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  1. It’s so sad to see so many people willing to write off what we’re getting to, yes it’s frustrating but the signs are there, we are improving, we will sign better players next season and I honestly believe we’re not that far behind. They won’t improve over the summer in fact if anyone’s they will regress
  2. One things for certain, give the wee nan a chance he takes most of them.
  3. Looking forward to watching him progress next season. Absolutely going to be class.
  4. Enjoyed that today, probably my favourite away game this season, sunshine helped obviously but the Rangers end was brilliant from the first minute till the last. Played a decent game, took the goals well, maybe switched off a bit towards the end when it was done would be my only complaint. Roll on next week same starting 11 same result.
  5. Aye but he didn’t score so he’s shite abd a cunt.
  6. I don’t have kids bud but I completely understand the sentiment in your post. Spot on mate, and it’ll be glorious for all concerned
  7. Think I’ll make one for mine 😀
  8. 100% I won’t be going even if I get it in the ballot but it won’t matter as plenty will go regardless
  9. That was mentioned to the fuckers but they honestly just done all they could to stop us breaking through the gates to get out.
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