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  1. http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/hearts-win-appeal-against-tony-8841862.amp
  2. Just googled it and not sure if it's just an SFA directive or UEFA rules etc but first one that comes up is Hearts successfully appealed a second yellow for t.watt for simulation in 2016. Honestly would have lost money on that one.
  3. No mate, never actually knew you could appeal the simulation one until reading that to be honest. It's a rule that needs amended though as there are more wrongly awarded yellows than straight reds
  4. So we want to get rid of a guy who wins headers for fun and is an arial threat and shite with his feet to sign a slightly worse copy of the same thing. Fucking fantastic thinking there.
  5. I speak to his dad regularly through work and he always says he would love to play for us at some point, just can't see it happening any time soon.
  6. Ha ha aye I knew where it was, it was just a comparison 😃
  7. I've been there a few times and honestly don't see where it possibly needs that much money spent on it, as everything looked decent anyway.
  8. So the same logic can be applied to oscar then ? I'm sure he could have moved toabetter league all day long but obviously went there for the money
  9. Surely the key to getting the best out of any player is to keep them fit ha ha but the fact he's even mentioned that would indicate that it's an issue
  10. Spot on mate.
  11. That really isn't correct at all then. Even Harry Redknapp stated when we were signing him that keeping him fit would be our biggest problem and he's signed him twice.
  12. He has pedigree that's not in question, but in reality he won't feature in over a third of our games next season, his whole career has been plagued with injuries and that won't change next season.
  13. Agreed mate, was more making the point I'd rather never see Windass in our jersey ever again.
  14. Honestly don't think Niko has ever managed one full season in his whole career, wonderful player when fully fit but unfortunately that is the tricky part.
  15. Definitely mate.