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  1. 10pshortof17pound

    Big Jock Knew

    I'll help you out, Angus - Big Jock Fucking Knew.
  2. 10pshortof17pound

    Scott Arfield

    You're right - he's also just had a pretty full-on week: https://Rangers.co.uk/news/uncategorised/double-delight-for-scott/
  3. Dundee, mate. They gave him the breakthrough which saw him end up at Ibrox.
  4. 10pshortof17pound

    Lack of winners?

    I think rogers' problems are downstairs!
  5. 10pshortof17pound

    Becoming quite partizan about UEFA football

    Crvena Zvezda is their preferred title these days - maybe they're trying to distance themselves from their Boys' Club - that would be original!
  6. 10pshortof17pound

    Farewell Josh Windass

    The state of the cunt that wears that shite.
  7. 10pshortof17pound

    Umar Sadiq loan being terminated, anyone heard similar?

    Sounds more Italian than darkie.
  8. 10pshortof17pound

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Cheers for that - didn't know it - going by his development performances he may well be worth his inclusion, if Gerrard chooses to use him.
  9. 10pshortof17pound

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Was he named in the European squad? If not is this not part of the programme where young players close to breaking through to the first team squad are gradually integrated to the first team experience?
  10. 10pshortof17pound

    Gerrard and Channel 4

    Toiling to get my head round this one - this Welsh prick ( born in Merthyr Kiddyfiddle) is Channel 4's Scotland Correspondent and was waiting to ask SG questions about TLB and sectarianism. No wonder the cunt was left in a dark room.
  11. 10pshortof17pound


    Good judgment on your part. Ryan Kent is the perfect example of needing the game time to make the adjustment to the Scottish game. First few games looked like a fish out of water but showed glimpses of what he was capable of - now plays as if to the manor born..
  12. 10pshortof17pound

    celtic shame.

    I think Andy comes from over Yonner.
  13. 10pshortof17pound

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    Good man.
  14. 10pshortof17pound

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    Does that include Rainbowfc52?
  15. 10pshortof17pound

    Nick Bentdner

    Released on appeal.