to moan at the slightest wee thing. Never Surrender, Fernando!!
  10. No wonder you broke it if you walk on it ya twat!
  11. Thinking that 'they' will get away with child abuse, while we might get punished for going into admin, makes my fucking blood boil. Makes think we (support) should take direct action and barricade Hampden until we get answers. I know that's extreme, taig like behaviour I'm sure some will see that as. But we know our board will do nothing about them.....so is it up to us?
  12. Seriously....in 40 years of supporting Rangers, I have never sat down to watch another teams game. Brief highlights on Sportscene/Scotsport maybe, but never a whole game.
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