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  1. Jamie Murphy

    Might have been decent today but I remain unconvinced. Didn't,t rate him as a Murderwelll player either.
  2. Big test for Murty today

    Failed miserably. Schooled by the Lurgan bigot ffs.
  3. Josh Windass

    Toom tabard. (Empty coat).
  4. Rangers Colt team could be in League 2 from next season

    Don't see the point really. Games against the league 2 cloggers (and subsidise them into the bargain), or games against the Bayerns, Liverpools etc. I think we should be collaborating with the bigger clubs from all over Europe instead of the dross of Scotland.
  5. David Bates

    Need to get this lad signed up on a bigger contract. Apart from no nonsense defending he looks to have a bit of pace about him as well.
  6. A massive shout out

    Quite simply - Immense
  7. Bobby Madden

    Subtle ?? FFS - London Calling ?? - a regular little Lord Haw Haw. You've just been the site pet ya bheasty moron.
  8. Club 1872 statement to members

    Should've signed the statement "Uncle Tom 1872" An utterly spineless group when you take into account the way Robertson swatted the second biggest shareholder away with utter contempt. Shameful. Now is the time they should be demanding proper representation that their shareholding demands.
  9. O'halloran

    If we're paying our loanees wages I'd want them all back. Fuck any other team getting the benefit while we are paying them. If we're paying nothing and they are surplus to requirements then fair enough.
  10. Welcome To Rangers Declan John *permanently*

    Never a LB in a million yeas so hopefully plays in front of Wallace or even better a new LB that can actually defend.
  11. Murty until the end of the season

    Fuckin knew it - as did half the posters on here. Can read this board like a book. Incompetent fuckwits.
  12. A Spine

    Warburton tying his duds up on long contracts has created a huge problem. Look at the shite we've got out on loan never mind the current squad of bottlers.
  13. A Spine

    £2 mil for Fod . What mugs are gonna pay anything like that. He is guff. Was he not released free from Charlton or some such like when we got him ??
  14. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    I tend to agree. I don.t think they were even keen on McInnes which was fine with me. Look out for us having Murty till the end of the season. The short term cheap option which will be dressed up as the long term gain.
  15. Fod

    Sadly O so true.