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    The Gaffers Naivety

    We were second to most balls through out the second half they looked like they wanted it more than us. And after the performance in the scum game that just fucking baffles me.

    The Gaffers Naivety

    That's what I said mate when I first saw the team. Motherwell all over again and also cowardly play from most of them just like the Livingston game.

    The Gaffers Naivety

    Your right mate and it is doing my fucking nut in. But nearly everyone of those players bottled it tonight and that is not on.

    The Gaffers Naivety

    Spot on mate but the thing is it is not the first time he has done it and that is a worry.

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    That s every time we play on plastic pitches we are fucking scared this is a shadow of the fighting hard tackling team we had against the scum. This is another cowardly performance from them.fucking utter dross but Gerrard has to the blame for changing a winning team and formation. I'm fucking sick

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Apart from the injured players we should have kept the same team that beat the scum then we could bring Defoe and Davis on. I know people will say but Defoe has scored and that's correct but we have changed the formation to fit both players in and it has made other players ineffective. I hope the manager has sorted this out as we need to fucking win this.

    Press Conference : Gerrard and McAuley

    The guy just oozes class and looks like he was born to be the Rangers manager.

    Morelos temperament

    The problem those cunts have now is they don't know how to play him. You can smell their fear.

    Smell the fear.

    Just said that the other day mate not a peep out the tarrier scum. Long may it continue.
  10. BILLYBOY50

    Ricksen won't leave hospice

    Was struggling to read the article at the end due to tears in my eyes. it's heart breaking to see Fernando going through this but he is in the right place now to receive all the help and comfort he needs.i can't believe it's 5 years since he was diagnosed with the illness he is such a fighter and an inspiration to everyone of us Keep on fighting Fernando.
  11. BILLYBOY50

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    How does that not surprise me typical tarrier bastards. Hopefully we get the last laugh mate.
  12. BILLYBOY50

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    Can't get to see the clip but imagine it is like all the other ones I have seen in the past with those horrible horrible bastards trying to get the better of one of our players. What a sad fucking excistence they live I hate the fucking parasites with a passion they are hurting and I can't wait to see how much more pain we can inflict on the scummy bastards in the second half of the season.
  13. BILLYBOY50

    Arfield not bothered about Broon.

    We have set the benchmark now after that performance against the scum And the players need to know we need similar if not better in the second half of the season. But I'm sure the manager and his backroom staff have already made that very clear to each and everyone of the players. And I can't wait to see what the rest of the season pans out like it's going to be exciting that's for sure.
  14. BILLYBOY50

    class, but expected

    Superb couldn't stop laughing at the wee bear. My 5 year old niece and nephew wanted an alexa for their birthday last week so it would play the Billy boys for them so now all you here is alexa play the Billy boys alexa play the sash. 😂🇬🇧
  15. BILLYBOY50

    Grezda injured

    He wasn't a flop when he scored his two goals against Motherwell give the guy a chance he has had hardly any game time. Seem to remember the same being said about Ryan Kent early doors. Too many people too quick to judge.