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  1. Fucking yes Rangers not one failure today and class attacking players ie: Kent aribo and Jones still to come back things are looking good. Enjoy your night bears everywhere.
  2. Enjoy mate I'm nightshift tonight or I would be on it also.
  3. All I ask is if ojo is having another mare please take him off or any other player for that matter we can't afford to have any passengers in this game. C'mon the fucking teddy bears let's do this.
  4. Hopefully the scum struggle on that pitch and drop more points. But as long as we win and we win by a good few goals to help our goal difference I will be happy. We will claw the point back at some point of that I am sure. I am as dissapointed as any other bear about the way we ended Thursday's game but the league has got to be our priority and anyway it's all level in our group in Europe with all to play for.
  5. Goes for nothing mate I remember thinking the same thing when mols walked off in Munich and look how that ended up. But I hope you are right he is in the form of his career just now.
  6. Your forgetting for the size of him he is a shite bag as well as very very lazy.
  7. But he is by far not the only one we have too many passengers game to game something i just didnt think i would see when gerrard took over. What happened to if you don't give your all you won't be in the starting eleven for the next game pish he spouted at the beginning of this season and last. If he keeps playing his favourites when they are suffering from lack of form he will ultimately pay the price of failure. but to be honest the squad he has assembled this year and this is just my opinion. is i fear just not good enough.
  8. But he will still get in the starting eleven and that is frightening.
  9. Nail on head mate.
  10. Right this is the thing that frustrates me ok tav made two bad decisions and was at fault for both the goals we conceded. But can someone please explain to me as this has happened on many an occasion why when we have a big game half the team don't fucking turn up it is fucking beyond me.everyone of those players should be giving one hundred percent Every time they pull on the blue jersey not when it suits them. once again on Thursday we had players posted missing in areas all over that pitch and until we see a vast improvement in numbers of our players brining their A game into every game and not just when it suits them we will win fuck all.
  11. Summed it up perfectly mate. But for me Gerrard has to shoulder a lot of the blame for his cautious approach. we should not be showing any team respect we should be getting right in about them from the kick off.
  12. Correct mate how that donkey stayed on so long is beyond me.
  13. Once again we shoot ourselves in the foot. And once again Gerrard perseveres with that donkey oio. Can't see us getting out this now but hope to fuck I am wrong.
  14. Too many of our players not performing and we are showing these cunts too much respect get fucking into them for fuck sake.
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