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  1. Should be winning that game. Defence has fuck all to do and yet they managed to concede two goals. First goal Alves and Cardoso let it bounce, Cardoso gives away a stupid foul which he's done a good few times so far this season. Then Alves is soft as shite in the wall. Second goal Alves runs up trying to play offside. If he follows his man he blocks the cross. Yes Tav is the man left playing him on and should really stick with Erskine who scores, but Alves can prevent both goals and he never. Was massively disappointed with him tonight.
  2. Kevin Thomson class interview

    Great listen. Love the way he talks about us. Always seen him as the successor to Ferguson as captain but it never materialised. Can see Ryan Jack performing a similar role to what Kevin Thomson did for us . Hopefully with the same success.
  3. Your all time Rangers XI

    Klos Porrini Cuellar. Gough. Numan Laudrup. Gazza B.Ferguson Albertz De Boer Mols Gaffer - Walter Smith
  4. Great thing about this signing is that he's match fit. Looking forward to seeing him play.
  5. Pedro says new signings are close

    Chanpionship is finished bar the playoff teams.
  6. From our shy again. Putting two centre halves up. That's where the penalty came from against them in the semi final
  7. Wee Wullie Henderson tells it as it is

    50 million 😂😂
  8. Captain: Wallace V Hill

    Clint Hill is shite. Seems to be loved on here but he's just as bad as the other centre halves.
  9. Unfit Wallace or a fit Hodson

    Gets away with murder Wallace. Fit or not fit, he's bang average. Gets into so many good positions and fails to pick out a cross every time. And he can't defend.
  10. We deserve better than this. Fucking nugget on the bench scared to make a sub. And when he does he swaps one bad midfielder for another.
  11. What's wrong with Wes?

    Least of our worries.
  12. Club statement

  13. Club statement

    If this turns out to be real. The clown writing that statement needs sacked right away. The spelling and grammar is embarrassing.
  14. Dodoo

    Dodoo is another one who's shite. Gets better the less he plays, same as O'Halloran. Guy looks like a competition winner.
  15. Holt, Hyndman & Toral

    Jason Holt is fucking shite. Runs about but ultimately gets bullied most games