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  1. Shithorn simply stopped trying up here. Was on good money and knew it...tried for half a season and gave us nothing of note after that. Fuck him.
  2. I like your style. Although, giving them spice boy alone would mean we get JW for £5 We're either going to get him for £650k on the last day, or for free next season.
  3. We're not going to give Hearts £800k AND a player ffs. Why would we when our highest bid is £650k.
  4. Can't see us winning any appeal, and wouldn't complain if we didn't bother now. Hopefully the compliance officer watches the same footage we saw and takes action against AS. It's not going to benefit us in any way shape or form, but at least it would be some form of justice.
  5. Having seen the incident with Jack again, I can understand why he was sent off. He clearly moves his head into Stokes, so that was a correct decision imo. However, I'm even more stunned as to why Stokes MINIMUM didn't get another yellow. He's also moved his head forward, has his hand around Jack's neck AND pushes him.
  6. To be fair, I doubt many tarriers would call him that, so you don't sound like a tarrier mate!
  7. FFS Heard it all now.
  8. That's an assault. You'd get the jail for that if it was in the street.
  9. Bants!
  10. It's like fucking groundhog day in here!!!
  11. Well, I'm glad that's that cleared up then!!!
  12. The first was Cardoso's fault for diving in. It was actually a great finish. 99 out of 100 times, that shot's going in.
  13. Looked it from the brief clip I saw, but couldn't be certain. Are you able to share it mate?
  14. Yes mate, if the video review panel notice it (haha) and the ref didn't, then he can get a retrospective red.