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  1. Since "sporting integritry" is always quoted as being the most important matter I suggest the following to decide the league : One off games to decide important league positions ie. Rangers v celtic for league decider, Hearts v Hamilton to decide who automatically gets relegated, Motherwell v Aberdeen to decide who finishes 3rd/4th for Euro places. This method surely fits with the sporting integrity mantra, and furthermore allows all the final places to be decided competitively.
  2. Unless it's mathematically impossible for a team to be caught then there is no way a championship winner should be declared. Same goes for relegation candidates. If the scum get granted the title this year by the SPFL/SFA then I'll consisder them champions of the Coronavirus Championship, a one-off event that no-one in the rest of the world will give a shit about. In every other league it's highly likely this season's competitions are going to be considered null and void.
  3. It's not just defenders this team need .... it's a spine.
  4. Prior to the winter break a lot of our goals came from the team collectively adopting a high press which resulted in rapid turnovers of possession. For some reason the team is no longer doing this. Why not ? Are they physically shattered ? Or is it just a case of not wanting to put in the effort ? Also, there were many games where Morelos' physical strength and bullishness would create goals, or chances, out of almost nothing - his work rate and form has dried up. And then there are our tactics ( or lack thereof ) ; they are one dimensional and teams have learned how to play against us. All we do is attack down both flanks with wing backs and fling over crosses ; with Tav's form being poor for the whole season most of the telling crosses come in from the left via Barisic. None of our forwards or midfielders seem to be capable of crossing a ball at all . Honestly, I could do better. So basically all teams have to do to defend against us is play with a low block and double up on their right wing against Barisic. Our team is SO predicatble.
  5. From the way he's speaking I think he's off. The problem is, though, is there a another manager out there who is capable of turning this band of cowards into a winning force ?
  6. This. That's all Hearts can do ... is fight. All we need to do is play football and pass the ball. Instead every player is hiding and allowing themselves to be brought down to Hearts' level. Inexcusable. Half this team needs to be sold ASAP.
  7. Fucking Mulgrew moaning on BT that McGregor's disallowed goal should have stood, even though it's a clear and obvious barge by Julien on the Copenhagen goalkeeper. Thing is in the Scottish league .... they probably would have been given that goal with the refereeing bias in this country.
  8. In our league we'd have been told it wasn't a penalty because the wind caught the ball in the air, and how could you blame the player in that circumstance ?
  9. He was excellent tonight. Well done, George.
  10. Like I said at half-time, this was always going to be a 1-0 game 😄 Ahem ...
  11. This has definitely got s 0-1 loss feel to it. We should be 2 up at least by now ....
  12. As bad as Katic was at the weekend, I think it will prove to be a mistake not playing him against this mob. I think he's at his best when we are constantly under threat / pinned back ; lets be realistic this Braga side are going to be all over us in this match ( I hope I'm wrong ). Plus, they are quite a big side and use that to their advantage at set pieces - Katic is usually good at defending in these situations. Nothing against Edmundson ; he is more pacy, he is strong, but I don't think he's as passionate as Katic in an intense match and is probably our most inexperienced centre half. Strange that Aribo isn't in the starting eleven. Not quite sure what Davis has done to deserve a starting position - his form has been awful since the winter break.
  13. Yup, I agree - we have too many players who shy away from the physical side of the game. This is where the poor refereeing comes into the equation, though. I do wonder if some of the timidity we're seeing is due to the players feeling they aren't getting enough protection. Also, if we did have a few midfield enforcer types etc do you honestly believe they wouldn't get red carded in this current climate ?
  14. Agreed, a defender isn't going to make a difference. The main problem is the midfield/forward areas which aren't creating enough chances or scoring goals. The team as a whole has become very predictable and seems to have abandoned the high press which worked so well in the first half of the season. Is their fitness in question, or is it purely a mental/attitude thing ?
  15. Yup, I think you've about summed it all up. Yet another game where corrupt refereeing has influenced the outcome of a game. Where does it end ? ( Beararse need not reply ... )
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