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  1. Hi mate I don't use PayPal so if you can send me the details where I made my last donation that would be great cheers.
  2. Pm me bank details govan blue I.have forgotten them from the last time cheers mate.

    The "h*ns"

    So next time we play these fucking scum bastards let the whole of ibrox stand to a man and sing go home ya H*** go home ya H*** go home ya H*** go home. Like we used to sing many years ago. It will be so much fun watching the dumb fucks trying to figure out what is going on eh why are they calling us H*** surely to fuck they are the H*** doh fucking hate the illiterate pedo scum bastards.

    Our crowds early 80's

    I remember sitting in the bottom of the Copeland stand one midweek there was no more than about 5 or 6 thousand at the game and it was Baltic I think it was against Patrick thistle and the only thing me and my mates had to keep us warm was the half bottles of Eldorado we had smuggled in, in our jackets. As there was no one sitting near us the wind would of cut you in two.

    ED, a face to the name

    Tam has a very familiar look about him I have a feeling I have been in his company watching the gers abroad at some point in my life. I seem to remember him winding everyone up it definitely looks like the same guy anyway. Rest In peace tam to abscent friends.

    Edmiston Drive

    Only knew him by his posts in here sorry to hear of his passing. Rest in peace ed

    Top by the end of November...?

    The manager says one game at a time that's good enough for me. All these other predictions regarding points and places in the league are just pie in the sky.

    Meeting Gerrard.

    I pass by the Hummel training ground either on the way to work or coming home from work some days and there always seems to be some bears waiting with Rangers tops and football's at the entrance gates. I take it they are getting them signed by the players and the manager maybe your best shot mate take him up there when you get the chance.


    Haha takes me back mate that's what my old man used to say to us all the time hold yer wheesh.
  10. BILLYBOY50

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    It definetly bodes well for any players that we sell in the future. But for now all I want to do is stop those dirty tarrier scum bastards winning any more league titles. And the sooner the better.
  11. BILLYBOY50

    Gerrard & Candeias Post Match Reaction - Hearts

    Superb once again from both the manager and Danny it's onwards and upwards we go. Can't wait until the Hamilton game now.
  12. BILLYBOY50

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Me too mate but glad of the three points.
  13. BILLYBOY50

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Fucking smash them Rangers 5 or 6 will do c'mon the teddy bears.
  14. BILLYBOY50

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Me too mate cmon the gers fucking smash 5 past these cunts.
  15. BILLYBOY50

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Cheers mate