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  1. Show Racism the Red Card Apologise to Club 1872

    Not good enough. Nicola Hay knew exactly who Phil the Gobblegiver was/is and will continue to be yet she still associated RTRC with him. Its a hollow apology and she should be removed from SRTRC and until this happens it will remain tainted.
  2. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    No he didn't and I doubt very much if he had a Plan A in the first place. I disagree we should be adjusting our tactics to suit each game otherwise we'll be as one dimensional as a Warburton side. The game against Morton was a bounce game ( they played for 105 minutes ffs) used to try out new things and keep fitness levels up and the scoreline is totally irrelevant.
  3. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    It wasn't a real game. The clue is in the words " behind closed doors bounce game".
  4. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    Settled teams play a settled formation that is tweaked and that is a luxury we haven't had. Most of the changes are done due to injuries, suspensions and the squad being thin. We are nowhere near being the finished article. One tactic and do it well worked out really well for Warburton didn't it ? One tactic will really break down those defences that we struggle against at home - yet you object to him trying to improve tactics it in a closed doors game. That makes no sense at all. Make your mind up. You say we have a good squad and can pick up wins away from home but then say the tactics to get those wins first and foremost are gash. That makes no sense either. We do not have a good squad. Its better than what it was but is still a long way away from being a good squad. Our wing backs are gash, our centre backs are still weak, a lack of strength and creativity in midfield, a non existant left wing and sorely in need of a second striker. Apart from the obvious lack of quality in certain positions, we get the fear - because our leaders on the park - well they're not really leaders are they. Yeah we've got a good squad though .
  5. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    So you don't want us to be able to change tactics during a game then ? One tactic worked out really well for you last time Mark. How is life at Forest ?
  6. Scotland v Slovakia

    Oh how I'll laugh. Set up to be another glorious Scottish failure even before a play off.
  7. Cardoso and Pena.

    My official stance on Pena now is "he's fuckin stinkin".
  8. Show Racism The Red Card

    The Gobblegiver playing the victim again ffs. Anti-Irish racism ?? - he's no even Irish the sectarian bigot . These pathetic cunts try to infest every organisation going. Well done to the VB's for catching them out. Agree - the best way is to keep on applying more pressure to get rid. Hays bound to have some dark secrets if she's tweeting with that mutant.
  9. McLeish claims we aren't fit enough

    I totally agree with him regarding fitness and its just one of the concern I have about Pedro. He even stated in an interview that fitness isn't so important. Well in fuckin Scotland Football it is. He wants us to play a pressing game and its just not happening enough. We're slow at closing down, second to loose balls and our new signings are taking an age to get up to speed. If our players aren't fit enough then tired bodies make tired minds and that could be why we switch off so much. Fitness was always something our players had in abundance grinding it out for the full 90.
  10. Pedro: Time to go?

    This the same McInnes whose side recently got pumped 3-0 by Motherwell ?
  11. Pedro: Time to go?

    This. Into our second season in the top flight and no new revenue streams that a club our size demands allied with the mythical share issue that was going to consolidate our position.
  12. News on Alves

    That's good news. Don't know about grading but I tore mine running when I was younger and was off the roads for 4 month.
  13. News on Alves

    If he's torn a calf muscle he'll be out for longer than one or two weeks.
  14. Rangers hugging beggars

    Or a Graham Roberts and Terry Hurlock.
  15. Rangers hugging beggars

    And all this happened after Lego muncher went head to head with our manager at half time. That really angered me when I saw that photo. Total disrespect and he was allowed to get away with it. Shower of pussies with no bottle. Bheast supporting players, bheast supporting employees elsewhere and a gutless board. Our club is not only ailing on the park its sick at its very heart.