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  1. How's he getting on anyway.....has he scored recently or what???
  2. Europe is great for us and essential for our budget, so far that I'm thankful....but at the same time it's a distraction. I'm sure some of the players hold back at the weekend thinking about European games. I also hate international breaks. We never seem to pick up where we left off, if we've been in good form prior to it.
  3. He's reading from something mate, sure of it. He's continually looking down after a few words, which makes it look like he's unhappy.
  4. I thought that as well, but I think he's written down some prepared answers and was continually looking down at something! Willing to bet he's like a kid at christmas away from the cameras! I just said as much....keep up! 😉 He speaks well, but I think he's wise to keep to a script
  5. Brilliant read that. Thanks for sharing!
  6. SG says all the things I'd like to hear tbh, but more importantly, what Niko needs to hear. And big Niko saying what everyone at the club wants/needs to hear! There is no panic. The big man's going nowhere! Love it!!!
  7. Didn't Lovenkrands go in goal as well?
  8. It's her that I blame. If she'd kept her hand on her ha'penny, young Connor (and his 8 brothers and 7 sisters) would never have been!
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    Hard To Please Loyal!
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