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  1. And a terry hurlock, Graeme souness, Mark hately, ect we are far too soft all over the pitch.
  2. Not enough winners throughout the squad, Not enough quality throughout the squad, not enough creativity in the forward areas, not enough physicality throughout the squad add to that players being signed and not being up to the job it's no wonder we can't win anything.hopefully that will change in the summer but depends on the budget the manager is given and we need to make the right signings this time No more fuck ups.
  3. Fuck knows why we have signed him give Middleton more game time and he would be as good if not better given more of a chance
  4. The signings we have made this season for the best part have not been successful or we would be talking about pushing the scum all the way and making at least one cup final.
  5. I agree with you one hundred per cent mate. He says Davis might get a contract for next season he can fuck off with that.
  6. Bastard stream has died what a time to fuck up.
  7. C'mon to fuck Rangers just do these bastards.
  8. It's got to be better than watching this pish mate enjoy.
  9. Looks like to me a team with no bottle whatsoever the jersey and expectation of the fans are too heavy for most of them. Especially when playing at home and that is not fucking on.
  10. Ibrox is a fortress don't you know. Well it was supposed to be it's far from it im afraid.
  11. I'm sitting watching this passes going from side to side then back then side to side. Just try and push forward and beat a man for fuck sake not one of the midfielders or the wingers have the balls to try and beat the defender and get into the box to either shoot or pass for a team mate to shoot. Also are we the only team that are not allowed to shoot from outside the box. This is pish and it needs to change or we are dropping more points. C'mon to fuck Rangers
  12. Jamie he should be off by now never mind booked.
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