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  1. Pie in the sky.
  2. Apart from EBTs.
  3. The next one.
  4. 23rd of June
  5. Don't think he would adapt
  6. Abhorrence of Arabia
  7. Nothing personal - give the guy a fucking break. Tried hard, didn't quite make the grade. You would probably use the word impostor, I wouldn't - there is more than a few who've earned that tag ahead of Andy Halliday. Second thoughts - fuck you anyway.
  8. Fuck you, KAI.
  9. Cheers - should read the news stories first - you still wonder where the valuation of £8m comes from. Even more galling is how come that two-bit outfit negotiates/foresees this type of deal and we never even come close.
  10. Cannot believe I'm engaging in conversation about these bastards - but how or where is this million coming from? Is it some sort of deferred payment - cannot possibly be something that's been triggered - unless it's number of games played or something equally obtuse.
  11. What are the Robertson add-ons? Cannot see him being sold for any sort of million pound plus fee - should be a relatively cheap picking of a relegated side. Totally concur with our own Robertson opinion.
  12. The game is on Sunday.
  13. Even meets the criteria for the pedants that class 'y' as a vowel.
  14. Alex Willoughby
  15. Seconded.