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  1. Out?: Josh Windass

    Surely we wouldn’t give him a new contract and take away his £3.5 million release clause to then sell him for £3 million a few months later 😂 Demand £4 million and get him to fuck.

    I was talking shite anyway mate. He’s some player 😂

    A decent manager won’t give him a first touch. He receives the ball and runs back the way he’s facing. And more often than not ends up going in for a 50/50 because his touch is so bad. And he get a cheer cause he won a tackle.

    Ross McCrorie is not as good as made out. His first touch is an embrassment for a professional. Especially one playing in that position. Hate saying it but he won’t make it with us unless he improves it massively.
  5. Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    Zip chewing disaster. Spare me the sympathy vote he will no doubt get from the press. Had a chance to go win himself a job he otherwise would never have got near and failed. Good riddance.

    A team with no leaders. Russell Martin may be the worst defender I’ve seen play for Rangers at this level. McCrorie has potential but he’s never as good as people are making him out to be. Tavernier is a fucking coward of a captain, looked slow today and unfit. Halliday and Holt are still playing for us 2 years after we were promoted. Holt gives his all but is nowwhere near the level. Alnwick done ok today but he’s fucking shite aswell. Dorrans has ability but was hung out to dry along with Holt today by again playing 2 in midfield when at times they have 4 in their playing centrally. But overall he looks like his legs have gone. Get him to fuck. Windass, Murphy, Cummings and Candeias won’t get us where we want to get to. You’d possibly have Murphy and Candeias as squad players but we need improvements.
  7. O’Halloran & Dodoo

    Embarrassing. Ohalloran choking to celebrate
  8. Cummings is atrocious

    He’s not a penalty box striker. He’s never in the box. He’s a good finisher. But not a penalty box striker
  9. Cummings is atrocious

    He’s never a lone striker. Never has been. That being said I wouldn’t sign him as he’s not good enough to get us where we want to get to. Morelos may miss chances but he gets in the position to score them. Twice the player Cummings will ever be.
  10. Pubs near Hampden

    Been to The Ball Room on Ledard Road last few times before games at Hampden. Good for a beer and a game of pool.
  11. Good Decisions Up Front By Murty Today.

    Miller scored. But apart from that he was awful. We need another midfielder in the team. Embarrassing Murty can’t see it.
  12. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    So blatantly obvious we must play with 3 in the middle of the park. We will get destroyed next week if we don’t.
  13. Bates injury

    Or even the 3rd. Think Bates stops him cutting inside
  14. Formation against Ross county

    The runs he makes are great and Candeias crossing did improve second half which I think Pena could’ve took advantage of. As for him dropping deeper that’s not his game. Windass and even Morelos drop deep at times and Pena makes great runs to fill that space. Was up to holt and mcrorrie to start attacks, done need Pena dropping in there imo.
  15. Formation against Ross county

    I’ve always been a Kenny Miller fan. Don’t know what second half you watched but Kenny Miller did not play well yesterday. He’s less of a goal threat than Pena and that’s fact. Candeias crossing improved second half and I’d be fairly certain Pena would’ve been in and around them.