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  1. And cunts still question your allegiance lol 😂
  2. Her rendition of land of hope and glory at the royal verity show when I was a kid (I’m 44) was something I’ll cherish to the grave.
  3. Must have been a god send back in the day
  4. If it’s no his fault why not keep him then ffs
  5. Murphy though is another thing. In that side last season I believe he’s the difference between achieving nothing and winning silverware of some sort better than Kent all day long
  6. I know. Can’t see it happening though. He’s not going to look enthusiastically as like you or I it’s his club. Can’t see clubs that could tempt him away lining up, plus he’s made up to be back in Glasgow. It was tongue in cheek really and I’m actually gutted for the lad, of the game was played on ability alone he’s the best player in Scotland for me no question, just a shame you can’t get him on the pitch
  7. I’ll be honest, I can’t even remember him playing against us for them teams he mentioned before going to Birmingham. I can’t even remember him this season for killie when he was doing well, but he’s nailed his colours to the mast there and obviously comes from a good Rangers family. Best way to get over the rejection as a boy and make everycunt proud is to absolutely smash it now. He’s lucky he’s got a second chance to be here, he’s also lucky that he’s playing in an era that doesn’t involve the likes of the legends he’s mentioned watching from the stands, but if he fires us to 55 he’ll be every much a legend as Gazza or Laudrup.
  8. Matthew Shiels is left back cover.
  9. If and I believe he’ll be here, but if Morelos goes we need two strikers, and one who is big game ready to step up. Think Barasic will come good so not so concerned at left back, no clue as what the new CB is like but st 22 is like to see an older head signed at that position too. Other than that we’re not to far away
  10. I’d no include Dorrans in that. Horrendous luck with injuries with his time here, but without doubt got the ability to make a difference if he’s fit. Same as Murphy, he’s like a new signing this season.
  11. That would be a great move for all concerned to be fair
  12. Absolutely mental move in all honesty, Gerrard looked st him in our development squad and by the posters in here that go to these games he was woeful, no chance of playing in a side that’s crying out for a left back yet get a move to a top end of the championship on no doubt a better wage than he was on here ha ha. Good luck to him.
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