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  1. Ticket purchased this morning bring on the four days in Porto πŸΊπŸΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸΊπŸΊ
  2. Can't believe the Croatian Prince is not starting , shocking decision has not put a foot wrong all season while big H looks like Bambi on ice at times
  3. He is brutal anyone who says anything else is on drugs , get the Croatian Prince back
  4. He is brutal , get him tae feck
  5. In my opinion he looks average at best and for 3 million odd , jesus , Katic miles better
  6. Better to stand and fight than live in your knees . No Surrender dont make me laugh our board and large section of fan base just roll over.
  7. Rangers board are modern day Lundy's
  8. Are you serious , Helander was murder , get the Croatian Prince back all day long
  9. Get the Croatian Prince as soon as possible Helander was murder.
  10. Listen I would prefer to just remember the team I supported for over 45 years and call it a day , this is not an overreaction it's been coming for years this is not the club I supported and followed all over the world to see with greats fans , they don't want us they want the new fan who will swallow any crap they hand out , it's not just Ranger's it's political with the SNP and those like them trying to destroy everything this club once stood for you only have to look across the city to the mutants , Liewell defends them to the hilt and comes out fighting ever time , what do we get , fuck all from the cowards in the board room , as stated it started with the hanging out to dry of Donald Findlay instead of defending him.
  11. After this season those bankers will get feck all from me , they are an embarrassment and are driving real fans out the ones who stood by the club in times of trouble in the 80's and in lower division , give us you're money and shut up that's what they want , whilst trying to build bridges with our enemies
  12. So we live on our knees to the rest of Scottish football no thanks
  13. Jesus wept I've heard it all now are you for real
  14. You'd be as well sending Liewell he would do a better job than the bankers in charge of our club , to busy trying to build bridges with our enemies , I dispare at the state of this once great club , one more season for me after that ism done afterI over 35 years season ticket holder this is not the club I started supporting in the 70 's will always look out for results but the club has nothing in common with me anymore not political or religious but iam glad I had those years of following the real Rangers all over the world with many a great supporters and loyalists
  15. Aye but they wanted us in the 1980's and in Lower divisions but all of a sudden they don't want us , fuck them this is my club not theirs
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