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  1. Improved from when ? We were less points behind at this stage last year.
  2. Except we gave them the fucking ball from a misplaced pass in midfield
  3. 1690tamRFC


    Biggest factor for me today was that he fucked off straight down the tunnel after being hooked. Surely anycunt wound stay to support your team mates.
  4. Fair enough mate it’s all about opinions, if tens the price I’ll get you a pint but fuck me I’d be seriously disappointed if that’s all he goes for
  5. Newcastle paid £40m for Joelinton. He’s scored one goal in 31 games and is dogshit. You telling me Morelos isn’t better than that ? Carry on chuckling then
  6. Puts griffis to shame that level of mentalness
  7. Come along we get three stands bound to be a spare 😃
  8. Great effort. And to be honest that’s without doubt what’s happening in this house too ha ha.
  9. Me too, got about 3 lines left, then about 2 hours sleep if I’m lucky then bud to Perth and right back on it 😂
  10. If that’s not a piss take to the cocaine I’m mystified lol
  11. Indeed 😂. Just pointed that out to the wife ha ha
  12. He must be back on the patsy clines mate
  13. Most of its front. This is new level bizarre to be fair
  14. If they’d left mike Tyson in the ring I’d still put my money on him.
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