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  1. The difference between arsenal and Rangers/Liverpool for Gerrard will be the fan base. He’s not going to get anywhere near the same at Arsenal. On top of being a thankless job for any manager.
  2. These seasons where always going to be a gamble mate. We ain’t going to win the league or get champions league money anytime soon by breaking even, we will be in a loss every year without player sales until we get over that hill. Nothing to suggest we are going to end up like 2012 anytime soon though... Not rich enough mate
  3. Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell, celtic and Hearts our next 5 away games. I know which one i'll be getting😂
  4. Need 1 for this if any spares about
  5. Yeah I noticed the potential £70million bill coming our way from HMRC and our failure to pay any tax by our owner in the report too
  6. "Southampton haven't developed anybody for the last five years, have they? 😂😂 didn’t see this.
  7. Not going to post it all because it’s a load of nonsense. This could be said about nearly every team in the UK. Rather embarrassing for a Scottish newspaper to post this as an exclusive as well. A LEADING football finance expert says Rangers could be plunged back to the dark days of 2012 within two years - IF Dave King decides to stop pumping endless millions into the club. The Ibrox club's 2019 annual report reveals the auditors have a 'significant doubt' over their ability to continue as a going concern due to a £10million funding gap. But Professor Chris Brady, of Salford University's Centre for Sports Business, warned fans that King could stop bankrolling the club and walk away if Steven Gerrard's side fail to break the Hoops' stranglehold on Scottish football by 2021.
  8. For a support full of self proclaimed IRA volunteers they aren’t very good at the game they play.
  9. Don’t think our end sold out
  10. If you pay for a season ticket and CCCS your just as entitled to a ticket as everyone else mate. If you go everywhere you’ll pick up a ticket for this game.
  11. CCCS should be capped to the amount of tickets for a game against celtic. If it’s 12k, make it 12k and at least you are priority. At the end of the day if you go week in week out you won’t be watching it on a tv even if unsuccessful in a ballot
  12. There was a general sale right up until Friday mate
  13. Always heard about the season negri had before he got injured. Out of interest how many goals did Negri get that season, 27 rings a bell.
  14. Blame it on the Sunday games mate 😂 thanks again 👍🏼
  15. As a few have said mate it’s only a problem in the big games where limited tickets are available. Bigger allocation last week for Porto and it went down to 0 points?
  16. The same way someone could be gutted to miss out on a feyenoord ticket over you who has picked up all there points this season rather than last mate. It’s the fairest possible way this system and some are always going to moan about it whatever system we do. People are absolutely mental if they think taking a couple hours out a euro away trip to queue up and pick up a ticket is what we need to do.
  17. At least Miller had the bottle to stick up for us at the time, whatever else he may be
  18. We are loaded mate , won’t find us on a bus to Dingwall anymore
  19. sorry thought you meant club flight 😂* you should be fine mate would imagine it will open up to 3 on Indy.
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