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  1. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    Well you didn't get me! Nope. Not at all. Cunt!
  2. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    I was passed by a black Range Rover headed towards Glasgow and doing 90+ on the M8 this morning. Clearly it was Laugherty on his way to sign!
  3. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

  4. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    ....and consider himself lucky at that!!!
  5. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    Fucking big rumour spreading bam too!!!
  6. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    Or Friday Saturday and Sunday. Whatever...definitely not a Tuesday!
  7. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    They only do the tours on a Monday Wednesday and Saturday mate, IIRC!
  8. LegendofCoop

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    If that was Naismith he hit, it was a fair challenge.
  9. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    It's no really happening.....
  10. LegendofCoop

    Kyle Lafferty

    So not a done deal then.....
  11. LegendofCoop

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Some of the European squad rested. Bit early in the season for that.....giving fringe players game time more likely scenario! Regardless....intae these scumbags, Tangers!!!
  12. LegendofCoop

    How to celebrate a goal against the bheasts

    Fuck Kyle Lafferty and fuck you! He's a cunt aand I hope he takes a bullet. Better?
  13. LegendofCoop

    How to celebrate a goal against the bheasts

    Of course it's not wrong wanting to improve the squad.....just not with that rat bastard! Call me all the names you want.....I'm not going to agree, just because you think I should.
  14. LegendofCoop

    How to celebrate a goal against the bheasts

    Would rather do that than sucking on Lafferty's boaby like you are.