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  1. Not in the BD any more but the sentiment is still the same - we are fucking light years behind these cunts - breaks my heart to admit it and I cannot see a permanent fix never mind a quick one.
  2. Donald Tup.
  3. Could you not adapt or was that a problem?
  4. The Highland homosexual preferred Pete on the moor to Heather in the glen.
  5. Hope that's no what's causing your arse to bleed.
  6. My bad - misread your name as fuck up!
  7. Vague memory and this will probably confirm it - Allan Wells by any chance?
  8. The clue is in the name - gRAhaM dORRAns.
  9. Pie in the sky.
  10. Apart from EBTs.
  11. The next one.
  12. 23rd of June
  13. Don't think he would adapt
  14. Abhorrence of Arabia
  15. Nothing personal - give the guy a fucking break. Tried hard, didn't quite make the grade. You would probably use the word impostor, I wouldn't - there is more than a few who've earned that tag ahead of Andy Halliday. Second thoughts - fuck you anyway.