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  1. Think he means we are away twice to celtic, Aberdeen, Livingston, Motherwell, Kilmarnock and Hibs twice , and all Celtics double away games are at the bottom 6 from last season.
  2. You might be right mate. I assumed because he was playing RB Gerrard he said he thought playing him Centre Back was his best position, but might have been Centre mid now you say that...
  3. Gerrard wants to play Mcrorie as a centre half. Perfect cover.
  4. How do you get my gers points? Think I used the wrong email account my my gers is linked to as my contact 😭😂
  5. None of my mygers accounts emails linked got an email either, pretty poor really
  6. £103 for a full kids strip with Hagi on the back, feel terrible making my mum buy me every strip when it was me now😂
  7. Tbf Hearts could show them easily how much there last relegation cost them in most revenue and demand that.
  8. They make it up as they go along. Will simply put a vote out ‘shall we replace hearts/thistle with Brora/Kelty?’ and then keep putting statements out till they have a majority.
  9. They want to remove Hearts and Thistle’s membership. Most of Scottish Football would rather sink they 2 clubs and get on with whatever money is left over, rather than actually want an investigation.
  10. The league must be in doubt to start back up in 6 weeks now..
  11. If you have nothing to hide you would welcome an independent investigation, but tell Rangers we would be paying the bill if they are as clean as they claim.
  12. Imagine if this vote was to save Rangers from administration and teams where told to accept the payments to save Rangers not Scottish football, but there was a potential £10million black hole from a TV deal and a potential tv contract could be ripped up on the potential of reconstruction , wonder how they would vote.
  13. Think Man City is £35 if I remember right mate was looking at tickets for the Real Madrid game. They work on a system as well where ST holders get first pick, then second pick, then membership scheme and then public sale. A lot of their Champions league games weren’t near sell outs and ended up on public sale.
  14. I’m better off applying for another Season ticket in my old Rangers number by the sounds of it 😂
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