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  1. Their stance on the Scotland games changed as soon as Christie’s ban was upheld, looked to me as just a dig at the sfa. No doubt that stance would change again if it favours them later on.
  2. Don’t think it’s the clubs fault this time, they brought it up and made it known, tarriers then pretty much said it never happened with their statement, the police said they were looking into it so I’m guessing nothing else can be said until they finish their investigation. Obviously I doubt that their investigation will be actually any good or proper effort applied but it is what it is.
  3. Him and the Brazilian cunt has to be the worst central defence pairing in football history. Thank fuck we were only playing Peterhead and Annan at the time
  4. Randomly mentioned Francis Jeffers in a conversation today, worst player to grace our club. Cunts moan about Kevin Kyle and sandaza, but fuck me that cunt was beyond useless. At least we didn’t pay 10 million for the fucker like arsenal did lol
  5. My grandad was similar with shouting abuse to big eck, he was constantly giving it, “ how can a defender of your ability not be able to sort a fucking defence”. Miss the grumpy old bastard 😂😂
  6. Irrelevant what away teams bring, they see all allocated the corner and the policing/stewarding etc is in the same place regardless if they fill it or not.
  7. When we lowered it before I’m sure it only gave us about 1500 extra seats. Can’t believe for a minute that it would be possible to gain 8000 from doing that. I’d appreciate them lowering the fucking dug out though so I can see the corner from SW1 lol
  8. There’s not. I’d put Jack in front in terms of players I’d put in front but that’s it. Kamara, Aribo and Arfield don’t come close to offering what Davis does. Guy is so composed in the middle of the park, it’s actually unreal how simple he makes the game look at time’s. Only class can do that.
  9. Spot on mate, Davis’ role within that squad should never be underestimated, he’s been absolutely amazing on the park but more important for me is his experience, knowledge of the game and what shouldn’t be forgotten he knows how to win titles with Rangers, him and McGregor are so important this season as is Defoe for his stature in the game and his professionalism and dedication, must be great for the young players having a guy like him about and I’m 100% sure he’s a huge reason behind Morelos improving in pretty much his whole game, never mind the so called petulance, just in front of goal, last season he was snatching at chances and his goals to attempt ratio was woeful, now you’d back him every time. Defoe has without doubt been a major factor in that
  10. Tavs going nowhere. I’d be shocked if he didn’t see his career out at Ibrox. He fucking loves it here.
  11. 1690tamRFC


    Especially from them, they would rip the right piss out of us on price.
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