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  1. celtic could be guaranteed a Champions League Group Stage place every year under new proposals that would grant wild card entries for clubs with 'great historical importance to football.' The current format for Europe's top club competition is set to change and a variety of new formats have been proposed. The top four teams will qualify for the knock-out phase, the bottom club would be 'relegated' and the remainder going into the Europa League. Matches could also be played on some weekends. But crucially, the proposal includes granting wild cards to clubs of historical importance in European football. That would mean celtic - the first British club to win the European Cup in 1967 - would be granted a spot in the new format.
  2. If they lose Sunday and there next 3 games we have a chance of this league man.
  3. Ok, Murtys team was better 😂 People love to moan man. Even when we where winning the titles with Walter Smith people used to say they wouldn’t mind if we lost some weeks but played exciting football every week , rather than the boring stuff we where accustomed to. Can never keep the Rangers support happy 👍🏼😂
  4. Seen a lot better Rangers teams going to the piggery and losing. We gave them a game with 10 men and had Jack slotted home that chance, we’d be talking about a completely different story. That’s what a mean about done margins.
  5. Some of our performances have been great this season, we have been a joy to watch, an old firm win that gets rid of that fear factor, a good European run. It’s disapointing not to win anything this year but we are making progress. The difference in the league this year will be 4 draws. 4 late goals conceded have cost. Unfortunately that is the difference at this level between success and failure. Gerrard knows it, the players know it. Hopefully they can finish the season strong in and kick on next season.
  6. £150 mate is about the going rate for a signed top. However auctioning it for charity I’m sure he’d get a wee bit more than that for it.
  7. See to be fair. How often do the players get a night out together, being able to have a drink etc and enjoy themselves. Very rarely I’d imagine. The last thing I’d want is someone chasing me down for photos every time I go for a piss etc. I know it comes with being a Rangers player but they should be allowed to enjoy themselves at a night like that without people asking them for photos all night.
  8. If you do mate let us know , appreciated 👍🏼
  9. Need to source a ticket for the old firm now, bastards😂
  10. 24 hours of my life I never want to go through again
  11. Previously held by our own Ryan Jack and Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos. Most red cards in one season.
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