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  1. Where can I pick this up as cheap as possible? Only want to see what Ibrox is like and I presume it’s coming on Thursday with the new faces.
  2. Don’t understand the bed wetting over the badge being embroidered or not. Go into a sports shop and the vast vast majority of kits are stuck on aswell. Including Adidas and Nike..
  3. Played it on ea access on her wee bro’s Xbox. All 3 kits in it this year and they look smart as fuck.
  4. Nope and I’m sure he said he ticked the box saying he doesn’t support any terrorist organisations either which is a fucking lie
  5. Tarrier cunt in my work went to st Petersburg when they played them earlier this year and only put down the places that were stamped in his passport and it was fine.
  6. Definitely going to pick SpiderMan up. Looks superb.
  7. Wish I could afford this. Choking to go to Moscow.
  8. Getting a ticket for Vienna is going to be a nightmare. Every cunt I know is going
  9. Tarrier cunt in my work that went when they played Zenit just gave them the countries stamped in his passport and was fine mate
  10. Why? They knew they’d be all over the papers in this shit hole of a country and didn’t want their faces to be shown. Folk have jobs they’d prefer to keep!
  11. There’s 7/8 of us going up without and heading there mate
  12. Saltoun arms have told us away fans are welcome. It’s not far from ground.
  13. Nah it’s taking them away from smaller RSC’s as they were recategorised this year. Ccs will still get 50% majority of the time as usual.
  14. What do folk expect hanging flags up in a place like that? Glad everyone is ok.
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