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  1. Hi rangerslion, We're just out a staff meeting and we all agreed if you post again we will forward your IP address to bornabluenose and pay him money the site receives from hits to kick your cunt in. Thanks.
  2. Let's not beat about the bush here, if this is true then it's nothing short of a disgrace for a club of our size.
  3. Are you saying that they are racist towards Wesley? If so it needs stamped out now.
  4. I wonder if he would be criticised as much if he was white.
  5. Having a few season tickets means you will be allocated tickets for away games too, assclown.
  6. As much as I have no time for the board, he was underperforming and they obviously thought so too so when given an inch they took a mile and rightly got rid of them. No hard feelings towards Mark and Davie though from me, Ally was an embarrassment in charge and they came in and gave us our pride back as well as a win over the manks whilst in a division below them. It just wasn't to be long term. Cheers Mark.
  7. @Bluepeter9 has a few season tickets but he's not really one of us so I'm sure I speak for the full message board when I say I'd rather someone else used his tickets. Good luck.
  8. I was told there would be some type of reward?
  9. A club of our size shouldn't be fannying about risking points with someone who essentially would have been Warburton's teaboy. We need a real manager in there until the successful candidate gets his feet under the table.
  10. Yaaaaasssss
  11. It was for a good cause and I said that I and others concerned would foot the bill but he was in a position to get the ball rolling. I wanted no credit whatsoever but a wee reply back saying that he had implemented the idea would have been fantastic rather than being blanked. It was sorted anyway which was all I wanted.
  12. I've spoken to him a few times via social media and things I've suggested were kinda met with an uninterested response only for said thing to happen shortly afterwards and him passing it off as his idea. Not an attack on him but just as I've seen the side that you clearly have.
  13. His replacement surely has to be Craig Houston? It has to be someone who connects with the fans, commands respect and to put it bluntly - he saved Rangers with the boycotts and Sports Direct protests. He's a hero.
  14. I sent him a text asking him what was popping and left a link for
  15. Michael Stone.