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  1. Cost me £7,465,444.01!!!!! The wee scaly-wag!!
  2. Only if we can swap his maw for Hyndman's!
  3. Just spent about a minute trying to get that 'video' in the op to play! D'oh!
  4. If he comes back, and I REALLY don't want him anywhere near us.....but if he did, he should play for free for 2 years....maybe pay back his what we paid to fix his knees. Judas wee fucking wank-bag, rat-jizz, cum-sucking baw-hum cock-turd!
  5. It's his pornstar brother we're linked with....Welhung! ....Score for fun up here.....
  6. David Moyes: Hi Steven, we'll give you £500,000 signing on fee if you don't tupe over. But if you do, we can give that money to Rangers instead, and we'll still sign you in the summer. It's up to you! Scumbag: See you tomorrow boss.
  7. Can we keep his mum???
  8. After the first couple of games, it was hard to imagine him being our best defender this season. However, he's become Mr dependable. I would have been happy keeping him on both as a player, and a potential coach. Can genuinely leave with his head held high! All the best, Clint!
  9. Haha!! What the feck does he know anyway???
  10. Yup, that's another word I was thinking of using. I'd probably not go that far, but I get what you mean. I really think he has no clue how to do interviews and his nerves shone through! Aye, the wee man came across really well. I can't believe that Jinty, I bet you're a laugh a minute really! ;)
  11. FFS, I dunno if Garner is severly pissed off, or just incredibly nervous in front of the camera? Looked like he'd rather be anywhere else on planet Earth during that interview. Barjonas on the other hand looked like he'd been doing it his whole life! Brilliant from the young man!
  12. Honest injun! Vauxhall Admin and a Renault Sevco!
  13. Couple of bangers mate, honest.
  14. Fuck off trying to take the credit you! It was me that was the jinx. Went out and washed the cars! :p
  15. I'd much rather have Hill up top than Shithorn any day of the week. Better in the air and has more OF goals, iirc!