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  1. Last week was the worst atmosphere I've ever heard at a game against them. Hope it's the complete opposite tomorrow.
  2. Another reason for them doing it is because they probably couldn't be seen to give Hibs the full stand and not us/them. And they'll want to give hibs the full stand so they get the same at ER.
  3. The rumours been flying about all afternoon and seems to be true.
  4. Apparently he's one booking away from a suspension aswell so if his red is reduced to a yellow he'll still miss Ibrox. According to a tarrier in my work anyway.
  5. Usually because the players have been away to Dubai and on the drink etc for a few days holiday. None of that this time, expecting a convincing win.
  6. Can you imagine Harthill Services
  7. Bus is going to be extremely short for the sheep. If anyone got one through CCS and can't make it please PM!!
  8. Dean shields used to infuriate me
  9. Finally sorted for this. Think we're gonna go through and beat them by a few goals. They are rotten and we need to kick on from that second 45 on Saturday.
  10. It's fucking murder, not missed a game in a full calendar year and next week looks to be the first. Only about my 5th away game missed since we went down.
  11. That airport today was just full of zombies Everybody just sitting in silence seeing who could sigh the longest while shaking wae the fear. Probably shouldn't have been out til 4am this morning
  12. Ahaha Your mrs sent me inty the toilet to look for you a couldny find ye anywhere but. Ended up out til half 5 this morning and now a feel like a bus has ran over my head.
  13. Only had a few hours sleep but off to the airport shortly. Can't fucking wait!!
  14. Anyone on the early morning flight from Glasgow direct to Berlin on Friday?
  15. We're on the 09:30 and 20:15 back so we'll get a cargo and a good laugh on the way back to Berlin anyway.