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  1. Copland Street closed off.

    Supposedly Copland quadrant mate, suspicious death last night.
  2. So what. Never claimed to be a genius, but I don’t call people stupid for asking a fucking question, but if it makes you feel the big man on the internet you batter in.
  3. Why the need to be a prick ? I was just asking a fucking question ffs.
  4. Who says we are not trying to keep him ?
  5. Gers ya bass

  6. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Will get better as he gets match fitness up, decent enough so far but will be a big player for us I’m sure.
  7. Wes victim of racial abuse.

  8. *** The Official Ayr United v Rangers Thread ***

    Aye that’s true, thing I heard on the radio saying he was a doubt due to a knock against hibs but they must have meant Tuesday to be fair.
  9. *** The Official Ayr United v Rangers Thread ***

    Be good to see Docherty in from the start and if they are correct about Cummings and Morelos then happy days.
  10. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    Left midfield is for me his best position and he was looking good going forward from our championship season, the fact he’s a bear he took the criticism to heart and he had every cunt on his back destroyed him last year. My heart goes out to him and I hope succeeds.
  11. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    Your right he did play well enough on Tuesday night, let’s hope every cunt sees that and let’s him get on with his job.
  12. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    No idea to be honest. As much as he’s hated on here Halliday would do a job at left back against Ayr no question.
  13. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    Fucking right mate. Like I said earlier, Docherty coming in is probably a blessing in disguise and if we go Cummings and Morelos up top with Murphy and Candieas sending balls in it should not be a problem
  14. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    Only plus for the morra is Docherty will start and we need his phycality in the middle of the park as they will be trying to boot fuck out of us.