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  1. Still must rank as one of the worst police decisions of all time to turn they screens off. I’d been in that square since 630am and it was fucking superb other than the lack of toilets, had 48 cans of strongbow for the duration and everything was just about perfect for having that many people in one place, I remember playing football about 10ish before it got packed and sky sports were filming it 😂 I also remember being so mangled at around 3 I had a wee wonder and ended up getting a haircut in some Turkish barbershop, feeling great after that and going back in to carry on, not one issue all day until that exact point and then carnage. What else did they expect ffs.
  2. Hope your mum has stocked the fridge with alcoholic beverages for your stay 😂. Whenever I’ve made a cunt of myself and seek refuge at my mums she’s always got a crate or two of strongbow in for me ha ha. Not a great admission on my part that , that still occurs when I’m 45 ha ha.
  3. Best draw for progress for me is gent. Fuck that though, I’d honestly rather a proper glamour tie and see where we go. Going out at this stage to a giant side is for me our best scenario as long as we give a good account of ourselves and avoid a scelping that’ll do me as we need to go all out to beat they cunts to the title
  4. Seems the case bud. This is my dangerous time of night, had about 10 cans, now they are flying down, the wife will be off to bed any time soon and as much as I know I should follow I’ll more than likely sit up till about 4 and drinking another 10 ha ha. Absolutely no point but when I get to this stage I become a greedy bastard 😂. That’s why midweek and Sunday games are my worst nightmare ha ha
  5. How come every Weekend it ends up you and me talking and every other cunt had disappeared 😂
  6. Worst thing about that day was not allowing busses into Manchester during the day, we got forced to stop in Bolton for 5 hours ha ha cunt of a place but mainly bear friendly and everycunt wanted us to win lol
  7. Honestly want that so much. Was in court the day we played there in 2005, and I’d already booked flights. Never been to any of our games in Italy, and for me it would be brilliant to get them. Must be one of the only major countries in European football I’ve not managed to get to in 28 years of going away following us, and for me it’s still one of the most iconic grounds in football even if both teams are not the force they once were
  8. To be fair I’m only basing that it wasn’t real as I read it in a paper 😂😂.
  9. If somecunt has written a film script of a fictional club to have been in a European final with a relatively unfancied team only 11 years ago through the crazy times round the corner, filling a 51000 seater stadium against cunts like east fife and Annan on a weekly fucking basis to appointing a world wide recognised icon like Gerrard, it would be laughed at as more unrealistic than Roy of the rovers. All that’s needed to finish the script completely is winning 55 this season and reclaiming top spot. Sometimes reality is more unbelievable than fiction
  10. And don’t even think about having a few beers on the bus getting there. That’s totally unacceptable behaviour
  11. Can’t argue with that bud, still have a strong dislike for killie, even after Clarke purely because billy Bowie is a poisonous fenian bastard
  12. Must have been a bizarre time to be there, shame about missing out on the football but being one of a tiny minority of people in the city that wasn’t mourning the death of the head peado of the biggest cult on the planet must have raised a smile at least 😂
  13. Most fall into that category to be fair.
  14. No question both games would be 555 and they would be gutted at that ha ha. The possibility of total carnage would be off the scale ha ha.
  15. Man U or arsenal would be epic, for selfish reasons I fancy a trip to Milan as it’s one place I’ve never been following us through Europe and even more since I noticed Esky say in an earlier post it’s to be demolished as I’d not heard that was happening. Always been a place I’ve wanted to go even though from people I’ve known that’s been it’s in the middle of nowhere and surrounding areas an absolute shitehole 😂
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