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  1. The thumb

    Agreed with the runs. Got to be a good bit smarter than that.
  2. The thumb

    Beaton is probably worse, I remember the first game he was in charge st Ibrox, was fair and decent we played well, ok against Alloa and he gave a pen to us, supposedly an ex season ticket holder, then since that day he’s been an absolute bastard to us, yet your not meant to wonder why ? Nothing paranoid they are fucking cheats plain and simple
  3. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Spot on, be it ulster or Glasgow, London or wales the one thing that unites a tarrier is their hatred for the place they claim benefits yet not one cunt wants to go home ha ha
  4. Dirty lego eating bastard

    6 popes gone queen lives on. We know we will wake up in a Protestant country the morra. So will they.
  5. The thumb

    Cunts can do what they want with Thompson or Collum in charge. Fact.
  6. The thumb

    Not having that. Aye your right regarding crack dens, of that I’ve no doubt, he’s not the ugliest though Davie Dodds, peter Beardsley and Ian Dowie beat him there, but although he’s scoring regularly in spl and aye he’s particularly dangerous against us, I’d never want anycunt like him near our team. Wee Morelos is as good a striker and twice the man that cunt is.
  7. The thumb

    Be buried as usual but fuck be surly even our press can’t hide the fact they tried to hit we’d with a flair ?
  8. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Not a proud moment to be fair but in reality that cunt is the dregs of humanity and deserves to be treated like the scum that he is. Him and the thumb are typically what is the very reason for hatred in our society
  9. Dirty lego eating bastard

    I’m tuned to the fucking moon, where’s the bigotry?
  10. Dirty lego eating bastard

    So did I. Had the drive and determination, plus the ability. Like I said injuries robbed him of a career, he’s still only mid 30s
  11. Dirty lego eating bastard

    100% mate, never a player in his puff, aye he gets they cunts going but has absolutely no ability whatsoever, he’s exactly the same as Ian black, fucking pretend hard man and a pretend footballer. Imagine you met the cunt on a night out, offered the cunt a square go, he’d absolutely shit himself, put the cunt on the park and fuck me he’s invincible
  12. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Surprisingly the same, got back home to tarrier infested Clydebank around 8, fenian downstairs are nowhere to be seen and I never had to stab anycut whilst getting a carry out from the garage. Still early though 😂
  13. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Would be amazing to watch that useless cunt trying to kick Gazza and being at least 2 days to late every time. Cunt wound never get even close
  14. Dirty lego eating bastard

    How’s Tenerife? Many taigs ?