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  1. ricksen_da_best

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Sportscene said it 100% hit his shoulder and his knee , but watching the replay slowly I couldn't understand how they thought that 😂
  2. ricksen_da_best

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Take Will PM you mate
  3. ricksen_da_best

    Derby Day Hamburg

    A lot said it was very overrated. Away fans in the home end with no trouble.
  4. ricksen_da_best

    Semi final allocation

    Unless you click all home games you don't get semi finals and finals
  5. ricksen_da_best

    The sun again.

    celtic star Kieran Tierney has been voted the best left-back in the UEFA Europa League. KT was up against Marcos Alonso, Ricardo Rodriguez and Wendell in an official UEFA poll. youd think a couple of Rangers players got voted in the team of the week😂😂 official poll being a twitter poll.
  6. ricksen_da_best

    Joe Worrall.

    Considering we have already played 10 in Europe with a guaranteed 14. 4 in league cup.4 In Scottish cup possibly.3 x friendlies. With a potential friendly at least in the winter break like the last couple of seasons. That's 26 before we qualify for the last 32😁
  7. ricksen_da_best

    Morelos Goal

    You can tell he's really worked on staying onside the last couple of weeks , some of his movement the last few games has been excellent , being smarter about when to go
  8. ricksen_da_best

    ticket centre

    What time does it open today
  9. ricksen_da_best

    Young Rangers fan writes to Tav

    😂 brilliant mate. Its actually struggle trying to sway them away from the Barcelona and Real Madrids these days so class reading stuff like this
  10. ricksen_da_best

    Young Rangers fan writes to Tav

    Tell stevie g I'm a striker and free, superb👍🏻
  11. ricksen_da_best

    Rangers v Spartak Moscow

    Got one for BF1 I'll swap for a hearts ticket
  12. ricksen_da_best

    Hamilton away CCCS

    Yes we charge everyone around £27/28
  13. ricksen_da_best

    Rangers V Hearts

    Still looking for one , can add a hibs/Aberdeen at home ticket as well as I'll be working both so can have my st infact ive got a spartak Moscow ticket I'll straight swap for tommorow
  14. ricksen_da_best

    Hamilton away CCCS

    They charge us £27 because that's what we charge them to go to Ibrox
  15. ricksen_da_best


    They are meant to pick a random game every week I think. But have been at every game at Ibrox.