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  1. Morelos' overall play

    Funny seeing cunts slabering over his work effort etc. End of the day he shown with the chances missed he’s fucking shite.
  2. 2002-2003 Diadora NTL Away Shirt White

    Pretty sure that was the set up with admiral
  3. NI v Switzerland

    A lot of dodgy decisions going against NI tonight.
  4. Spectating with the Enemy

    He’s right though.
  5. Spectating with the Enemy

    My thoughts would be Dundee United in the cup game when we refused an allocation, which if it was that then that record would actually be a lot higher.
  6. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Worst thing of they cunts making their shite political embarrassment the day, they had plenty chance to display these ridiculous flags and make their statement weeks back when we played them twice in 6 days but didn’t ? Why not ? Because they are all jump on the bandwagon shitebags who are only up for disrespecting our war hero’s for a cause that has absolutely no substance. Even most plastic fenians at the giro dome have lost family members in the wars this symbolises. Pathetic doesn’t begin to get close.
  7. Thistle fans that were booted out

    He’s deed.
  8. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Exactly mate, in all the time the indi shite was in full swing, saltires with yes was common place, union flags with no plastered over them was not. No need and more ckass/respect to do so.
  9. Thistle fans that were booted out

    As much as that would have been funny to do, surely beating skinny jean wearing, yes voting bearded cunts would be classed as bullying? 😂
  10. McCrorie is our best young player since... who?

    To the premier league. Edit. He signed after that
  11. McCrorie is our best young player since... who?

    Fair enough it’s all about opinions mate, I just don’t see Ness on the same page, but we disagree, so be it. The blackburn thing is a tough one though, Souness had a major part in Ferguson going there and they were still a huge force at that time under Walker and at £8 million we were never turning it down, he didn’t start amazing but was just starting to find his feet and come onto his game (and been made captain) then had his horrific knee break. No one should ever forget his achievements for Birmingham winning the league cup against arsenal as captain and taking Blackpool up as captain. His record is fantastic as a player
  12. Thistle fans that were booted out

    That’s the one thing that annoys me most of the whole independence shite, as much as think of myself as British I am also Scottish, and I hate that they bastards have high jacked the saltire as their own. Dont get me wrong I would never lose sleep over it as the union flag is more important to me but I just hate those Jacobite scumbags running about with our national flag as if it’s a symbol of their identity. Cunts.
  13. Thistle fans that were booted out

    I sit in west enclosure so never really see what the fuck it was about, but being 43 and filling Rangers for 35 years + it absolutely made my day seeing of all cunts thistle fans fighting amongst their own and stewards etc ha ha ha comedy gold 😂😂😂
  14. McCrorie is our best young player since... who?

    It was you that said he had the ability to be as good as Ferguson, if not better. I was just saying I disagree, just thought the facts make it a mute point. Ferguson gets slaughtered on here, mainly because of his supposedly being an absolute cunt, I’ve never met the lad personally and maybe if what’s said about him that’s a good thing, as I only remember him as one of the most successful Rappers captains of all time. Not having a pop at you mate but fucking he’ll, jamie Ness shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as Barry on terms of ability
  15. McCrorie is our best young player since... who?

    Spot on mate, I left glasgow for the south of England as a five year old in 1978, was lucky enough to have left school and earned enough money to travel home and away through the 9iar era, but living away you only see the good and don’t notice what’s really happening, I moved home 7 years ago and fuck me it’s an eye opener. Don’t get me wrong there were more bitter taigs both Scottish and Irish where I lived down south but they were just an irrelevance to me as we were so far in front and again it didn’t comprehend at all the way they have set about putting their own in prominent places through Scotland, be it political, football whatever, the last 40, years they have been hard at work and we’ve let them, and by fuck it’s paid off. I honestly can’t believe the difference from visiting every weekend, watching Rangers and living here on a daily basis, absolutely unbelievable