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  1. Lodge Rio you say, pleasure to meet you Brother Nascimento.
  2. Full game on Premier Sports at 10.10, look forward to watching it as I only caught the updates on this stream. Look forward to hearing from Stevie G and the ever smiling Steve Clarke!
  3. Absolutely brilliant you should be put forward for a BFTA.
  4. " Did that just fall out of my shorts"
  5. Just watched the first few minutes and got to 2.18 on the vide,o with the volume up and it had the hair on the back of my neck standing up!
  6. Just checked the details, to refresh my old memory. Juventus Borussia Dortmund Steaua Bucharest Steaua Bucharest finished third, it was a really tough group for us and we finished bottom of the group losing three games and drawing three. Juventus topped our group. Borussia Dortmund got beat in the Quarter Finals by eventual finalists Ajax who were beaten in the Final by Juventus..
  7. Have Nando's had the decorators in?
  8. https://www.change.org/p/british-goverment-petition-to-get-celtics-cover-up-investigated-bb3f86f7-1cad-4db7-89fa-8396a3bad6e0/d?source_location=combo_psf Signed.
  9. The fanzone that day will be the length and breadth of our country and beyond.
  10. Not one of your best posts Redwhiteandblue you made a bit of a Cumnock Bear of it. Given your subsequent posts, I think you realise that is the case. The orange top is a belter though and as you say it will wind them up but at the right time and on the right occasion.
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