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  1. To be honest Bayer barely got out of first gear. They are capable of playing so much better themselves. It took us far too long to adjust to their gameplan and when we did, our quality was severely lacking and they punished us for it. They will be wondering how the fuck we got to the last 16 based on that performance.
  2. No, the mhanks are away to Killie so thats being televised.
  3. It's actually designed to be played on atleast the blood and bones difficulty. If you play it on the easier ones it turns into abit of shit hack n slash that becomes very repetitive. Atleast with the difficulty ramped up you have to play tactically and research your enemies. Using signs and bombs becomes essential which is what the Witcher games are supposed to be about. There will be a steep learning curve to begin with, but play it the way its meant to be played. It's also a game you'll struggle with if you hate long cutscenes. You can easily jump in for an hour and not accomplish very much.
  4. I'd rather give Hastie a chance before Middleton. Whilst his loan hasn't been a roaring success at least he had been playing
  5. If it didn't involve Morelos they wouldn't have shown it.
  6. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    Made it to division 1 in seasons. Think that's me done with it this year. It's bad when you've won 63 games and only lost 20 yet you still think the game is alot of bullshit.
  7. Barker, Jones and Ojo are all not good enough for this team. All sub standard.
  8. Iakona


    If Tav didn't pass that to Morelos you'd still be moaning.
  9. Fuck was aribo doing at their second goal. Completely lost considine.
  10. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    I know all FIFA's are assisted.. but I've never played a FIFA that's felt so heavily assisted before. The computer just feels like it is involved in everything. Unless you're willing to cheese the gameplay like the "pros" do... You're completely at the mercy of the AI. The gameplay is so inconsistent. Random heavy touches on a 10 yard ground pass yet the same player will somehow control a wonder pass at that's been delivered by an aeroplane. Even when you're in loads of space, someone Modric will still every so often look like he's never seen, letalone kicked a ball before. Its like the game is trying to balance out skill levels by just fucking you over every so often. Admittedly seasons doesn't appear to be quite as bad as ultimate team. I've also noticed player switching to be noticeably less responsive since the update
  11. Aye we signed him from Arsenal. He never played for our first team though.
  12. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    I genuinely feel for you cunts who paid 45 quid for this. I only paid a fiver and I feel bumped.
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