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  1. I know what he's saying and where he is coming from, but £50m.....to win what, the SPL? I want to get back to winning it, but not if it means getting into the state we did in 2012!
  2. Asked a mate of mine who is a Baggie. He said Dorrans was superb for them, but after they tragically lost his baby, he never really recaptured the same form. Maybe a move up to his boyhood hero's might recapture his mojo!
  3. Oops, was he a green grape? I didn't know that.....
  4. ......GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CLUB YOU WANKER!!! We need to find this guy and tell him he was right, and apologise...
  5. Who is this guy 'Waghorn' you all keep mentioning. Is he related to Shithorn???
  6. Still can't get my head around this. He may only have played a short while for us, but it's been playing on my mind all day.....tragic!
  7. FFS, that's tragic news. RIP Sir, may only have been with us for a short time, but what an impact. Thoughts with his family!
  8. 14m Dembele Dollars!
  9. £2m a year apparently. £2.7m after taxes.
  10. Beermans maw v's Hyndman's maw. Get it on!!!
  11. Seriously, can some cunt arrange for aliens to beam Waghorn into outer space, and get the MIB to shine that light into our eyes. Seriously want to forget that cunt ever played with us. Total abomination of a striker!
  12. Would like to see Dodoo starting alongside Miller. Get a couple of goals up and bring Wag....sorry, Shithorn on for the last half hour. Hope Garner is nowhere near the team. We can't afford players getting silly bookings and suspensions. Give us a great 90 minutes Rangers, intae them....
  13. Always thought there was a player in there that would have done a great shift for us, used correctly. Shame it didn't work out for him here. Best of luck for a speedy recovery Andy! That goal v's Killie!