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  1. Does it stretch to two if both threads get merged?
  2. It's annoying as fuck, as they've been poor this term. We've been margainly poorer. If only we'd beaten Hibs once, and not drawn against Motherwell in that 3-3 game, I'd actually have us down as favourites to win it right now.
  3. LegendofCoop


    I was like.......WTF......it's not difficult to tell them apart FFS! I noticed today he broke a lot of Hearts moves up and was really effective. It's difficult to say if it was because he was playing really well, or if they were pure shite! Hopefully he puts in 4 more great performances so we can tell for sure. Will be a big risk if we do sign him on big wages at that age!
  4. I also think we have 2 cracking muddielders in Davis and Kamara!!
  5. LegendofCoop


    Wasn't it Kamara that played in Defoe for the opener??? Edit: Just noticed the thread diverted to talking about Kamara!
  6. We look far more rigid and comfortable with him in the side!
  7. Great three points. Shame we didn't score more, but I was impressed how much we controlled that.
  8. I think part of DC's problem is he tries the spectacular when he just needs to do the simple thing and fucks it up. 13 assists this season. He's not a bad player by any stretch!
  9. Middleton for Candeias please.......keep at their defence!
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