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  1. There’s a reason he’s not in the Columbia squad. Also why you speaking like Mr T.
  2. Brainwashed? The boys missed the last 4 games after another sending off. He’s had 3 or 4 fouls again today. You don’t get all that shite with Defoe. You pretend he does nothing wrong and everyone’s against him. See how far it gets you. Embarrassing.
  3. I’d take Morelos off. Don’t realise how much the game becomes about his stupid shitey fouls when he’s playing. Whether they are fouls or not, he puts himself into stupid tackles when he doesn’t need to. Probably still annoyed with him from the celtic game but it’s time for him to go. Surprises me the level of love he still has amongst our support to be honest.
  4. If he wants to play regularly for Rangers it’s going to have to be at centre half. Not got enough on the ball to be a regular starter in a Rangers midfield.
  5. Would like to see Middleton given a go on the right with the chance to cut inside and finish like he did yesterday. When he plays wide left he is too predictable always going outside and trying to cross. Has to be worth a go.
  6. nik2402

    Ryan Kent

    As I said I’m not his biggest fan at all. In fact I’m not sure we should be signing him. But would he have offered so much less than Kent? That was my point.
  7. nik2402

    Ryan Kent

    He is our most skillful outfield player. Because he has zero competition in that department. Not exactly something to be proud of in this team. Producing nice pieces of skill on the halfway line or doing some nice skills and winning the odd foul isn’t good enough. We need goals and assists in double figures to be challenging. Which is why I don’t think we can afford to spend the money on him.
  8. nik2402

    Ryan Kent

    Has bags of talent and I like parts of his game. But we cannot spend a chunk of our budget on him. Doesn’t do anywhere near enough for someone who’s our main wide player. Not the biggest Jordon Jones fan, but he would’ve had the same goals and assists in this Rangers team as Kent. Far from good enough for where we want to be.
  9. 100% agree. And also the Union Bears protesting for the first half didn’t help. I appreciate what they do and why they are protesting. But in quarter final against Aberdeen, playing for the only realistic trophy left for us to win, put it to one side for the night and back the team.
  10. nik2402


    The difference of having him in midfield instead of McCrorie or Coulibally is astonishing. Doesn’t take 4 and 5 touches to move the ball. It’s 1 and 2 touch and likes to play through the lines aswell. Impressed with him so far and looks to have a good understanding with Jack and Arfield.
  11. Not a fan at all. But McAuley was just as bad if not worse.
  12. Read this a few times and still struggling to understand what you’ve said.
  13. Everything we do offensively goes through him. Have a think about it.
  14. He’s our best player by a fucking mile. Embarrassing thread. Just back into Vienna from the game and he was our main out ball every time. Embarrassing the criticism he gets from idiots.
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