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  1. Andy Halliday speaks

    Great to see you back in red white and blue Andy , don't listen to the hater's , No Surrender Andy
  2. Fod

    Never been a great fan but big man was immense today ????????????????????????????
  3. Club Statement

    Not that fussed about DM it's the whole feckin shambles from the board that depresses me and the fact that any January signing target's will probably take one look at the mess we seem to be in and look elsewhere .
  4. Angriest you have ever been at a bad decision

    Saturday pass close but would have to be sending off big Mark Hateley against bruges , cost us a place in final in my opinion
  5. Match day parking around Ibrox

    Cheers Bears
  6. Did these ever get introduced around Ibrox as was being proposed by council back in January , can't find much online only the proposal
  7. Washington DC Supporters Club Merchandise

    Visiting Washington next year need to get a few of these , what's postage to Scotland ???????
  8. McKay to Nottingham Forest - 500k

    Gutted if true , will bite us big time in future Iam sure and price is an absolute scandal , as said if he played for scum they would be getting about 5 million for him , why the deck do we always give our players away , gutted
  9. Wee Baz

    Crying out for the wee man tonight , get it sorted Rangers , that's all ????
  10. Cancellations on season tickets

    Club deck 7 I think row b , cheers for replys
  11. Might of made an arse of this , just bought a ticket in club deck but mate told me that on Monday any season tickets that were not renewed will go on sale , my question is could I cancel the club deck one if better seats become available on Monday or move my seat even though I have just this afternoon bought it . Hope this makes sense unlike my purchase today ??????
  12. Season ticket sales as at 05/06/2017

    I can select area but can't seem to see individual seats to see how far back or near the front they are
  13. Season ticket sales as at 05/06/2017

    Probably just me but when on site looking at seats it showed you exactly where you would be sitting last year but this time I can only get what stand but need to now how far down or up seats are in that stand as don't want to be at pitch level , what's front of club deck like as not much left
  14. McKay been told to find a new club?

    Absolutely shocking if true , young gifted player and the only one in our team who can beat a man , gutted is an understatement , if he is to go you can duck of with this 1 million pish best player we have by a mile and still learning , replacement with be an over the hill reject .
  15. Hopefully those vermin will be watching it on the tv as they will be banned for life from Ibrox .