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  1. Is the proposal to split the prize money evenly? Because that is the only logical solution if Rangers are suggesting that the season isn’t finished.
  2. The UEFA statement really just says don’t make a decision yet. “As it stands” the key words that everyone, including journalists seem to be missing. Basically they’re trying to stay optimistic but telling leagues to hold off deciding.
  3. According to a number of people in another threat this is irrelevant and the whole game was Goldson’s fault. Amazing how people perceive football.
  4. Surprised Goldson is getting so much stick. Yes he messed up. However, we had 23 shots on goal today including at least 5 sitters. That’s where the game was lost.
  5. I hope Gerrard stays but unfortunately I cannot see it. He has improved our team hugely and most importantly he has introduced high standards in every aspect of the club. The irony is that his ultimately downfall is his own inability to meet those standards...yet. I have little doubt that, given time, he would meet those standards. However, at a club like Rangers, time moves quickly.
  6. Just let McGregor take pens 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  7. Rangers performance not too bad, particularly second half. Hibs played 6 at the back. Hagi outstanding and will get better when he understands the players around him. Dominant midfielder badly needed. Refereeing performance surprisingly worse than expected, and the bar was set low.
  8. Terrible performance. But I blame the tactics more than (most of) the players. Ojo substitution ridiculous decision. On a positive note, Hagi had more creativity than the rest of the team combined in his 10 minute cameo.
  9. adam2102

    Leagues over

    Agreed with OP. Tactically we are not suited to Scotland. 4-3-3 works against the better teams like in Europe or against the unwashed. However, it simply does not work against teams who sit with 10 behind the ball. Time for Beale and Gerrard to earn their keep - they’ve built a team of good players at a good age. It’s down to tactics now
  10. I can see why Gerrard didn’t play Patterson in this game. Hearts are tough and physical. However, Polster has been excellent since he came on which makes the decision to start Flanagan even more baffling.
  11. New manager and new system seem to be working well. Mostly the same players but a completely different system we are facing this time.
  12. We’ve not been great. But hearts have been impressive. Currently outdoing us tactically.
  13. Can see him spending a couple of seasons on loan, doing well and then not breaking through at Chelsea. Back with us by age 25 👌
  14. Credit to Clancy. Nobody can doubt his determination. Tried everything he could to stop a Rangers win. Soft penalty Missed hand ball Soft red card 6 mins extra time Rangers played 12 men today and won. Outstanding. Now for the club to call them out.
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