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  1. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Fantastic statement from the club. Credit where it’s due.
  2. Press Conference Today

    Do we usually have a press conference for a player signing? Usually it’s just an announcement and an RTV interview is it not?
  3. Press Conference Today

    Kit launch maybe?
  4. Rossiter

    Very good today. Hope he is over his injuries and kicks on.
  5. Pray for the Away Days Loyal

    Was there not another two on that street on the way up the Main Street? Maybe not, can’t remember much from any trip Still 2 is better than Livingston. Theres actually nothing there.
  6. Pray for the Away Days Loyal

    Ross county was great. Good few pubs etc near the ground too. Choosing between Partick and Livi is like choosing between AIDS and leukaemia.
  7. ***Buses getting pulled at Cumbernauld***

    We got pulled at Laurencekirk. Few bags in the boot raided and whipped off us. Absolute vermin cunts
  8. ***Buses getting pulled at Cumbernauld***

    We are well past there. Left Bellshill at half 2. No other stops that we have seen and we are at Dundee.

    Usually don’t expect anything off our shower of imposters but not fearing anything off the sheep either. They are somehow actually bigger bottle merchants than us. Can see it being a scrappy shite 1-0 to us.
  10. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I have literally no idea what you’re talking about
  11. The Union bears

    Away and take your face for a shite
  12. POTY awards tonight?

    Attitudes like that is why we can’t have nice things
  13. POTY awards tonight?

    Unbelievable that that cunt is a professional fitba player. The only centre half in the world that’s never won a heider in his life Get the spastic to fuck
  14. POTY awards tonight?

    Cannot believe some are slating a group of supporters who actually care. Greetin about a flash bang and some abuse? Every one of the spineless bastards should have a sore face the night
  15. The Union bears

    Awww mate honestly just fuck right off the tarriers just skelped us 5-0 and you’re worrying about a group of fans who care making us look bad. We canny look any fucking worse!!!