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  1. Apologies, i briefly forgot the internet is generally morons.
  2. If the majority of people in this country vote because of their football team rather than reasons such as the ones I said above then we are fucked as a country either way and better cling on to the union for dear life!
  3. Imagine if you will, that Scottish Independence meant that the country was better off. Better schools and hospitals. Less poverty and crime. More money per head and an all round higher standard of living. A better and safer country to raise your children equating to them being happier throughout their lives. Would you say no to that because of the tradition of your football team? I dont personally think independence would make us any better off, so for that reason alone I would vote to stay part of the union.
  4. Naa demoted to the 2's as of late as I haven't been training cause of work! :(

  5. Just as well we're not sticking a team in to University Challenge then. :mcgregor:
  6. 2 of the biffy clyro guys. The ginger one further to the right isthe killie fan.
  7. 1.5 million is not too much for a decent fullback. he will do a job for us. panic buy? an average fee for a decent player we have been following for a long time. i dont think so.
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