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  1. Tav should never be anywhere near our team in any position , never good enough but the gaffer seems to play him no matter what
  2. MOH

    Sell , sell , sell was average again today , lift your head every now and then
  3. Hopefully those vermin will be watching it on the tv as they will be banned for life from Ibrox .
  4. Great statement and I for one would be happy if those vile supporters were never aloud near out stadium again .
  5. Great news I hated that twat Murray always prattling on about the scum
  6. That was a feckin joke , what the feck has happened to us , can't defend , slow as a week in jail Jesus wept
  7. What do people want with Barry , consistently our best player attacking wise , the problem being that we give him the ball and now expect him to beat about four players every time , with defender's doubling up on him surely that should create space for rest if the team , the one player that if not playing we struggle badly in my opinion , gee the boy a break
  8. Feck me from that you tube clip the boy looks top notch .
  9. Glad I kept mine and still fits ??
  10. First class from Kenny , go on and smash it again this season ??
  11. Why the feck do we always just give players away , could we not ask for half a million at least , and would never sell to those Banker's
  12. If true feckin brilliant ?????
  13. Just up from night shift to this great news , welcome to the club ???
  14. Think he is a good player but after being at the game yesterday and as many bears have said I for one don't want anything from those animals.
  15. Just leaving now been up since 6.30 , let's go bears ???