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  1. Well, hopefully Portugal utilise their squad for the 3rd place play off and the big man gets a rest!
  2. Alves to smash his pen right down the middle!
  3. Fuck the lanky cunt. Utter scumbag!
  4. Bollocks! Ah well.
  5. There is that I suppose!
  6. Strange thinking, but I am the same. Would be great to see him winning it, but can't wait to get him back here quickly, uninjured!
  7. Big mans strolling it so far. Won a beast of a header against Vidal (I think....).
  8. Has this beaten the Jelavic thread yet?
  9. Loved it. Glued to the screen watching the game unfold. Sometimes the game was better in your mind than the reality. 'Watching' Rangers away to the scum, ....then it turns to page 2, come on Rangers....geez a goal. Page 2 flickers....."YAS, THEY'VE UPDATED PAGE ONE.....COME ON........ ....turns back to page 1.................CELTIC 0 - 1 RANGERS "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!"
  10. Sports Direct trucks have obviously forgotten their way to Ibrox!
  11. Gush inducing material!!
  12. ....is what I was meaning, obviously!
  13. Hardest shot in football at the time, when he was with us. Would easily be a £10m player today. Absolutely love the guy.
  14. ....without greasing it first!
  15. Ok, another basic question. Why does rangers.co.uk not have a link to the megastore?