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  1. You don't understand because you're Indian?
  2. Keyser, I've had a few complaints and some threats made against you, mostly name calling though and some of them only fit for the off-topic apart from things like "tartan arsehole" and "jacobite cunt". I suggest the best course of action for you is to take your kilt off, put the haggis down and start getting along with everyone. Enjoy your day.
  3. Hi Scotty12, Do you work at JJB? Who is your son and what is his username? I'm the sheriff around these parts so if you want to last on here it's in your best interests to listen to me and learn as you go along. Start a thread in the off topic discussion forum telling us stuff about yourself like type of razors you use and what your favourite colour of skinny jeans are. Welcome to the forum, I'll let you reply then I'll lock this so you can post in the off topic. Thanks
  4. Ffs I didn't know that was on previous ones. Needs sorted.
  5. On that subject, has he been on in a while? Not noticed him posting or anything so hope he's ok.
  6. Glasgow is Sunday, July 16th. I do wish they would waken up a wee bit with these tours, I want to see UFC in my own surroundings but that means folk like Overreem, McGregor, Cormier etc. It doesn't mean I want to see the card filled with British fighters. I wouldn't mind seeing Paul Craig and Joanne Calderwood on it but apart from that I want to see the best. The card will be disappointing but I'll still be there
  7. It was a cracker. Topper in the main event too.
  8. UFC London on BT right now.
  9. This thread is disgusting, never read as much pish in my life. So stop posting Sweetheart. Thanks.
  10. Lads, If you have nothing negative to say about Amy or Ricky we would appreciate it you refrained from posting. Thanks.
  11. We had a staff do and Compton got drunk and took a swing at CanadaReady as he never lifts a finger with the site, CanadaReady said "Do you know who I am? I ran for president and fucked Lucyblue!" Compton was relentless, called him American and got hold of the admin masterapp before changing all the settings and the password. Site will be back to normal as soon as we have it sorted.
  12. Apparently Pedro doesn't want part-time staff who won't be here when the internationals come around. He will also want his own man in which is normal for every club apart from Rangers, judging by the article's tone. Great servant to the club and wish him all the best.
  13. Hi grundy, Your wish is my command and I'm here for you. Have you posted anything racist recently or sectarian as I've had a mountain of reports to get through and your username rings a bell?
  14. I think they tried to find a way out of Ibrox but only down to things going tits up results wise. If we were sitting 3 or 4 points behind the paedos I'm pretty confident they would have seen the season out and knocked back any approaches. It's like any other walk of life, if you think you aren't being appreciated for the job you are doing you will look elsewhere and if they had came out and said they were leaving for Nottingham I don't think many of us would have had any complaints apart from Bluepeter9. They have came out of this looking sleekit when in truth I just think they were trying to do what we all wanted anyway and fuckoff but obviously had to look after their best interests too and make sure they had a job to go to. Their incompetent agent gave the miser we have in charge an opportunity he wasn't going to miss to get rid of someone who's wasted thousands on shite and no doubt bring in someone cheaper like Pedro. In summary I couldn't care less what happened with them exit wise and don't care whether they do well or shite at Forest. I'm happy they've gone and just pray that the new guy is the right guy and not just the cheapest.
  15. The black fella who trims his pubes at swingers meets has signed up to complain about the abuse dished out to him from members on here and also brought the rest of his horny friends. This situation is serious although not fatal and we will be back to normal as soon as possible. The staff are chipping in to buy him a Babyliss for Men.