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  1. Would love to watch the gers in Malta once again that was some trip the last time I was there.a full week of sunshine ,drink and sash bashes in the bars of buggiba Great memories.
  2. Was just thinking that myself mate at least it will let the gaffer know who he can trust and it won't be half of this shower hopefully.
  3. Spot on mate another shower who will be to scared to upset the apple cart cowards.
  4. I can't believe the amount of coverage we got when it first emerged that we were in trouble with the tax man albeit it was mostly false reporting. Yet here we have young kids from all religions apparently. being abused by sick pedo bastards, predators most probably a ring of them in that rancid ira loving scumbag of a club and hardly anyone exposing this for the amount of time a crime like this deserves.dont get me wrong I hope that the tarriers as a club are severely punished by the football governing bodies but most of all every single one of those boys who were abused must be compensated for their loss of childhood and innocence stolen by those fucking monsters. We can't let this die we must keep on every single mother and father worth their salt must keep this in the limelight the kids who were kids then need justice they deserve justice and celtic football club a club like no other well they got that spot on must be made to pay for the crimes that were perpetrated by their staff in their premises and on their tours at away games ect ect. There is no way this horrible club can sweep this under the carpet this time they cannot be allowed to.
  5. I don't know if you think it's a worthwhile post or your just being sarcastic but either way cheers for the reply mate.
  6. To be fair to him he is supposedly taking the time out to meet all the kids and their parents. Only thing is the social club is right in the middle of enemy territory but is a well known football club for players starting their careers. Many a Scottish international started out at the club. But there are far to many tarriers for my liking in both the club and the village.
  7. Lol good one bud I forgot about mad shagger
  8. Just in from work the missus phones me to tell me shagger is down at the social club in clydebank that my missus is manager of he's in with his bird watching a youth game. Taking selfies with the kids and parents so she asks me should she get our nieces and nephews his autograph I told her to boot him right in the balls for being so stupid getting himself sent off last week only forgiven because wes done fine against the taigs and we skelped them lol 😂
  9. He is only going to get better with the managers help he is a lucky young man to be able to learn from a midfielder like Steven Gerrard. I have a feeling he will end up a top class player for the gers he has already enhanced our midfield.
  10. Mate we were the better team for long spells with ten men at the pedo dome also then in the second half. So I would say we have had the better of them in more than just the two games we battered them in at ibrox although we never won away from home.
  11. Superb mate what makes it even worse for the scum is they know we are coming after them.
  12. Superb mate I have a feeling we are all going to enjoy ourselves at the taigs expense in the not so distant future.
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