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  1. Templeton - please clarify

    We signed him cause he looked great against us, because he tore Whittaker a new arsehole every time
  2. Police stops

    Same with us but cops checked the boot and we had a few bags with beers so they're doing us. How can they do us for drink that no one on the bus has access to
  3. Police stops

    We're at ottyhill or thereabouts. Just a layby. Buses being fully searched so watch what yous are doing.
  4. Police stops

  5. Police stops

    Cheers mate (tu)
  6. Police stops

    Anybody anywhere near Aberdeen that can advise where the polis are pulling buses???
  7. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Aye mate. D5 UU I am. Fucking hate Hampden..
  8. Pedros Presser

    I agree with this mate. Also believe if Windass continues to struggle to pick up the defensive side we'll see a partnership of John at left mid and Wallace at left back when fit.
  9. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    RSC's got what they asked for.
  10. Third Kit..

    Do you go to the match wearing whatever kit the team will, like I did when I was 7?
  11. Morelos

    Why are folk obsessed with selling our best players and putting price tags on them?
  12. Clearing up kit rumours

    Loved our black kit in the 3 in a row season.
  13. 3rd kit?

    Will reserve judgement til I see it in person. Thought the red was horrific online last week but really liked it on Sunday. Think it looks much better on the players than it did hanging up on someone's kitchen door.
  14. In Support Of The Union Bears

    Great article.
  15. Union Bears Statement

    I assume he means because everyone stands at away games.