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  1. 3 points needed in a Patriots game as the last part of an 8 team over under NFL acca, for £1800 game was delayed so was last to finish and it went a full quarter waiting for that fucking touchdown
  2. Long shot but Anyone got 2 spare tickets for 6 nations against the micks
  3. Morelos is a dirty wee cunt but he's ours
  4. The Hammer 11


    We should have loaned him to a Saudi or Qatari team,alcohol problem solved
  5. Also some wee fannies on Twitter started an account called poppywatch
  6. No idea mate but this thread is full of absolute fucking bangers! Need to take their shite to the OT
  7. Try and get in touch with the club with the fans liaison officer sure someone on here will have his email address @govanblue
  8. The man was a true ranger and understood what it meant to play for us.Hope the club do something to recognise him.One of the few that actually deserve the title of Rangers legend
  9. Been to an Orlando City game in their old stadium, was a great experience managed to get in there standing section, could get a bevvy and let off flares and smoke bombs in designated areas
  10. Definitely bud, the under armour stuffs dissapeared now but have a look at the club site and all the puma stuff is gone
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