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  1. Great article.
  2. I assume he means because everyone stands at away games.
  3. I sit CF3 and want it. We need to do something to change the atmosphere it's fucking terrible and has been for years. Glad to see plenty folk signed the petition in the last few days.
  4. Always a good night out.
  5. Josh Windass himself said on Twitter he left his legs in the dressing room at half time. Surprising from the arrogant wee cunt Great first half hopes he kicks on.
  6. Heids absolutely bursting but it's 110% worth it
  7. Managed to get everyone on the bus sorted yesterday. Absolutely buzzing for this now
  8. Actually pretty worried incase these don't go back on sale this week. Currently 14 short
  9. Can anyone remember if RSC's just got the amount they applied for last time/at Derby?
  10. Bellshill Chosen Few running to this. Leaving early doors Sunday, home after the game. Exact times and a price still to be confirmed. PM if interested.
  11. I thought the opposite mate. We were in city centre and thought it was great. Derby we thought was a shit hole and shit atmosphere aswell compared to Sheffield.
  12. More confident for this than I was for last weeks game for some reason. I reckon we'll score early and go on and win 3-0.
  13. Andy Devlin saying we've reached a deal with SD to sell kits with bulk of money going to Rangers.
  14. Major announcement from Dave King at 4:15.
  15. Always remember the game at Fir Park where he was absolutely unplayable. Would be a great signing for us just now. Thought he'd be linked due to the Pedro connection but didn't think we'd interest him financially.. Can only wait and see.