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  1. ricksen_da_best

    Deliver the League Title

    Shouldn't have sold Josh Windass.
  2. ricksen_da_best


    Last thing we need to worry about is tav ffs
  3. ricksen_da_best

    Scum game paper ticket postal date

    Your smartcard will be activated im sure
  4. ricksen_da_best


    Removed everything Rangers related off instagram
  5. ricksen_da_best


    'He's playing and scoring in a better league than morelos did!'
  6. ricksen_da_best


    He's never a footballer. His agent has built his career and finally been exposed.
  7. ricksen_da_best

    St Johnstone emails

    Aye I'll message you before it 👍🏻
  8. ricksen_da_best

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    Reading the sun today he went missing on Monday and the rumours that he tried to do himself must be true as it says it led to an incident which was a cry for help
  9. ricksen_da_best

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    on the park and in the stands hopefully done.
  10. ricksen_da_best

    St Johnstone emails

    Away at work mate unfortunately! Get back the 28th, so will make the tarriers all going well. Will need to get you for a pint, you going over?
  11. ricksen_da_best

    St Johnstone emails

    We've had 11 away games so far and some people are only on 1. We have 7 away games left this season scheduled. Cowdenbeath away included. Plus 2 for the split gives us 9. I'll be very surprised if anyone gets more than 3 this season. Which is an absolute joke.
  12. ricksen_da_best

    St Johnstone emails

    It's a random draw until everyone's had a second ticket, then everyone goes back in and it's a random draw till everyone's had a third ticket. Someone could have Killie, Livingston and Killie against someone who gets celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs.
  13. ricksen_da_best

    St Johnstone emails

    I'm still on one. Cowdenbeath away next though 😄
  14. ricksen_da_best

    Chelsea racist

    Not at all mate haha There is no evidence whatsoever to clearly say what he said. I'm more pointing out he's been hung out to dry already without any solid evidence from anywhere what he said. That video you cant confidently hear what he says. I picked up what a thought, but maybe someone else may see different. Media calling him a racist, his neighbours calling him a racist. Rather than alleged racist. Aye chelsea dont have a great record for handling this stuff well though
  15. ricksen_da_best

    Chelsea racist

    Guys lost his job, being threatened, labelled a scumbag by all his neighbours. Seems everyone is now a lip reader and found him guilty already. Never really looked at it until today I read the guy saying he called him a manc bastard. Looked at the video today and it does look more like manc bastard than what he's allegedly said. There is also man of the same colour as sterling stood right beside the 3 men shouting abuse, who I assume would take some offence to racially abusing someone in front of them? Typical of this day and age that he has been hung out to dry before any proof of what he has done is confirmed.