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  1. Going to have to win matches like this if we have intentions of bringing that trophy back.
  2. Watching Sky Sports news and the boys just walked into the Neverland Ranch like they were going in for a training session. All look nice and calm, Stevie G full of smiles and Lafferty winking. It’s time to start taking our city back.
  3. It’s about fucking time he learned English too and maybe he would understand his teammates shouting calm down.
  4. Lafferty in for Morelos on Sunday. Fuck playing most of that game with ten men. Alfredo needs to fucking grow up, sick of his fucking tantrums.
  5. They used my ‘blue pound’ to sponsor Lassana Coulibaly.
  6. I think he’s a prick, that doesn’t really matter anymore though as he’s a Rangers player whether I like it or not. At least he never played for celt*c then came back.
  7. Haha the tarriers are shite and I know Bielsa from managing Chile!
  8. Do you not think this will have any bearing on Rangers if they fail to claim that big wad of Champion’s League money?
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