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  1. I am still raging about the manner in which we threw away the points the other night. But I do think if each and everyone of our players bring their A game we will have more than enough to beat the scum. It's a one off cup final and if we are not up for that then god fucking help us.
  2. Good post mate and you are spot on regarding the players and the manager.
  3. I feel the exact same mate. No fight no urgency no leaders everyone hiding against a pish Aberdeen team.
  4. The squad is just not good enough we have made some good signings but we still have a squad littered with mediocre football players at best. And with these players you are always going to have inconsistency. Used to be game to game now you don't know what Rangers team is going to turn up in the first or second half of games ffs.
  5. It's great to see how comfortable we all are in possesion and how well we know the way each other plays. We are looking like a very good team and playing with loads of confidence Long may it continue bring on the sheepshaggers.
  6. Fucking yes Rangers now let's give this mob a doing.
  7. Anybody else having problems with Rangers tv mine is just buffering.
  8. We are making these cunts look better than they are. A few of our players need to pull their fucking socks up this is not good enough from certain players.
  9. Fuck all plastic pitches Ryan Jack is a fucking protestant.
  10. Ojo another loan signing that is not working out surely to fuck we have better in the youth set up they can't be any worse he brings the square route of fuck all to our first eleven fed up bringing loan players in from other teams do we even watch them to find out what they are all about.
  11. Don't think it is any coincidence that most of our poor performances are on those terrible plastic surfaces. They should be fucking banned end of story.
  12. Got a signal just in time to see Alfie square it to Kent and score the vital third happy days. A hard three points secured.
  13. Don't like the sound of this bears hopefully we can get a third and put this game to bed.
  14. Need another goal by the sounds of it working up north and can't see any of the game. I fucking hate these international breaks we seem to lose the momentum that we have built up before them. Just win Rangers 3 points is crucial. C'mon the teddy bears.
  15. 3 points and 6- 0 Will do nicely you just never know stranger things have happened in football. As long as we win that will do me though and anything else goals wise will be a bonus.
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