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  1. Anyone know how to change an IP address to UK? Travelling with work and can get on sky go as in the states.
  2. My bad mate, thought you were reffering the the other "white"
  3. By the time you have scrolled through over 600 posts am sure you will get the jist, might have signed someone by then! Lol.
  4. Dont ruin a good humoured thread by mentioning that cunt.
  5. 32,000 views, in one thread, in just under 3 hours, wow! All wee need to sweeten it off is for these 3 boys to sign!!
  6. 1 Helsingborg Celtic v Helsingborg (Full Time Result) 29/08/2012 None 5/1 To Run 2 Real Madrid Real Madrid v Barcelona (Full Time Result) 29/08/2012 None 11/8 To Run 3 Nikica Jelavic Everton v Leyton Orient (First Goalscorer) 29/08/2012 1/3 Odds 13/5 To Run Multiples Bet Type No of Bets Unit Stake Stake To Win Returns Trebles 1 0.50 0.50 25.15 See how this gets on. Got another coupon but cant be arsed typing it out!
  7. Put on Basel, Doncaster, Swindon to win. £5 for return of £24.67. No bad treble three strong favourites. Was thinking of Rangers, Basel Helsinborg for a win but just wasnt that confident in it. No doubt it will be the one that wins!
  8. Markag1991

    GTA V

    Remember being in school and there was talk of a GTA Glasgow. Would have been minted.
  9. Its the big day!! Hankies and pie at the ready!!
  10. Anything more than a 4 fold and your pushing it.
  11. Thinking of sticking a fiver on either Inter to beat Barca 8/1! Or Barca to win 1st half, game a draw, 19/1! Getting some rediculous odds on the game tonight.
  12. Coupons for tonight lads? I got doen by West Ham last night for 60 notes!
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