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  1. Agree mate very poor recently.I remember seeing posts back in December when he was getting talked about moving for the figures I mentioned and folk were saying if we sell him the leagues done🙈 if only we could tell the future
  2. Disagree mate because that first half of the season he was on fire and being talked about in the 20/30 million bracket but I don’t know wtf has happened to him.I suppose it’s like the rest of the team tho can’t explain the collapse
  3. Yeah mate agree I know he’s been suspended since then but he’s scored 1 goal since he’s been back and I think it was a pishy header
  4. Nah mate as I said barisic is to quite and I don’t think Jack is much different.In our current team am struggling to pick a captain
  5. Morelos has been the one that’s disappointed me the most every chance he’s getting he’s scuffing his shot and not making proper contact.
  6. Not captain material in a million years to quite.You need shouter that’s going to go through the players then again we don’t have one and that could be the problem
  7. Totally agree mate about the Hamilton players they have a boy named gogic who would run through a brick wall to get the ball then you have fucking fairy’s like Davis and aribo
  8. Hope am wrong but it looks as tho it’s following the same pattern as the last game out fought every department.Would love to hit that wee rat Naismith way a bat
  9. Outstanding pass only player in our team who has the ability to do that.Even in the first leg am sure he set Morelos up a couple of times with through balls like that
  10. Just saw that 🙈not my intention
  11. ejaria,ojo,dodoo And aribo who’s nxt on the list of greatness
  12. Totally agree not sure what the tactics behind that are but it’s not working.Same pish Kent goes to the left and cuts inside then fuckall.Get him playing as a right winger beating defenders and crossing in.Theres defo a player in Kent but this number 10 get it to fuck
  13. Japanese striker is on his way bang wan in
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