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  1. My problem is we were promised a step up in quality throughout the squad. now I'm not saying we don't have better players than we did last season so far it looks like we do. but who can say how much better they are until we see them against better teams than we have so far. Time will tell here's hoping they all go onto having a very successful season.
  2. The stream was spot on mate thanks it is much appreciated.
  3. Only thing that worried me friendly or not Blackburn scored after we shot ourselves in the foot once again like we did a few times last season costing us valuable points.
  4. Me too mate my last bus journey to Copenhagen nearly killed me lol.
  5. Only Rangers media wtf we win 6-0 and certain players get it in the neck. It's still pre season for fuck sake give the boy a break.
  6. Hopefully he is found safe and well. Must be a terrible time for his whole family.
  7. I agree with what you say about morelos. But hopefully his replacement can score the goals needed. And let's hope that who ever it is has better discipline than Alfie.although we all know it wasn't his fault all the time but we need our striker on the park not sitting in the stand.
  8. Happy with the showing in the first half. And it showed that we looked to have already improved on last season. Hopefully continue to play as good in the second half even with any changes we have made.
  9. Playing well love to see them pressing high up the pitch and winning the ball back when we lose it. Helping to set up more attacks With the whole squad looking that much stronger.
  10. Back to durrant now this is the now first time now that now I have had now to now turn now the now sound now now down now. What the fuck is that all about I would say that has been the most annoying co commentary I have ever heard. And I'm am for the first time ever watching a game without sound.
  11. Just in from the nightshift beers in the fridge and alarm set for 11am to watch coverage of the parades over in Ulster. Happy 12th of July and have a great day everyone lucky enough to part of it all.
  12. Everyone going to a bonfire tonight I hope you all have a great night and an ever better 12th of July. I'm so jealous it's been many a year since my last visit.
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