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  1. I think you will find our name has been on that trophy 33 times mate.
  2. Any one anywhere our name is going on that cup and no one is going to stop us this time. I'm telling you now the double is on fuck them all.
  3. Hopefully we just keep winning right up until we play them even when we are up against it with abysmal refereeing decisions which we most certainly will have more to come. And watch their pain as we win more and more games then fucking smash them at ibrox. the dirty tarrier bastards and I include the sfa media ect in that and the green and grey tramp scum will implode. We know it's coming but more to the fact so do they and the whole lot of the scummy bastards are terrified.
  4. Nail on head mate as long as that Japanese cunt is at the helm of the sfa along with all his coherts we are going to be facing this game to game. We are hated throughout this parochial country and we stand alone.
  5. Said it for a while now we have a good first eleven but the overall squad is full of mediocre and even very poor footballers that we need to get shot of and add more quality if we are going to keep on fighting on all three fronts including Europe.
  6. I had to reset my password to get onto the site. Then I had to change my country preference on my vpn from poland to Australia to access the match. But I already had purchased premier sports earlier as I did not know if rtv had the game on so I just watched it on that without any problem.
  7. Your right mate and there is even more than that and we need to add more quality. those players you mention will never be good enough to play for the Rangers.
  8. Fucking hope not tarrier loving bastards.
  9. Cider and beer flowing now.wee lisa belting out the tunes we are on our way fuck you would think this is before a scum game I'm just excited to watch the gers again.
  10. Couldn't make it up mate dirty cheating tarrier bastards.
  11. Aye a know mate the new comers get offers all sorts wasn't like that when I first got ntl . but to be fair she does haggle like fuck with them and gets all sorts of discounts I asked her to get premier on. my bill for my phone, internet and sky sports, bt sports was over £115 a month now I get everything including premier until May for £101 so happy days and I have Rangers tv unlimited for everything else.
  12. Fuck them they are fucking terrified no seen many grey and green rags since we pumped them and where I live it's usually full of the fucking tramps. And long may that continue.
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