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  1. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    I genuinely feel for you cunts who paid 45 quid for this. I only paid a fiver and I feel bumped.
  2. He's Livingston's manager not our cheerleader... If we were bossed in a game I wouldn't want to hear Gerrard buttering up our opposition. Who honestly really cares what Gary Holt has to say anyway?
  3. Nah. The fact it wasn't ever a foul makes it less of a foul. It's a contact sport... If that was given against us you'd all be raging.
  4. For me that's not a pen. Alfie just took far too long.
  5. I work in Dingwall. The weather's fine, its abit cold but the ground isn't frozen or anything.
  6. No, he's actually correct. Archie McPherson used to call him Darkieville. He was forever getting our players wrong... Marcus DeBeasley, Kevin Ferguson...
  7. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    This game is actually horrible when you get to Division 5 plus. Everyone is using the exact same tactics and settings.. drop deep positioning and team depth set to 1 coupled with through ball spam on the counter attack. It's impossible to play through them unless you get a lucky bounce of a defender(which is a fault in itself, the physics are terrible) or shoot from distance. The only way to stop yourself fron getting countered is to also sit deep which results in a midfield slog with barely any shots for both teams. It's dull as fuck. There's so much wrong with this game... It feels slow and unresponsive. Passing is so inconsistant - By and large making a 50 yard pass through the air is somehow easier and more accurate than trying to ground pass to a teamate 10 yards away. The fact tackling is entirely pointless and just running into someone is far more effective is ridiculous. Dribbling has also never been so unrewarding ... everyone dribbles the same way and more often than not it's entirely luck wether you get by the defender or not ... Defenders recover far too quickly and they are able to change direction with ungodly precision. As said it's not without fault as defenders will regulary turn into lumps of wood which results in the ball bouncing off them, usually in the attackers favour - which is allsorts of frustrating. Less said about the keepers the better... the patch has actually made them worse in my opinion. Still palming shots right, left snd centre... usually right to an attacker, if not into their own net from crosses. Glad i only paid a fiver for this.. it's not worth anything more.
  8. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    It's nuts. It's down to a glitch on Xbox. CDkeys and stuff were selling DLC packs for ultimate team for like 2 quid. But it seems these codes also contain a full copy of the game when activated on marketplace. It's been a couple of days now and Xbox haven't done anything to rectify it. Just been periodically checking eBay for resellers and lucked out with the guy selling it for a fiver. Most have been trying it resell for 30 quid.
  9. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    Just got FIFA 20 for a fiver on ebay
  10. Iakona

    FIFA 20

    Still no Kent in seasons?
  11. Iakona


    Not in the same way we view PS1 or PS2 games. The jump from the PS2 to the PS3 was astronomical... we're unlikely to have such a big jump that was so blatenly obvious ever again. Beyond increased image detail through higher resolutions and smoother frame rates, I fear alot of the upcoming advancements are not something the average gamer will truly appriciate... I can see alot of people moaning about jump from PS4 to PS5 to be honest. Without technical knowledge or indepth comparisons to how game devs previously got around hardware limitations, the improvements could easily be lost to your average gamer. Hell we still have people telling us they can't see or feel a difference between 30 fps and 60fps, letalone 120fps. We're gonna see big improvements to geometry, dynamic lighting & shadows and physics in general... I.e the way objects interact with one another such as tall grass moving when your character walks through it... More things happening in realtime without having to be baked into the game engine. There's alot of magic in games that currently fool us into thinking more is happening than there actually is.
  12. Worse teams than them have scored 4 at Ibrox before. A strong and professional performance on Thursday, just to get the job done is all that I ask.
  13. Sign up for a free trial of movies or entertainment. Once you done that you can redeem the sports code on the my account page. Remember to cancel your free trial as it automatically bills you when the trial ends.
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