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  1. I don't fucking care what anyone else says, but it's about time we stopped fannying about with formations. Boring it might be if you love watching lovely tippy tappy football, but Rangers are a 4-4-2 team. We go for goals to win games. We don't play one striker in the middle, with 2 other strikers/number 10's pretending to be wingers. That's far too easy for defences to cope with. We don't play 2 defensive midfielders allowing the opposition to boss the midfield and come at us. We go for the jugular from start to finish....front two bullying the opponents defence. Solid line of 4 in the middle, ready to run all day box to box protecting another solid line of 4 at the back. That's the rangers way I grew up with and loved. 4-3-3 is fine if you have talented players for each position, not fucking square pegs in round holes like we constantly try out.
  2. Exactly, he's made his money..... So, you're warming to the idea then?
  3. Just thinking out loud here, and wondering if anyone else has thought the same. Wenger. I heard his comment today that he'll make a decision in March/April, and it struck a chord that FDB will do likewise. Would/Could it be possible that FdB will move to Arsenal in the summer, leaving Wenger out a job. Wenger seems certain he will be managing next season, regardless if it's at Arsenal or not. So, would we be able to afford Wenger? (I don't think he's that motivated by money). Would he come here? And would he still have the hunger to start from scratch? I think he's a tired looking man at Arsenal and his tactics are stagnating. Perhaps a new challenge could motivate him to take a fresh look at things? Like I say....probably a bit of a moonbeam, but just thinking out loud!
  4. Stupit cunts indeed mate!
  5. This. Funny how his team always crumble against the tims and the sheep when they're close to us.
  6. DoF...Do not want!
  7. If we keep shopping in Aldi's......
  8. Another thing that irked me about MW is his use of the loan market. I completely get the theory about it building relationships with clubs down south. However, is our squad really any better off for having the likes of Oduwa, Zelalem, Ball, Gostomski & King? Sure we got out the Championship, but how much time and money did we spunk in looking after other folks plyers when (especially with his supposedly proven track record at working with youth players) our own youths should have got the chance to improve. Did any of the above names really contribute anything (Oduwa Rainbow flick apart) that our own youngsters couldn't have done?
  9. Welcome to 2017 Legendofcoop!! Doh!!
  10. What's Roberto Martinez been doing since leaving Everton?? :D
  11. Anyone got a spare blunt knife for my wrists???
  12. Bastard. (Not you). Manager job going so I heard!
  13. You busy tomorrow mate??