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  1. xaldub

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Ejaria and Coulibaly have been woeful for many weeks now. On current form neither should be anywhere near the team. When Arfield is absent the midfield is devoid of any creativity or goal threat. Flanagan should never play if one of Barisic or Halliday is fit.
  2. xaldub

    *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    We should definitely win an appeal for Jack's red card .... but that doesn't help us in the game right now. Fuckin' ref ...
  3. Poor tactically and a poor performance overall. Virtually no positives to take from that game. Barton & Kranjcar not good enough to be in the heart of midfield, and central defense is woeful.
  4. What a fucking shit performance.
  5. Agreed regards Mervan, lookss completely off the pace ( and seems to have no pace either ). Shouldn't be in the team until he's been given some bounce games to get him up to speed. At the moment he doesn't look like a player at all to me
  6. Awful second half performance. Why does Ally persist with Edu & Jig in midfield together ? It just doesn;t work. Davis was anonymous tonight too - and as our only creative player in the centre, when he's off form or stifled it is very noticeable.
  7. Results like this happen from time to time, I'm not happy with it but at least the Rhats lost so we haven't lost any ground. My main concern is that Papac & Edu haven't picked up serious long term injuries - we can ill afford first team players out for lengthy periods. Otherwise time to refocus, and get McGhee sacked on Saturday !
  8. Not really an over-reaction, Lafferty gets the red-mist far too easily ( similar to Ricksen ), and potentially puts the team into trouble far too often for my liking. I really wish we could sell him on. That said, I don't think his initial tackle merited a red card .... but it's the afters that earned him the card. Hope Walter gets stuck into the rest of team, the passing is terrible and some of the players look like they haven't kicked a ball in 2 years.
  9. xaldub

    Braga 3 vs. 0 scum

    What a wanker that Murphy is ... tries to score a goal when he should be giving the ball back as part of sporting play. He'll fit in well at the Piggery.
  10. xaldub

    Braga 3 vs. 0 scum

    Fuck me .... 3-0 !!!
  11. xaldub

    Braga 3 vs. 0 scum

    C'mon the Braga !!! 2-0
  12. Nice touch at the end, Whittaker walking over to the crowd and handing a supporter his shirt
  13. Wretched first half performance - so pedestrian and the passing has been awful. Naismith & Whittaker are like a pair of traffic cones.