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  1. LegendofCoop

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    First thing I do is turn the sound off. Utter trash!
  2. LegendofCoop

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    Obligatory youtube highlights:-
  3. LegendofCoop

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    Only if he's not passed the habitual residency test.
  4. LegendofCoop

    Good news for Bears who are Virgin customers.

    Thanks guys, I see they've added a '*' and terms and conditions to the notice now. They didn't have that when they first put that up! Cheers
  5. LegendofCoop

    Just because I hate Dundee United

    Not going too well OP.....
  6. LegendofCoop

    Good news for Bears who are Virgin customers.

    Did Virgin actually say it's free for 2 months? No mention of that here: https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/News/UKTV-Channels-List/ba-p/3775318 Wouldn't put it past them though, to be honest
  7. LegendofCoop

    Pay fines if we do not play Kent

    Bin dippers at their worst!!
  8. LegendofCoop

    Osijek Away

    No problem!
  9. LegendofCoop

    Free beer tomorrow, again !

    He was out leading provider of assists last year playing on the wing. Why Gerrard expects the same level of assists when he's playing more central now is baffling. He's almost as much to blame for the chances drying up as the players.
  10. LegendofCoop

    Osijek Away

    Cool mate, I've found it! 🙂 https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/News/UKTV-Channels-List/ba-p/3775318 (Hopefully you can see this without having to log in!!), Premier indeed getting added from Sunday! Happy days!! 😄
  11. LegendofCoop

    Osijek Away

    Your linky no worky!!!
  12. LegendofCoop


    GREAT NEWS!!!! Now, if only we could get Alves, and Forrester away to fuck as well we'd be in a great position!!!
  13. LegendofCoop

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Ah well, I was 50% right!!
  14. LegendofCoop

    When was this top used? (Red McEwan's lager)

    Oh, that one. I thought you meant this one....
  15. LegendofCoop

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Didn't get into the team right away, but I'm sure the 3-5 game at Hamilton he played well. as he did against Hearts in the game after that. I'm not saying he's gone on to be a star or anything.....just that from what we saw in his first few games he looked promising, and I'm surprised he's not featured more since.