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  1. In before someone mentions game time rather than results!
  2. I've obviously been away from football for too long, but that penalty spot looked about 8 yards out
  3. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Olson Hagi Kent Font Morelos Crest #55 is on the way
  4. Over thinking hat on. Is all this rebranding and modernising just that, or is it maybe a prelude to something bigger happening behind the scenes....potential investment/new owners?
  5. 33 replies since half 7 tonight & no signing. You spamming gits!!
  6. Phenomenally gifted player, but under achieved with us due to his love of a night out!
  7. As it stands, anyone coming back to Scotland will have to quarantine for 2 weeks. Unless of course Humza gets Nippy to lift that rule!
  8. I don't want Alfredo to go. He's a fans favourite and the opposition fans HATE him with a passion. On his game he's totally unplayable and is absolutely fantastic at bullying the opposition defence. I want him to stay for years and break all sorts of records with us. How we could afford to replace his goals is a worry to be honest, it's not going to be cheap. So for all the above, I hope he stays and knuckles down. That said, IF he is leaving, I hope it's done quick and we can move on and lose the constant speculation.
  9. FFS Niko! Gutted for him. He's a strong boy though, confident he'll bounce back just fine if the surgery goes well!
  10. Ah, I get it now! I thought they were.....never mind! :D
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