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  1. Got mine through just there.
  2. Aye that one was a belter.
  3. Great to hear mate glad the wee man loved it.
  4. Agreed but today they were more organised, disciplined and tried to hold us. They had no chance, we scored 2 goals less than last time out but looked better all over the park.
  5. I can only say I'm 42 years old, sit in SW1 opposite the UBs and I go everywhere away also, I like yourself mate agree they take a lot of undue stick and do our support proud home and away. Fuck knows how quiet Ibrox would be without them
  6. No doubt be an 6 am wake up call for the poor cunt.
  7. As long as the sardines don't come on a Friday 😜
  8. Thought he looked good in the game in Germany until he ran out of puff, then struggled with where he was positioned until today then bossed it and looks a total player.
  9. Shite, Warburton formation were all bastards and cunts.
  10. Happy days, put £50 on Garner 1st goal Rangers 4-0 scorecast. Ended up the 4-0 at 16s so am more than happy with that, £800 to the good.
  11. Every chance but to be fair the lad takes a fair bit of stick every game he plays and to his credit he just gets on with it, but unfortunately when he dishes out a wee bit back the cunts don't like it.
  12. Buzzing for the game today now, doubt PC would have had the time this week to implement that many changes, but if he can get a positive reaction out of the squad then all well and good. Wouldn't imagine the starting 11 will differ too much from Sunday but I'd like to see Garner start after his hat-trick last time out and the fact I believe he will be a decent player for us if used correctly and hopefully the new manager will do just that. Louden bound for opening for a few pre match beers, what Saturdays are made for.
  13. For me he became a cunt as soon as he went behing the clubs back, to try and manoeuvre a switch to Forest and then lied like fuck about it.
  14. We didn't beat them 😂
  15. Wilson isn't great by any stretch of the imagination but fuck sake surely he has to start every week in front of Kieran