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  1. LegendofCoop

    Players Moving On

    Fod won't leave in January, but if he did, I'd have no problem with recalling Alnwick.
  2. LegendofCoop

    Teams who defend

    I was about to say we need a striker who can head the ball (and I still think we do) but then I remembered the Accies keeper making a blinding save from Lafferty. Kyle also hit the post in the fist half. IF that goes in and their keeper doesn't save that, it's 3-0 and a much better scoreline. These are the fine lines that hold us back sometimes. I slated KL in the match day thread, and he just isn't the answer long term. We need to have a player that isn't going to shit out of the quality balls that Barisic is capable of putting in...not someone who seems to have the art of getting out of correct positions to head a ball. I don't actually know what point I'm making here....... Carry on.
  3. LegendofCoop

    We've Got Candeias On The Right

    WTF have I just listened to???????
  4. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    I've recorded that game to cure my insomnia.
  5. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Get Dallas on, surely can't do worse than KL
  6. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Sensing something bad here.....
  7. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    He gets smaller when he 'jumps'
  8. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Borna's delivery is outstanding. Why is Lafferty not getting in about them?? Coward at high balls!
  9. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    I know......it's now written in the stars for us to win 6-0 or 8-0! I hope he can't!
  10. LegendofCoop

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    My mates an Accies fan. Has backed us to win 7-0 (Think the 66/1 price tempted him). Baffling though!
  11. LegendofCoop

    Fran Sol

    Looks exactly the type of player we need up top alongside Morelos. So that's that not happening then.
  12. LegendofCoop

    Fran Sol

    The force is strong with this one! Oh, SOL!
  13. LegendofCoop


  14. LegendofCoop


    Absolute pish. He's only a wee bit bigger than Candeias (who's totty) and smaller than Morelos!
  15. LegendofCoop

    Ryan Hardie?

    This. It just seems bizarre that the most natural finisher at the club can't get into a team that's crying out for one. I love Morelos, and he's capable of scoring great goals, but imo Hardie has a better instinct in front of goal. It would be great to have both in the side.