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  1. He'd be a stop gap appointment and to be honest I think that's all we're going to get with King running the show. All those hoping for a FDB appointment are in cuckoo land.
  2. Like I said in the other post You call Warburton and Murty managers ??? What predicament are we in with those managers ??? You've already lost your argument when you resort to personal abuse. Moron indeed fuckwit
  3. You call Warburton and Murty managers ??? Ok I can see where you're standards lie.
  4. Hi Graeme
  5. 4th best player ?? in the short amount of game time he's had he's already scored a double and had one disallowed and would have had more if not for that greedy cunt Forrester. He's shown more natural ability in that short spell than all our forward line apart from Miller. Waghorns a dud and don't get ne started on 6 million Mackay ffs.
  6. I'd put him ahead of all 3 of them because so far they've all been utter pish - deny that if you can on the past performances before you spout your own pish - Boaby .
  7. How the fuck can anyone slag Dodoo when he's been given fuck all chance. FFS get real people !
  8. Murty's as clueless as the Warburton philosophy that he is still clearly following. He shouldn't be in this position but he is thanks to the frauds that are running this club.
  9. F'n 'ell. The penny has finally dropped (for some anyway).
  10. F'n 'ell. What "very measurable progress" have we made - and don't start spouting behind the scenes pish or top half of the table nonsense after coming up from the championship. The fact that the team bears no resemblance to 18 months ago is purely down to the duds that the gardener signed and they couldn't possibly stay. Warburtons signings have been massive flops as well. The players he bought on the budget available were meant to be "value for money. Young players who could be sold on for a profit". Those are his words ! Perhaps you would like to tell us which of his duds have been value for money and will net us a healthy profit ? Your blind loyalty to Warburton and the Gardener might seem commendable to some but really - take a step back and ask yourself how can you get it wrong so often!
  11. He can't though. Being wrong is inbred into his psyche. Ally, Warburton, the SNP.........
  12. That match you're talking about was Delia's side - the side that was regularly humped in Europe. You've allowed yourself be caught up in 45 minutes of fantasy football. Instead think about what's happened after that match. We've not kicked a ball since. His signings were shite, his tactics were shite and his legacy is shite.
  13. F.S. Must be the only thing you've no idea about.
  14. Utter pish. We could be managed by any other SPL manager (even Houston ffs) and we would be closer behind the beasts. Warburton is a tactical numpty who learns fuck all. As clueless as the halfwits who continue to support him.
  15. Its not just about having expensive skilful players - its also about having the right attitude. At the moment the attitude emanating from the board down is fucking dreadful and certainly not what I expect from my club. Time for them to fuck off if they can't invest properly and do a job that only requires about £20m.