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  1. Bates injury

    Or even the 3rd. Think Bates stops him cutting inside
  2. Formation against Ross county

    The runs he makes are great and Candeias crossing did improve second half which I think Pena could’ve took advantage of. As for him dropping deeper that’s not his game. Windass and even Morelos drop deep at times and Pena makes great runs to fill that space. Was up to holt and mcrorrie to start attacks, done need Pena dropping in there imo.
  3. Formation against Ross county

    I’ve always been a Kenny Miller fan. Don’t know what second half you watched but Kenny Miller did not play well yesterday. He’s less of a goal threat than Pena and that’s fact. Candeias crossing improved second half and I’d be fairly certain Pena would’ve been in and around them.
  4. Formation against Ross county

    Game didn’t pass Pena by in two games vs Aberdeen (a better team than hibs). So why are you certain it would pass him by against hibs? Every game his passed Kenny Miller by this season bar tynecastle yet Pena gets it worse. Bizarre.
  5. Windass.

    Totally agree. Worked his socks off and looks far better when he’s played centrally.
  6. Ryan Jack

    Spot on. Been our most reliable attacking option all season.
  7. Were we right to sell McKay?

    Talented boy and would’ve thrives in this Rangers team with better players around him. Been on of the best players in the championship this season. He’s a cert to get a move to the premier league at some point.
  8. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    Neither. We badly need a whole new left side. Declan John is becoming vastly overrated. Final ball is poor, can’t defend and all he has is the wee jink inside. Been poor since the Hamilton game.
  9. Wallace & co told to stay away

    Don't know if this is related or been mentioned. But Murty, Mullholland and a lot of other coaching staff were in the first row of the club deck last night. Never ever sit up there, found it strange.
  10. Anybody gonna try and defend Pedro now?

    The red changed the game???? What an embarrassing statement. Did you not see the 90 minutes before that? Was fucking shite whether we win 2-0 or drew. Too many fans trying to blame refs. Get a grip
  11. Scottish Football

    Scottish football and referees aren't the reason we never won tonight or Sunday. Get a fucking grip.
  12. Should be winning that game. Defence has fuck all to do and yet they managed to concede two goals. First goal Alves and Cardoso let it bounce, Cardoso gives away a stupid foul which he's done a good few times so far this season. Then Alves is soft as shite in the wall. Second goal Alves runs up trying to play offside. If he follows his man he blocks the cross. Yes Tav is the man left playing him on and should really stick with Erskine who scores, but Alves can prevent both goals and he never. Was massively disappointed with him tonight.
  13. Kevin Thomson class interview

    Great listen. Love the way he talks about us. Always seen him as the successor to Ferguson as captain but it never materialised. Can see Ryan Jack performing a similar role to what Kevin Thomson did for us . Hopefully with the same success.
  14. Your all time Rangers XI

    Klos Porrini Cuellar. Gough. Numan Laudrup. Gazza B.Ferguson Albertz De Boer Mols Gaffer - Walter Smith
  15. Great thing about this signing is that he's match fit. Looking forward to seeing him play.