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  1. haahaha your sooo banned

  2. Offft. You'll need to watch the company you keep.

  3. Hutton gtf get broadfoot in there and scotland will win for sure
  4. resident fenien eh........that is sad that rather than spend it with yer own u would rather be a prod ya wee tink.

  5. Deco Lally loves the cock ... tastes like chapel apparently.

  6. save all you're slagging for edward mate, hes a dirty rotten scumbag

  7. welcome back deco shun, i remember you mate just playing about ;)

  8. It really is becoming shite to be a rangers fan And has been for while now
  9. Aye, I'm so proud of it, I put my name on it :pipe:

  10. The Design Board, a thread called Avatar shop (tu)

  11. spying on my profile eh boyo? :P

  12. Ps3 demo wasn't up top much didn't like the ref being back taking corners was weird, was like mad camera angle hing Chelsea looked purple stead blue
  13. Played the demo on PS3, didn't like the new way to take corners
  14. They might pick it up, just some people have been waiting for ages. pick one the sig dudes and private mail them bud.
  15. Thats shite then hope yous lot get yer sigs done
  16. How many sigs do you need? I would just like smif to maybe make me a new one, nout wrong with that if i ask nicely You have about about 2 or 3 made for you within the last week or so... i've had two made, one from G4rry n smif
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