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  1. Is that even his real twitter account? Doesn't have the 'verified' logo next to it.
  2. The most obvious one was Jones for Ojo. However, it's really hard to get up to match speed in a game like that. Had we already scored, I think Jones would have been on. However, it was also clear both teams had the measure of each other and cancelled each others threats out. I think SG in particular probably was happier of the two with a 0-0....especially away. Had he made changes and we had lost, wouldn't have gone down too well. Eitehr way he was going to be criticised.
  3. I don't think we'd come away from Molineaux with a draw mate!
  4. Me too.....although I am not as fearful as I would have been last season!
  5. BTW......I think we dodged a bullet in avoiding Wolves!
  6. A week early with that sort of shite!!
  7. LegendofCoop


    I think it's clear all the players have upped their game this season. Not sure what the exact reason is......but SG & his team have done wonders in pre season. We just look a far more technical team this season.....passing has improved greatly. For my money though, Jack and Katic are the ones who have improved the most. I do think that's down to the incredible competition for places. Agree about Goldson...he's nowhere near as solid as Katic, but his game has improved since last season.
  8. Someone get him a cotton bud for his ear FFS!
  9. That takle in the second was incredible....especially when he was on a yellow!
  10. LegendofCoop


    Also, anyone else see that ridiculously good back heel clearance in the first half!! Sexsational!!
  11. LegendofCoop


    Could also be argued that signing Helander has made Katic more competitive and is fighting for his place. Always a good thing, especially if Katic continues to improve like this. Not that I want him to leave, but if he ever does, he'll be more valuable. So maybe it's shrewd investment!
  12. Well, we've had worse results away from home. Solid enough and never really looked like losing a goal there. Fully expect us to go through next week!
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