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  1. No email for me again, so looking for 1 If any spare
  2. 8 out of our next 12 league games are away from home. From now until Christmas is massive we need to kick on from Hearts next Saturday.
  3. A disgrace? Get a fuckin grip mate
  4. Davis Kamara Kent Arfield/Stewart Ojo Morelos should still blow away most teams. Kamara needs to step up for these games though.
  5. I think its because all teams are on 3 points maybe. Porto should be ahead of young boys, but Feyenoord should be a head of porto, but we should be ahead of Feyenoord, and Young Boys should be ahead of us on goal difference. I think.
  6. You are aware some football teams have designated parts of the ground where pyrotechnics can be set off ? so to say it can’t be set of safely mate I would have to disagree with
  7. Where do they request a law change mate?
  8. Follow follow Glasgow Rangers Follow Follow all the way 54 times the kings of Scotland the most in footballs history we’ve got the battle fever on fight till the day is done the spirit of Bill Struth It carries on
  9. Follow follow Glasgow Rangers one?
  10. Would struggle to understand the reasoning behind Tav no going as captain imo suppose we have a game tonight actually
  11. Almost as bizzare as singing at a funeral
  12. Before this season started a actually didn’t think we would see much off him. But he has raised his bar again, absolute different class tonight. Deserves every last ounce of praise he gets.
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