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  1. Fact is, we need cash to keep the business afloat. Some fans are still fortunate enough to be in work and will be able to renew. That money, however limited it might be, may just be enough to see us over this period of uncertainty. The sensible thing for Rangers to do would be removing the deadline to renew date....leave it open as long as possble.I have a strong feeling that this season will be played out, and the new season will begin later than usual. Hopefully by then all bears affected will be back in work and able to pick one up at a later date.
  2. Scumbags! All that cash (allegedly) and they have the audacity to use public funds. MSM spinning them as being charitable by topping the 80% up. 100% if that had been us, the headlines would be "Rangers force employees to take 80% wage cut!". They could easily say to the playing staff to take a 10% cut and that would more than likely cover non playing staffs wages. Tarrier scum!
  3. You can't make this shit up. Clearly hates us, wants us deed, yet comes out with this self serving plea "I hate Rangers, but Rangers are good....." Fuck up ya wee dick!
  4. Didn't even know they were showing it and turned facebook on just at the 19th minute...clicked on the link 30 seconds before he hit it! Almost like he was looking out for me. Rest easy Coop. Always in my heart!!!
  5. Probably about a fiver!
  6. What I was surprised (well, not really), was the speed at which the various news outlets up here were saying Football would be done for a few months. Even when the EPL were giving out the 4th April suspension date, STV & BBC were stating that the season was potentially already over..........they were either already in the know or were only too happy to put that spin on things. Hmmm.....
  7. Never seen that before.....you should have claimed dibs on it!
  8. I have no idea why I found this funny, but I'm in stitches here!!!
  9. If this happens, I have to say I'm not surprised. In all honesty though, we ourselves were handing them the title anyway. I just hate how spineless our club has become. From the chairman down to the playing staff.
  10. Also, only 4 stars on an official match thread......ffs. Bad form!
  11. He scored, or leathered Broonaldo????? 😮
  12. 14 hours and we've still not scored......against no one. Gerrard out!
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