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  1. Agreed mate McCrorie shouldn’t have started I understand Gerard’s putting him for physicality but for me kamara should have started we would have kept the ball better
  2. I understand he plays with his heart on his sleeve but you would think he would know better but never learns.So for the nxt 50mins damage limitation
  3. Guys a Liability always reds in the big games need to go if we get decent money for him
  4. Midfield is absolute pish the 3 that started today are all 2 similar.Need a threat from the middle of the park a player that can shoot.And your trying to score and you bring on Middleton and coulibally enough said
  5. Morelos why just why.One more foul Or moan to the ref and he’s off
  6. Take Defoe off I think he’s a luxury in a game like this.Get Morelos back up top to try and rag doll the defenders and get more width into the team
  7. Kent through the middle isn’t working he should be out wide.No width in the team
  8. Hard enough trying to keep the ball way 11 no chance way 10
  9. Second pen Morelos tripped over his own leg? not giving a fuck 3points
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