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  1. That took ages to write. I'll add some pictures to break up all the text.
  2. I started writing about this season for the season page before remembering just how much had went on this year. My laptop's not working the now so I'll finish it next week hopefully.
  3. Some interesting places, noticed Baghdad was on the chart. Didn't think we'd get that many views from London.
  4. I don't know? I came on 'cause I had some spare time, won't be able to contribute regularly until the summer probably.
  5. Only the players that actually played, I think. Ask BBS.
  6. Didn't realise we got so much spam. Make it ask something like, how many league titles have Rangers won?
  7. I actually laugh at how poor Whittaker's freekicks are and Edu's first touch.
  8. See for each match do you want to add in facts? Like for the PSV game, that was their best result against Rangers at home. For St Mirren, that was Kyle Bartley's first professional goal, and so on...
  9. Yep, misses the cup final and Dundee United at home. Lennon got another 4 matches.
  10. McGregor Foster Weir Bougherra Whittaker Diouf Davis Bartley Wylde Fleck Healy
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