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  1. Personally I would’ve started same 11 as weekend. Morelos off the bench imo is a better option than Defoe off the bench if needed. Jones’ directness will be missed.
  2. If Rangers progress, do you think we have enough to get past Legia?
  3. I had that model, had a ding dong wi the ex n she threw it at me! It missed me but hit the wall n bits broke off, real shame I quite liked it, was a Christmas present from my late mother... feckin cow!!! (Not my mother, the ex of course!)
  4. I’d rather be able to bring Morelos on than Defoe, I think it’s a team selection for a home game that we should win. We have quality on the bench should we need to ramp things up! 👍
  5. Wish the rain would get tae fuck! It’s fuckin summer!!
  6. They had some really handy players, decent team. Wonder if Gerard will be tempted to look at one or two of them...
  7. Another poor game for Barasic, he looks like he’s lacking in confidence! Never tries to take on his man, always slows play down. Time is running out for this guy!!
  8. If he and Defoe had been match sharp when they signed I think we may have nipped the league last year.
  9. Doh! Wasn’t what I was expecting!!
  10. . There’s a lot of confidence and positives to be gained from European midweek football, I actually think it lifts the team. We lacked an attacking midfielder, had ZERO quality off the bench, messed around with our central defence too often and had shocking discipline resulting in 10 players god knows how many times, and suspensions. That’s what ultimately cost us the league. 2 of those points are easily fixed
  11. Certainly a strange one, you don’t go from being Osijek’s best player to being as ineffective as he’s been for us without there being a reason! He was signed injured was he not? I thought it was very strange how Osijek were so easy to deal with on both signings. I can see that there’s a player in Barasic, whether he eventually comes good or not remains to be seen. Grezda would need to have a great pre season and hit the ground running or he’s likely to disappear.
  12. Ah, SEC, bought tickets for the wee fella recently!!! Admin please delete to get rid o that horrid pic
  13. I’m sure there’s a joke there but I have no clue who that is
  14. Mate I can assure you I’ve never in my puff googled anything to do wi that mob! Very strange!
  15. Why is this displaying on RM???!!!😡😡😡
  16. If Gerrard has any sense/baws that will be Morelos’ last game for Rangers.
  17. IMO Mols is the best player to play for Rangers, not the GREATEST as after the knee injury he never was the same but prior to that he was an unbelievable player.
  18. Gid lookin cunt, would stick his neck oot but capable o crazy mistakes
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