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  1. nik2402


    Morelos misses a penalty plus 4 other chances. Let’s blame Tav. Embarrassing .
  2. He’s meant to be our leader and he waited until 76 minutes to make a sub when we were clearly all over the place.
  3. Gerrard and his subs will cost us. Waited 76 minutes to make a sub whilst watching that shit show. And when he makes the sub it’s the wrong two subs. Why not go try win the game with Defoe and Stewart? Embarrassing from the manager and the whole team tonight.
  4. He never seems to get the credit I feel he deserves from the support. Thought he was outstanding tonight. His passing was great and he won everything in the air. Brilliant performance.
  5. nik2402

    Ojo goal

    Boy gets some amount of stick from our fans. It’s ridiculous at times. The same fans who cheered Candeias after he gave the ball away, but chased it down and won a tackle. Give me Ojo who will contribute goals over that any day of the week.
  6. Clearly that’s how the formation is intended to work. Whoever is widest of the 3 midfielders covers wide and Arfield will drop into the centre of the park. Its would be virtually impossible for Arfield to be inside when we have the ball and then sprint out every time we lose it. This way he saves energy and is ready to go when we win the ball. See the his part in the first goal last night as an example.
  7. Thought Tavernier was poor today by his standards. But if you take a step back he’s set up the two goals. And it’s his run that leads to the corner. Stepped up again when we need him most.
  8. Absolutely gutted. Gregor played for the same football team as me back when we were young. Lovely guy from a lovely family. Rest in peace 😢
  9. Watched the highlights back again this morning. Could’ve and should’ve been 5 or 6 easily. Tavs pen, Arfield could’ve had a hat trick on another day and Morelos spinning shot the best of the bunch. Think the heat towards the end of the game must’ve played a part in us slowing down. Fancy us to get a couple goals at least over there and kill the game. If Barisic isn’t going to be first choice left back then we need to go buy one . Halliday was decent but we cannot gave him as our first choice. Also would love to see Kent link up with Aribo. Think they would gel perfectly.
  10. For me it speaks volumes about him and his career. Never really stuck around anywhere for a long time. Got a good chance at winning trophies this year and writing his name into out history but he’s took the easy route out imo by not fighting for his place. Wish him all the best but there’s a reason he’s a journeyman and this has shown why.
  11. A bit disappointed in Candieas actually. First time he’s had any competition for his place and he’s took the first chance he got to jump ship. All his badge thumping seems a bit meaningless to me now. On the other hand I understand he’s looking after himself securing a 2 year deal somewhere however I still think he should’ve stayed and played his part in us winning a league before going.
  12. Katic has been away playing the last few weeks. He doesn’t need as much game time as Edmundson and Goldson. It was a bounce game behind closed doors. Stop flapping.
  13. There’s a reason he’s not in the Columbia squad. Also why you speaking like Mr T.
  14. Brainwashed? The boys missed the last 4 games after another sending off. He’s had 3 or 4 fouls again today. You don’t get all that shite with Defoe. You pretend he does nothing wrong and everyone’s against him. See how far it gets you. Embarrassing.
  15. I’d take Morelos off. Don’t realise how much the game becomes about his stupid shitey fouls when he’s playing. Whether they are fouls or not, he puts himself into stupid tackles when he doesn’t need to. Probably still annoyed with him from the celtic game but it’s time for him to go. Surprises me the level of love he still has amongst our support to be honest.
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