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  1. Actually looks less stupid than some of they cunts with them micro dogs. What’s the fucking point in they wee things 😂
  2. Spot on mate, absolutely gutted I’m no there, this would have been a great trip.
  3. Aye ill give you Albion rovers but the other two can’t count 😂😂😂
  4. Ha ha very true, hopefully I’ll be there the morra if I get a ticket in the bus ballot, was there going through the leagues, proud to say that the wife and I got to every ground at least once, most twice, and strangely the likes of Alloa on multiple occasions lol. Mental that it was fairly easy to get a ticket (Dumbarton one exception, as they made a cunt of design of ground, although we did get in doing hospitality ha ha) than it is no back in the top flight, last year was 100% the hardest I’ve known I’m my lifetime
  5. 100% as a club I’ve upmost respect for them, few of their players acted the cunt, but from a club perspective, nice touches like all catering staff in our end wearing Rangers shirts and official tweets about our support being special and safe trip home etc, can’t say a bad word edit: also like to add, the few they had over at Ibrox looked like they fucking enjoyed themselves, they were going mental dancing about and generally having a great time even though getting pumped. How an away euro trip should be regardless of result. My all time favourite is Valencia away, lost 3 nil kept back an hour and the police/security couldn’t believe we sang and bounced the whole way through. Build my gallows non stop for about half hour is a memory I’ll cherish till death. I’m lead to believe it’s on you tube but never seen it
  6. Was trying to remember earlier what we used to get in the league there, fucked if I could except that I never struggled to get a ticket ha ha. Our bus got 1 for it, think it’s up to around 10 now so ballot on the bus in the morning. Just a bastard as both me and the wife need one for it and the chance of 2 out of 10 ain’t good. She’s usually amazing at sourcing tickets to be fair and normally comes up with at least one but this time we’ve got fuck all so ballot it is.
  7. Same, just have a funny feeling it’ll be sheep or junkies away. Still expect to reach the final at the very least regardless of what we face this year, confident now we’ve finally turned the corner towards normality.
  8. Would imagine your right regarding SG, even if he wanted to make a complete team selection change, he knows how important momentum is, as well as obviously progressing in the competition. Plus he’s massively professional in everything he does. I still maintain the teams people were posting in the thread would no question be good enough to see the job done
  9. Can’t say I’ve ever came across it either mate.
  10. Aye it showed great character to bounce back from a European defeat with a 1-1 draw at home to a part time championship club 😂
  11. That’s great news. I’ve been worried he’ll get the sack, but if the club believe that pile of shite then happy fucking days
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