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  1. It’s more paying off the refs I’m interested in. There’s never been more blatant cheating. However maybe there will be worse than that to come, who knows.
  2. It keeps going down. I tried a couple of times and managed to read it. Hopefully back up soon. Thought someone had copied and pasted it earlier but must be mistaken as can’t find it
  3. Fucking internal investigation. Haha fucking ha. Awaiting Chris Sutton’s thoughts on this. Fucking Fenian Cunt bastards.
  4. I work in IT (sadly) and as has already been said, I am sure, emails do not go missing. There is absolutely no need for any investigation in to this. It’s an absolute load of bollocks and they are all corrupt as fuck. Any email can be found instantly, timestamped, read, forwarded, archived, audited within minutes. Someone has evidence of these emails. I’m not saying Rangers do but someone does. It doesn’t involve checking anyone’s email account. It involves whoever their mail provider is and getting access to that.
  5. There’s an article on the BBC about the Dundee vote that I just read and it contains this: ‘With only Dundee's vote needed after Friday's 1700 BST ballot to pass the resolution, the Championship, League One and League Two would finish now on a points-per-game basis. The Premiership season would also be ended, should the SPFL board, who are meeting on Tuesday, "determine the games cannot be played".’
  6. Precisely. There are a few ways of describing what sort of capping he deserves but I shouldn’t share them. But you get what I mean.
  7. Thought I’d share some publicly available info. This was from last year. What a guy. SFPL chief executive Neil Doncaster has received a whopping £91,000 performance-related bonus. The pay packet boost is a 30 per cent pay hike on the previous year despite revenue dropping by three per cent due to no team being involved in the Champions League group stage.
  8. Yes fair point. I like Polster and would prefer he started Sunday for what it’s worth now, fuck all. Understand he’s injured though. Maybe Patterson if he’s available. Anyone but Tav tbh.
  9. Easy to forget right now but he’s scored some vital goals for us over the years. Match winning free kick against Hibs at Ibrox a few years back comes to mind plus all the penalties and impressive performances. He’s always going to get a bashing now and rightly so, but he’s not always been terrible. Will reiterate he was never a captain and that was a terrible decision by Gerrard.
  10. I think Tav has absolutely had his day at Rangers. He’s given us some great memories, his debut against Hibs a prime example. I think he’s been a great servant overall. But his mid to recent form has been atrocious and he’s never a captain. If he were to leave in the summer I think his overall contribution has been more positive than negative. But after the last few performances I’m actually struggling to stick up for him at all. When he was injured we were mostly wanting him back ASAP but he’s not had one good performance since then. Such a shame.
  11. Yes, same. Something has to have happened either in Dubai or at least before the first game back, Stranraer. I know there were rumours that I didn’t even bother reading as rumours piss me off. Usually started by the unwashed. If nothing happened in Dubai or roundabout that time then it’s inexplicable. Was the happiest time as a Rangers fan in many a year after we beat them at their place but this feels like the lowest now. WTF?
  12. Beach balls deflated for another year. Fuck them. Too much to wish for for a knock on effect domestically? Probably, but there are no Tims in Europe.
  13. Same old line from scum ‘pundits’. So and so celebrating like they’ve won the thing. Not the same take on it when Brown’s doing that faggot dance he brings out now and again where he waves his arms about. Fuckwits.
  14. Hartson not having a good evening 😂😂😂.
  15. You wrote what I was going to say for me. Cheers. Can't fault Hagi for the pen imo, thought he struck it well, just an incredible save. Think we've done very well and learnt from last week.
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