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  1. If you have nothing to hide you would welcome an independent investigation, but tell Rangers we would be paying the bill if they are as clean as they claim.
  2. Imagine if this vote was to save Rangers from administration and teams where told to accept the payments to save Rangers not Scottish football, but there was a potential £10million black hole from a TV deal and a potential tv contract could be ripped up on the potential of reconstruction , wonder how they would vote.
  3. Think Man City is £35 if I remember right mate was looking at tickets for the Real Madrid game. They work on a system as well where ST holders get first pick, then second pick, then membership scheme and then public sale. A lot of their Champions league games weren’t near sell outs and ended up on public sale.
  4. I’m better off applying for another Season ticket in my old Rangers number by the sounds of it 😂
  5. We are reverting to a system the taigs have been moaning about for years and they are pushing to revert to our now old away scheme where everyone has a fair crack at tickets. Most of the people moaning about the old scheme are the ones likely now to miss out even more on this new scheme I think.
  6. Making us look daft, can’t see this having any truth in it whatsoever. People should get confirmation of stuff before posting.
  7. 😂 given them enough rope to hang themselves it seems
  8. They don’t mate. But if it’s guidelines set for clubs it shouldn’t be up to individual clubs to pay. Just seen Jackson’s spread saying ‘legally’ if 4 clubs sent proxy votes to the SPFL saying they don’t back Rangers’ proposal then there would be no need for an EGM next month. Wonder where that info has come from...
  9. The latest on why we shouldn’t restart the football.. Would cost SPFL £150k each club to test players twice a week for up to 3 months which wouldn’t be feasible for most clubs in a time where we have no income from matchdays Surely it’s up to the SPFL to pay for this testing, not individual football clubs, if it’s a guideline set to get football played?
  10. Both threads on FF where pulled about it too apparently
  11. Dundee have voted yes to the proposals they where offered. Surely all other 41 teams now need to be offered the chance to vote on these proposals?
  12. Id imagine Uefa are going to abandon all leagues very soon. Would even be surprised if Europa league and champions league for next season go ahead due to travel restrictions.
  13. UEFA are going to call the seasons very soon by the sounds of it. There is absolute no chance of another ball being kicked this season, now celtic are getting the title, the SPFL won’t even be that arsed.
  14. With only 1 vote no in the premiership. Is it possible Hearts never submitted their no vote to be in a similar position to Dundee just now? on the hope there was another couple no voters.
  15. This is what we don’t need, especially from a group that gets quoted in the papers regularly.
  16. Hes actually confirmed they recieved dundees vote. once they receive it that is it, theyve signed it.
  17. For what reason though. Michael Stewart said 6 clubs where pressured into a yes vote.
  18. Still can’t believe he said that in a chat with other no voting clubs in it. Obviously not well briefed.
  19. He actually said just get Dundee to resubmit their vote and that’s the end of it. 😂
  20. Did Michael Stewart say half of the top league teams get pressured into voting yes?
  21. Scottish football could be absolutely fucked from the fall out of this.
  22. I don’t think Scottish football can come back from this. Embarrassing from top to bottom.
  23. Hearts haven't voted, it appears. Nothing can be passed till all members have voted, which Hearts would have 28 days to respond, not the 2 days the SPFL claimed.
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