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  1. All the best for your birthday next week and many congratulations on your 'posts' milestone as well.
  2. Doubt it, the wee cunt's got no talent and he's a shite criminal.
  3. That'll allow him to wear the shirt - the rest as you say we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Any truth to the rumour that he changed his agent to get the deal done?
  5. That was just to be sure, to be sure.
  6. I think Jet2 are flying them in - but btoJet are on standby if there's no written contract.
  7. Maybe this is the one they've been holding back for the Belfast shop opening?
  8. The day @Scottywellhousetb went to Anfield - will live long in the memory!
  9. Why the fuck would he not be telling the truth?
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