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  1. Had that one, also around that time there was a lighter blue version that was almost like denim with the crest on the back in black, that was an absolute belter
  2. Clint Hill had him in his pocket, he's fucking shite, first game against us aside, I'd fear the thumb more than him every time. If there was ever the hint of an £10-£40mil😂 Was offered he'd have been punted quicker than Jim Torbets confession
  3. Cardoso looked a class act, no doubt and him and Alves will definitely form a great partnership, and like yourself I thought Jack bossed the midfield and will be a major asset this coming season and Dorrans will benefit from having a guy like him to let him impose himself. All in all a lot of positives for me to take from the game the day, or perhaps it's because we both sit in the enclosure 😂
  4. Remember it well mate, I was chuffed as fuck (as everycunt else) England number 1 and he loved being our keeper, had that ear infection and was sent out on holiday and read in the paper we had signed Goram, must admit I thought at that time we'd made a cunt of it but in hindsight Goram was the best goalkeeper I've ever seen in my life, and that save against Van cunt chops is with out doubt the best ever
  5. A little bit of me died inside today when I see that imposter steady his Alice band and flick his hair, readying himself to come on. He is every reason we won't progress, and I absolutely believe we have a chance this season with the players we've brought in, but him, Waghorn are without doubt what will hold us back. There was a lot to be positive about today, windass especially was without doubt the major negative
  6. I agree, he's no a bad keeper but at 42 I've been lucky in my lifetime there has hardly been a bad one. It's a position we've been lucky with that it's never been an issue with until Alexander became our 1at team number 1. I remember the days Antti Neimi struggled to get a start.
  7. Well I don't doubt you Dan, I'll let Pedro know your the guy to PM for the best goalkeeper in the U.K. As your always the go to guy for everything 😂
  8. Good enough
  9. Correct, he's got the ability to hit a beautiful pass but also the ability to make an absolute cunt of an easy ball, a luxury we can't afford, especially when it looks like Dorrans, Jack, candias can all play a major part of us going forwards and with young Rossiter yet to come in Niko for me isn't enough. Takent isn't in doubt, but as the first hand against them at the piggery showed last season he's not what's required
  10. Talent was there, for whatever reason he never produced it anywhere near enough to warrant staying at Ibrox, that and the fact he is a total coward on the pitch, any game he got clattered early on he hid like fuck and wasn't interested. Wont be missed for me and is nailed on to end up at Killie or Motherwell once he gets found out down south.
  11. Fuck sake, be lucky to get 5 then. Last season all I got through the cccs was Killie twice, tarriers twice and one St.johnston fucking grim
  12. You going to the pub before the game ?
  13. They don't tell you mate you just don't get an email telling you your successful
  14. Fuck all for me, 5 aways all last season and looking like it's going to be a struggle again this one.
  15. Aye possibly mate, and I agree with you it would be handy.