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  1. I thought all games were going to be free until people are allowed back , so now you have to but Rangers TV
  2. Just watched the whole thing finished about 10 mins ago , absolute loved it boys a legend not the best player but just a fan who lived the dream 👍👍🇬🇧👍
  3. Had to switch off when lurgan bigot kept going on about 10 in a row , not one of them has the balls to say hold yer hourses popcorn teeth you may not even get 9 ya tramp 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Surely if Hearts win and Scumdees first vote stands we must go after their tainted title
  5. Why is everyone missing the elephant in the room , they done all this to give one club a title and our board sit in silence over this an absolute shambles from the board , no doubt will be trying to build bridges , bunch of Lundy's
  6. And yet instead of fighting or court action we sit back and surrender to those corrupted bunch , I truly dispare at the way we have handled this , will be building bridges next .
  7. Season ticket holder for over 36 years and this is the final straw for me our board are a bunch of surrender monkey's was holding off in the hope we would make a stand but fuck them this has been an absolute embarrassing episode from those cunts in charge of us yet again
  8. Not renewing said from the start if we follow up with action against the authorities then yes back the club but as we have caved in to them done feck all about the so called dossier and handed separate identity FC the title then fuck that what is the point our club is spineless from top to bottom , I realize that they may still pull it out the bag but very much doubt it , this would have been my 36 year in a row with season ticket .
  9. Really what is this follow Follow , don't post much but get admin to check me out or come up to club deck if you want , been on Nitsdale , kinning park , Graham Roberts , Clarkson bus , Torrisdale , since moving up here Monifieth in Dundee but aye iam a pure Tim.
  10. Just looking in and seems forum back to normal talking about players leaving etc but do see too much anger or outrage over what has just happened in this feckin backwater of a country , are we all just excepting those feckin mutants are champions and all good with the football association again ,. time to move on , building bridges etc , feck me
  11. The silence is deafening and absolute disgrace if we do nothing
  12. So iam guessing we are doing feck all about this an absolute shambles from the board if true but hey roll up for next season give us your money we'll stop 10 in a row , how about fighting to stop the mutants getting 9.
  13. Aye let's just forget about all this corruption and those wankers getting a title for feck all and think about next season , jesus wept grow s set Rangers and take these bawsacks to the court's or just do one , blood boiling listening to this crap what does it take for us to make a stand we let them away with it in 2012 and now this .
  14. Absolutely disgusting by our club bending over to those mutants and the corrupted SFA etc
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