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  1. Well if as it seems there isn’t an appetite to find out the truth in this sorry affair in our country then hopefully someone from other shores will take it on.
  2. Hope to fuck that’s not just bluster and actually has some substance to it. Not convinced though mate.
  3. Exactly that, and the fact there is at least 100 victims from that cancerous club, yet no cunt in this country will report them in a bad light in any way, in fact you would almost believe they are in fact the victim in this whole affair despite the fact there are plenty cunts that were there at the time and still at the club now and without doubt had at the best a knowledge of it or at worst involved in it. How these reptiles in the media are even attempting to turn this onto us is fucking ridiculous, but ultimately it’ll backfire massively
  4. Indeed. I believe for the first time since our return to the top flight our team actually has the belief and mentality to win it. We probably should have done it last year, players bottled it after Christmas for a month or so and that was that. Just seems different this time.
  5. Going to be like that for the rest of the season mate. Can’t really see either of us dropping many points this year, everyone else in the league seems to be worse than last season for whatever reason and both of us (especially Rangers) have improved, were so far ahead of everycunt else I honestly believe we will only drop points due to complacency taking games for granted, but I cannot believe Gerrard will allow that to creep in. For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to think it’s possible, team seems to have more fight and belief in themselves to win than I’ve seen in a Rangers side since 2010.
  6. Last time I was in Lisbon 2010, was pretty much mangled in the square for three days ha ha, not sure what excursions are available but one highlight was after the fountain got filled up with soap powder, several tramps got launched in, much to our amusement at the time 😃
  7. Put a wee tenner on 5-0 mate. 33/1. Their shite and Levein has lost it.
  8. Mate I think what you’ve said there, they are shite the now, their best players are out injured, their support have lost patience with the clown in charge and we as you say have quality all over the park and players coming back to the team that are supposedly better than those in their place and yet we’ve not shown one glimpse of missing them. For me tomorrow shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially if we start at a high tempo and manage to get an early goal. The way we’ve been playing since the taig game I’ve absolutely no doubt we will have far to much for them
  9. Aye because there back to their usual standard of being totally irrelevant
  10. Worst one for me was just after admin last season before the demotion, cunts literally giving it “the H*** are going bust” for 90 minutes, fuck they cunts, hated them passionately since that day.
  11. That’s actually a full on assault on the eyes mate. Never seen that before
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