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  1. I'm certain Morton have beaten Celtic twice in the cups over the last number of years so give them Morton and we'll take St Johnstone
  2. My memory fails me, do the ever hold a Testimonial away or is it always at the home ground where the players from? Seems ashame its not at Ibrox, lad could have made quite a fair bit more; stadium looks rather bare
  3. Are you watching the Marcus feed or have you found a different one? If so please share the link.
  4. Fucking Marcus, hes desperate for that damn Chippy.
  5. I'd imagine its already posted but I'm not reading the whole thread to find out and thought I'd share incase not http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/tv/bbc_alba/watchlive its possible you may have to state region for Scotland, buts works for me
  6. I've been working all day and decided to throw on the English games in the bar instead of the Cup Final. Never found out the score until late evening, couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Not long home and had to relive the game in the best way possible, by reading all 24 pages of this thread hahahaha fcuking beautiful
  7. click 'approve' and meant to click reply lol ah well, take my rep haha Wanted to ask why Dorothys Dancing? Current form would make her seem just average.
  8. Damn, 1 goal away from a score, very harsh Scott What was your stake?
  9. Not betting much these days, thought I'd stick on a speculation £5 (Bookie donation) Robin Van Persie AGS @ 4/9 Nikica Jelavic FGS @ 5/1 (benched blaaaa!) Norwich @ 1/1 QPR @ 1/1 Reading @ 1/1 (off) Middlesbrough @ 4/5 Jordan Rhodes AGS @ 8/11 Motherwell (-1) @ 5/6 Real Madrid (-1) @ 1/1 Barcelona (-1) @ 1/4 PSG @ 1/3 £5 = £6,581.61
  10. Cheers Ryan, yeah, guess I understand, feel like a dick now haha had a big grin on my face when it placed 2nd. Ah well, guess thats me learned a lesson I won't repeat lol
  11. Ok, I think maybe I understand, if someone could confirm. If my horse placed 1st would I have been given the odds of 11/10?? But as it placed 2nd does that mean I get 1/5 the odds meaning I get my £5 bet returned and winnings of £1.10? Is that right? Basically meaning if the odds are low its not worth going E/W??
  12. I'm not into Horse racing but thought I'd throw a tenner on, just to experience it. Went for 1.20 Newcastle I think it was. My horse 'Bourne' was priced at 11/10 and I went £5 E/W (£10) Horse came 2nd so I won £6.10 back. I'm confused as I normally play sports betting, with that when you win, you get your bet back along with the winnings. If my horse came 1st what would I have won? If I don't get my original bet back does this mean no matter the result I would have made a loss!? Or do you get original bet back if it places 1st? Yeah, I'm pretty bloody puzzled here lol I don't get how I spent a total of £10 (£5 E/W), my horse place 2nd (Could have placed 1st/2nd/3rd for win) and I've managed to make a loss off £3.90 When it comes to horse racing are you not meant to bet on low odds/evens etc? How did I make a loss, this sucks lol
  13. I like these specials http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/january-transfer-specials/jim-whites-first-cliche If I didn't mind losing money I'd probably go for 'You'll hear it hear first' Love big Jim
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