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  1. Do you remember you're meant to be a Rangers Supporter ?
  2. That post about the Board is as cringey as f*ck. He's the right walloper to look after their interests all right.
  3. Cunt should've been barred years ago along with his employer.
  4. Paul Murray wired to the feckin moon.
  5. Nutshell. End thread.
  6. Remind me why this mouth piece is an ex-director again ?
  7. Taig it is then
  8. You do know our first team are 35 points behind the beast and 12 behind the sheep ? Can a few youngsters be any worse.?
  9. After watching the two young lads making their debit last night I wouldn't be opposed to Pedro blooding a few more of the youths. Can't be any worse than the crap we're playing now and lets face it the season is almost a write off. Hopefully as he decides who he's going to get rid off then we'll see this happen.
  10. In the name of F*** Are they deliberately ripping the pish out the guy ? I suppose he does have a talent for turning everything he goes near to shit.
  11. Thank f*** for that.
  12. What the f*** possessed over 1000 members to even consider voting this dimwit on the board in the first place.
  13. Think he was coaching at Falkirk as well. The man has a huge knowledge of Scottish football players and teams and that will be the remit for the vacant position. Fairly obvious how a lot of posters rate him.
  14. .