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  1. 1690tamRFC

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Why ? I hope it is there as we realistically won’t get over 3 fir him but cash rich Cardiff should pay that.
  2. 1690tamRFC

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Did Warberton not put a buy out clause in his original contract at, at least 2.5 mil ? No idea when he signed his extension if that was removed
  3. 1690tamRFC

    Saido Berahino

    Ha ha I remember this shite from before he went to stoke for just shy of £20 mil. Fucking load of bollocks.
  4. 1690tamRFC

    The Boxing News Thread

    So am I mate, watching through one eye 😂
  5. 1690tamRFC

    The Boxing News Thread

    Spot on. Obviously he was going to take an easy fight for his return but there are easy options and absolutely no fucking hope options. Fucking guy isn’t even a heavyweight ffs.
  6. 1690tamRFC

    The Boxing News Thread

    Big time mate. Bet tickets were about a ton for it too.
  7. 1690tamRFC

    The Boxing News Thread

    Forgot how big that fucker is, but in all honesty I think AJ would crucify him.
  8. 1690tamRFC

    Wee boys and football tops

    Fucking right mate, I live in Clydebank and as much as it’s a tarrier shitehole there are plenty of bears and plenty young guys wearing our tops which is good to see. Definitely not as one sided as cunts would believe
  9. 1690tamRFC

    Rangers v Chelsea 9th June

    Gutted I’ll not make this, fly out on holiday same day, had the pleasure of being in his company a few times, absolute gent and as much as legend status gets banded about far too often, for Wilkins it’s a fitting tribute. My all time lasting memory (volley against them aside) was him walking off in his last game to a standing ovation with tears in his eyes. Loved his time here and totally got what our club was all about.
  10. 1690tamRFC

    Bury and Wigan Friendlies Announced.

    😂 Very true but to give it all up for Bury would have been a kick in the balls
  11. 1690tamRFC

    Bury and Wigan Friendlies Announced.

    Glad it was finally announced as the Friday night as I’m getting married there the next day. If it had been on the Saturday I’d have been fucked ha ha.
  12. 1690tamRFC

    Travel Club

    Mine must have auto renewed from last season as I noticed £20 was collected by the club out of my bank tail end of last week. Going to miss the first away euro tie due to being away.
  13. 1690tamRFC


    Not even sure he’s any good to be honest, got that mad transfer after playing less than 20 first team games for forest then never really featured for the RBL. Pardew didn’t trust him to play either so don’t see what the fuss is about. And he’s a taig so it’s a no from me.
  14. 1690tamRFC


  15. 1690tamRFC


    Pretty positive he’s of the dark side. Sure when we played RBL he made reference to us being a massive club but he wanted to play and score against us because he’s a fenian bastard