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  1. I love that wee guy to fucking bits.
  2. How is it live? Save you the bother - the sheep won 2-0.
  3. Tav takes the next penalty.
  4. That's shite. Had them lined up as second option if we couldn't buy Bury.
  5. Thanks for that. My concern was that we were offering up the away support to avoid exclusion from the EL even if we qualify after tomorrow's result.
  6. If we qualify tomorrow night by beating Legia we still go through to the group stage? Looks to me that the club are offering this away fans embargo to make sure. We have been shafted but there's fuck all that can be done to alter it. As you say UEFA have decided.
  7. What's our punishment for this second charge?
  8. Sorry to hear - take care of yourself and your own. Your videos have been class.
  9. Miss @StrongbowLoyal - was this not one of his creations?
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