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  1. ricksen_da_best


    Barasic should be the better left back. But this season Halliday has been the best performer in the position. We spent £5million (could be wrong) on Barasic, Grezda and Katic. None of the three have lived up to what we thought 4/5 months ago imo.
  2. ricksen_da_best


    Halliday should be starting because he’s been the better left back. No because he gets it or that.
  3. ricksen_da_best

    12,000 on Season Ticket Waiting List

    Bird told me last week they are going through the list to bears abroad asking do they really want season tickets etc as they have people from Norway, Sweden, Australia with there names down and are these tickets going to be used etc. The list is that big they are trying to get it down to a level which could be manageable.
  4. ricksen_da_best

    Options for Away CCCS next year?

    Suprised we haven’t gone down Chelsea’s route of away season tickets tbh, Or charging upfront for cccs before.
  5. ricksen_da_best

    The Gers Store Online 30% off Home and Away Shirts

    Ordered some of they teddy’s about two weeks ago and they’ve never turned up, said they where dispatched but nothing
  6. ricksen_da_best

    Hamilton v Rangers

    I know mate. I’m sure people will post up if they have them.
  7. ricksen_da_best

    Compliance Officer Role

    Strange one from midweek was the boy from Hibs that went through Izzaguire. He was booked at the time for the challenge. But was then cited by the compliance officer for a red card. was under the impression, that if you where carded at the time for an offence the compliance officer couldn’t do anything about it. Pretty sure this is how Brown managed to get away with it. also these fast tracked hearings never seem to exist when it’s a celtic player involved 😂
  8. ricksen_da_best

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Tickets haven’t even been posted out yet mate
  9. ricksen_da_best

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Would swap a Motherwell for this
  10. ricksen_da_best

    No Kilmarnock ballot. Cccs members sale on Saturday

    Reminder. Just got one easy enough
  11. ricksen_da_best

    The Loving cup Ceremony

    The boy doing the tour last month said to us they aren’t actually sure where the cup came from , they don’t know if it was one kept by the stoke chairman himself who decided we should have one as he was the one who commissioned them. As in 1 left that he had kept for himself. Or did he get it made for us after we had come down. A great tradition that the club continues. Also said celtic are suprisingly more than happy to take part. The only team they’ve had problems taking part with is Aberdeen and said the less said about it the better.
  12. ricksen_da_best

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Would love to read the comments about the Loan Rangers this time last season. Signings players we can’t afford etc. It’s a market we’ve been slaughtered for the last few seasons. Now a masterclass by Rodgers for using it 😂
  13. ricksen_da_best

    Any tickets

    whats the chances of chelsea end ticket at city?
  14. ricksen_da_best

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    Seen people are shouting that it’s ridiculous some people got 2 and some got 0. If x is on 2 and y is on 3. X gets his first ticket then everyone is back in the ballot and X again is randomly allocated a game so ends up with 2 and Y Is not allocated. Going by the games we should get after the split it’s not a bad thing
  15. ricksen_da_best

    Cardiff’s New Signing

    Shouting the pilot never had a commercial license, was a part time dj and offered his services for odd job flights on aircraft Facebook pages. Think that agent will be fucked if he organised this