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  1. sonofbear


    Why would a football bus go miles off the main road down to a stoney, shitey beach ? Did the supporters fancy an ice cream or something 🍦
  2. If the man with over 100 England caps, taken part in over 100 European ties, won the Champions league, Uefa cup and played hundreds of games at the top level of a top league states that things aren't right with our referees and the way we are officiated then I'll take that all day long over the bitter twisted hacks and non entities that plead otherwise. Our match officials never made the World cup because they are in the main incompetent. We really need to press now for independent match officials from anywhere but this backwater.
  3. sonofbear

    Jamie Murphy

    Awful predictable player. Nowhere near good enough if we want to challenge. Him and Windass are the weak links that need replaced - and I'm confident Stevie G will phase them both out as we move on through the transfer windows.
  4. sonofbear

    Just because I hate Dundee United

    I wouldn't give any leeway to Ross County fans. Fuck them. Their rancid wannabee fans hate us as much as the rest of Scottish football. The wife and I passed the Ross County team minibus today which was closely followed by another minibus carrying the team kit. Oh how we laughed 😂
  5. sonofbear

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Pretty unimpressive stuff so far. Be an idea to have a shot at goal once in a while.
  6. sonofbear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    FrankenHartson. 🤪
  7. sonofbear

    SFA Director to step down

    Apparently she was approached because of her sterling police/community work with youth crime and battered women. . (Probably there because of the big bad songs). On her own admission she knows nothing about football. Perfect for a footballing body. Another one not fit for purpose.
  8. sonofbear

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    Chased shadows for fun.
  9. sonofbear

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    Get this beast to fuck.
  10. sonofbear

    Dave king statement

    They were also responsible for giving us O'Reagan and Dumbcaster as well I think and probably a host of others.
  11. sonofbear

    Dave king statement

    Nolan Partners. Same agency Beast fc use. Run by friend of Dr Deaths son.
  12. sonofbear

    Dave king statement

    From the little I've seen he's a shareholder. Fritzl and Obrien. Majority shareholder plus minority Beast shareholder at Beast FC Obrien and Fritzl.45% shareholding between them at INM (plus the SPFL placeman MacLennan as a non Exec). Add MacLennans Rangers hating past and its clear to see he's definitely not of an independent persuasion whether he and his cabal be board members, non execs or shareholders. The legal aspects (of which I know nothing) may look on this differently in which case DK is probably merely rattling a few cages letting them know we are aware of what their up to and making it public so good on him. Get them outed Dave at the very least it may well unite the fans for once.
  13. sonofbear

    Dave king statement

    The same Obrian who owns 2.82 % of the bheasts ?? (I don't know)
  14. sonofbear

    Dave king statement

    Lifted from FF "O’Brien controls more than 29 per cent of INM, while Desmond has around 15 per cent. They are the two largest shareholders with the third being UBS with around 6%"
  15. sonofbear

    James Collins (West Ham)

    CH Released by West Ham.