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  1. 1690tamRFC

    Nathan Oduwa

    Plays in Denmark. Done literally nothing since he left and 100% no thanks.
  2. 1690tamRFC

    Has Scott Arfield finished his ban yet,?

    Said the same thing to my wife this morning when we see it. On a side note he was superb today and badly missed the games he was unavailable for. Makes such a difference with his through balls and running ahead of the striker. No one else like him in our side
  3. 1690tamRFC

    The League's Finished

    All that shite just tells you how shite the league is 😂😂😂
  4. 1690tamRFC

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    Give we Dallas a go 50 goals in 51 games he’s got to be worth a shot.
  5. 1690tamRFC

    Honest interview from the manager

    Pretty much sums it right up 😀. I did have a company van but unless I was working outwith the city I left it at the yard most of the time. Mom the end as I was travelling up every weekend for the football I decided that the extra money wasn’t worth it and moved home. Best thing I ever did to be honest.
  6. 1690tamRFC

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    I’m fucked. I knew that ha ha edit : now Sadiq has gladly gone who else do we have to play two up top as I truly don’t know 😂
  7. 1690tamRFC

    Honest interview from the manager

    Mate you did, never doubt it. You gave him a chance and he didn’t take it, harsh as real life is that’s on him not you. My wife has worked in homelessness for 18 years mate, some stories would break your heart, other cunts are just chancers running the system, I don’t envy her her job for any money. Few years back she took a two year secondment with Glasgow’s helping hero’s, fucking loved it as she’s got mental health and addiction training but loved the fact she was helping our veterans but council cut her funding after the two years were up, SAFA was devastated as she made a huge difference to their team but couldn’t match her wage or conditions so she had to go back to GCC. Don’t get me wrong her new position has seen her fly through the ranks so it’s good on a personal level but she was in her element helping people who really deserved it
  8. 1690tamRFC

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    AMC Tav Goldson Katic Barisic Jack Arfield. Mcrorie. Grezda Morelos. Lafferty. Hopefully for once we can see so balls cutting in instead of wide balls to the by line that achieve nothing. Plus why not to two up front against Hamilton at home
  9. 1690tamRFC

    Honest interview from the manager

    Wonder what happened to the guy that left, as a guy that’s always been a pub sort of person and of that there are many, it’s unusual for a guy just to go without getting told to as most of us heavy drinkers don’t like to admit there’s an issue lol. Took me a lot of heartache from family and losing close friends to admit it and sometimes I still doubt it won’t rear its head again. Not something I’m proud of but as of now I can deal with it, but no doubt I’m my early twenties to late thirties I was a functioning alcoholic. I realise that now but fucked if I would admit it then ha ha.
  10. 1690tamRFC


    The fact his most successful point in his career, he’s been mentioned as returning to the club they felt they needed to make a statement saying it’s shite speaks volumes. Waster.
  11. 1690tamRFC

    Honest interview from the manager

    Used to be there myself, and mangled the now, have been since Wednesday as I’ve been in Vienna. Won’t be drinking the morra though as I’m out the door at 530 Monday morning driving, as I’m back fitting windows again now. When I worked I’n London and was single I just used public transport for work as a guy dropped all our materials and tools off at site as parking in the city centre was not an option, I can admit I was drinking far too much and often a few pints at lunchtime, no way to carry on but that was reality for about ten years. Screwed the nut a bit now though and Saturday is my drinking day, rest of the week I can’t go there as my livelihood depends on my license
  12. 1690tamRFC


    You shouldn’t, if we sign him (big if) it may work it may not, it’ll be low cost and a low risk signing so what would be the problem. He may be fantastic or he may not. Still worth a punt.
  13. 1690tamRFC

    Dapo Mebude Extends His Deal

    Papers in lying shocker to the detriment of Rangers. Well done to the boy.
  14. 1690tamRFC

    Honest interview from the manager

    That’s the narrative I’m getting mate. Can’t see a problem with it either.