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  1. I dont understand this nonsense that they aren't backing their managers with cash. They spent Β£15million last summer, about Β£15million this summer already. Would imagine they'll spend another 10 say just to appease them? Β£25million at a guess. Thats Β£40million in 2 summers, what do they expect?
  2. Police would reject it, similar to Aberdeen id imagine Just realised im home for this, give us celtic at home.
  3. Admitting liability is massive. Wonder how many claims there will be now?
  4. I did think it was a tough tie till i looked into them this morning. Luxembourg champions put them out last season. Think we have a good chance.
  5. Sick as fuck am working this and missing this one, hope you get away for it mate
  6. Hopefully it is a good sign mate
  7. Been like that for a few weeks
  8. So good mateπŸ˜‚ think we sung it most of the way there, most of the game and what I can remember of the way home πŸ˜‚
  9. Full second half bouncing to it , unreal.
  10. Get it up every single one of them. They are spewing πŸ˜‚ This league title will be the most sweetest ever.
  11. Has there been many spares kicking about this morning ? Still debating whether to go down or no and hope for something
  12. Going to go down tommorow without a ticket on the off chance of picking something up
  13. Plenty busses running from Hamburg on the day
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