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  1. Any team would look good against a team that wouldn't even put a tackle in. Granted I only seen the first half as I had to go to work. But for it to be such an important game I was fucking disgusted with how we played in the first half. Reminded me so much of the first game against the scum. Gave them too much respect and stood off them and made it easy for them.
  2. Nothing to lose we are not expected to go any further than this tie. So just get right in about them and you never know they might just surprise them.
  3. Always happy when the gers win but fuck do we have some work to do. But roll on Thursday can't wait hopefully the real Rangers turn up.
  4. I understand people saying who else can we play if not this or that team. But that is the managers fault the squad is full of dross and he signed most of them. So other than playing some of the youth who else can we rely on as the squad outside the first eleven and even most of them are not worthy of wearing the blue jersey.
  5. Or they are not playing for the manager on the domestic front anyway.
  6. He has lost the plot now what the fuck protection do those shitegbag players need ? I am at a loss now as to where this is going.
  7. Fuck sake I pick some night to stick up for Gerrard. Then you read pish like this we need protection ,sticking up for goldson tav and kent. He has got my fucking head spinning.
  8. That s true mate I think now the dust has settled a lot more of us are coming to the same conclusion. We need better players that is a given but we need to trust Gerrard well that is my opinion now I just hope my mood is better after Sunday's game.
  9. Now I have just about calmed down after recent results in fact most of our results since the break this is exactly how I feel mate. But can we trust the manager to get it right this time with the required signings this is my biggest worry ?
  10. You have that spot on mate when you think of how we have played in Europe over two seasons and some of the scum games we have battered them not just beat them.
  11. I am as dissapointed as the rest of you but I want every Rangers team to win no matter who is in the team and no matter what competition we are in. Doesn't mean that I need to like the imposters and shitebags that at the minute are disgracing our jersey and I hope they all get to fuck. But still want the gers to win.
  12. You will have a great time in both cologne and dusseldorf been to both places to watch the gers and had a great time. Enjoy and stay safe.
  13. You are just saying what we are all thinking mate. I am in a cunt of a mood and I can't get out of it. I doubt there are many of those imposters hurting like we all are.
  14. I have watched some shit Rangers teams over the years. But the cowardice of this bunch takes some beating. You could get 11 supporters out the crowd that would show more fight than those shitebags while wearing the blue jersey.
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