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  1. Donated. Proud to be able to support this wonderful cause.
  2. Good article regarding Brechin, apologies if already posted in this thread https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=297&a=on-the-brink:-scottish-football-is-at-brechin-point#
  3. Denial Doncaster I'll get ma coat ➡️
  4. Some clubs have stated that they will only provide evidence to an ii due to fears of repercussions . This could include clubs from league 2.
  5. By the looks of things they are allowing Doncaster to front this rather than Maclennan, who was the original mouthpiece. To me they are using him as the patsy to protect themselves. I expect that if the pressure continues to build before we release our dossier that Doncaster will resign and the others hope that this will then blow over. If this is the case I think they have underestimated us and they will quickly have to follow him.
  6. Good to keep in touch with our brothers across the pond, some of them do amazing work to run their supporters clubs and get Bears across for games.
  7. Got good friends in Burlington, great place and quite a few bluenoses there too.
  8. Just had a thought more in hope than reality. What if our dossier of evidence was strong enough on its own, to force the 3 stooges to resign before the meeting on the 12th. Now that would be a Carlsberg day!
  9. When and who will suspend the 3 stooges? Should they be suspended now? We have already provided an outline for the areas and who we want to be investigated and we now have a date for the clubs to vote. Or do we actually have to provide our evidence. If the latter is the case it will allow them to continue to work in a manner which we and others have deemed as: Questionable Illegal Corrupt Any one from three or perhaps all of the above. It also allows them access to systems and paperwork which could compromise a future investigation!
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