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  1. That rugby tackle on Morelos by Stevenson was comparable to that cunt headlocking Tav a season or so ago at Ibrox. Honestly the cheating from the officials has gone beyond suspect. It did a long time ago but I’m left astounded again.
  2. If you do a Google search of him some of his Tweets are still there, even though when you click on them it confirms his account is deleted. Needless to say he’s another obsessed scumbag. Wonder what level he refs at.
  3. To be fair he’s scoring a lot of goals at the level he’s playing at, that includes goals against Hibs in the Cup. Given we are in a position where a ‘panic’ buy is needed, I don’t see many better realistic options out there, this late in the window. I thought we should have bought him last window. Problem is how much Dundee Utd would be after for him, especially as it’s us.
  4. I guess the incident last night (possible attempted murder) could go one of two ways. Either fucked with the players and coaching staff’s minds (which is one of the results most likely desired by the perpetrators) or it gives us the siege mentality to annihilate Ross County. Fucking hope it’s the latter. Needs to be. WATP.
  5. Thought the youngsters slotted in to the team really well, especially Patterson. Very encouraging. Enjoyed that and we never got out of second gear. No obvious injuries so a good work out all round.
  6. What is happening with this? Either it happened or it didn't. From what I have heard on the online clips it most certainly did. So why absolute silence? Is there an investigation ongoing or because the scum are given a free pass to do whatever the hell they want by any level of authority, are they all pretending there's nothing to see / hear here? Honestly fucking disgusting. I would have thought maybe our club would have updated us? I guess if it's still being investigated then maybe they can't, but the silence is deafening.
  7. Yes also watched it. Assuming the one on the main BBC Football page is the same, there is no mention that their ‘goal’ was hand balled in to the net. The astonishing obvious hatred towards our club continues from that rabid organisation. Robertson said a few months ago that talks were ongoing with the BBC and I think he may have said it had been raised above BBC Scotland. Well not sure how these talks are progressing but FA difference so far.
  8. Absolutely wonderful, and for me very emotional, video. Thank you very much. Yesterday is a day we have all been waiting for for so long. It’s up there with the best somewhere.
  9. Has anyone seen Rod Stewart today? Slightly concerned... So so proud today. The League Cup Final was a misjustice. Today was justice, despite numerous officiating going against us yet again. Well done everyone involved in that, including our amazing fans!
  10. Well done lads. Shame no tv coverage. As someone said earlier in thread would have had much bigger audience than most SPL games not involving us / them. Bring on the Wrexham.
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