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  1. Can I get that 90 minutes back please?? Holy fuck that was dire. 3 points though, and we march on. Hopefully we're looking to get another striker in. JD can't run these games on his own!
  2. We need Jones' pace up top along the line. Should get Aribo off imo!
  3. 4 or 5 high crosses into 4ft 0 Defoe = no goals 1x low cross to 4ft 0 Defoe = goal. It's not rocket science
  4. Vipleague also working just now....usually a bit more reliable than hesgoal! https://www.vipleague.lc/2-Rangers-vs-st-mirren-live-streaming
  5. This is what we're going to face in 75% of the remaining games.....we have to learn how to put these teams away as quick as possible!!
  6. Hesgoal now working http://www.hesgoal.com/news/58727/Rangers_vs_St_Mirren.html
  7. Happy with that team, it's as strong a team as we could put out. Patterson would have been really nice to see, but you really do need experienced heads in these games! Come on Rangers!!
  8. We have to win all games this month imo. That's not any different to any other month, but even more so January. I believe they will drop points somewhere so we have to take full advantage, no sloppy errors!
  9. They had 59% possession and we had 33 hots to their none??
  10. What's Lafferty up to these days??
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