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  1. The Hammer 11

    Jd selling our new kit from tommorow

    No idea mate but this thread is full of absolute fucking bangers! Need to take their shite to the OT
  2. The Hammer 11

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Dak and zeke linked up well yesterday
  3. The Hammer 11

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Ohh the joys of being a cowboys fan
  4. The Hammer 11

    Scouts in Africa

  5. The Hammer 11

    Minutes Applause at tomorrow's game

    Try and get in touch with the club with the fans liaison officer sure someone on here will have his email address @govanblue
  6. The Hammer 11

    Johnny Hubbard

    The man was a true ranger and understood what it meant to play for us.Hope the club do something to recognise him.One of the few that actually deserve the title of Rangers legend
  7. The Hammer 11

    Donating Old Replica Tops

    Magic mate ill drop him a pm, a good way to spread the word
  8. The Hammer 11

    Donating Old Replica Tops

    Do they have an office where i can drop them off
  9. The Hammer 11

    Donating Old Replica Tops

    I remember a while back a member took a bunch of old replica kits to africa, having a clear out when moving house and have a few tops im happy to donate, anyone advise where to donate them?
  10. The Hammer 11

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Stadium looks empty
  11. The Hammer 11

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Been to an Orlando City game in their old stadium, was a great experience managed to get in there standing section, could get a bevvy and let off flares and smoke bombs in designated areas
  12. The Hammer 11

    Nice spot on the Florida Cup website for next week.

    Scottish by birth,British by the grace of god
  13. The Hammer 11

    17/18 kits

    Definitely bud, the under armour stuffs dissapeared now but have a look at the club site and all the puma stuff is gone
  14. The Hammer 11

    17/18 kits

    We've got underarmour next year somehow.Someone fucked up the rangers.co.uk website the other week and put under armour logos and links on it in error.Got removed pretty quick though.All the puma logos and references to puma have been removed from the site too
  15. The Hammer 11

    New NFL Season

    ive managed to get kodi on my tablet so I can get access to all American channels