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  1. Not like me to have a pop at refs but this guy took it to new level even below spl Standard and thats being kind about him should not even do junior level
  2. devref


    never was keen on him and never thought he had the game to make it with us like many others still hanging around.good luck to him but cant see him setting anywhere on fire.
  3. same old story not defending windass here but ffs its the 1st competitive game and everyone is ring rusty. not many that made my heart rush in admiration last night.its virtually a new team everyone getting to know what others are trying to do and of course windass is the whipping boy. yes him and morelas missed a few. how many others blootered the ball high and wide.at least let the team settle before these type of threads start.
  4. devref

    Alves gone

    not sorry to see him away. thought he would be a good one for us but turned out to be a waste of a jersey. only good memory of him was the free kick v hivs
  5. devref

    The Ibrox Tour

    done it twice 1st time about50yrs back 2nd about 10yrs ago on a sunday then up into think it was the argyle for lunch an amazing view of the pitch from there. not sure if I would like to watch a game from it though to far from the action. must try the founders trail next trip up Saturday game sunday trail tour sounds like a plan
  6. devref

    Rangers fans will love Jon.

    Perhaps not but your wife is x
  7. devref


    older bears will recall that being sung in the 70s. not to thunderstruck obviously but same song. na na na na na na na na hey hey Glasgow Rangers
  8. devref

    Rangers fans will love Jon.

    good comments. but as always its the same patter we here from any new manager. will reserve judgement until I see a difference on the park.
  9. devref

    Of all the signings !

    not even going to try to predict who will make me jump about till we are a few games in. that's only asking for a let down. some come with good reps others not so high on the list and we have seen that for the last 6/7 seasons. shagger should be a decent signing although he might get pelters for walking if he has a bad day at the office. we defo need a striker to work with or cover morels. and we have seen numbers in don't always improve the performance.
  10. needs to improve fitness and his discipline record 16 games 6 yellows, scored 5 in that time so not a bad return from 16.hopw stevie g new fitness regime helps him out or he will struggle.
  11. devref

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    BURDEN exactly the affect some of these guys had on the team last season. the onus/burden is on the players to carry the badge to the best of their ability. some have neither the ability or desire to do so,. and need to be punted
  12. devref

    Level Playing Field

    until the scrutiny is published in open media outlets yes. spl/sfa should be ashamed of what they have allowed refs to get away with. I am not only a ref who has refereed at contributory lge level that is just under the conference level I am also a refereed assessor or as we are now called an observer so I know the expected performance levels of refs and most refs I have seen in the spl would be struggling to gain the min mark when they referee us. some things I see are a disgrace and cant understand why the ref has made the call. some I see I can understand to complicated to go into but basically its all technical stuff the average supporter never thinks about. easiest way to put it is down to his actual line of vision ie did a player cross his line when the incident happened. what view did the lino have again was it obscured was he watching the area or was he watching for off the ball incidents like offside minefield for linos hated doing the job to many things to be looking at your on a no win.
  13. devref

    Level Playing Field

    I never said that there were incidents that went against us should have been punished and didn't get the correct card and that was a defo red. how he seen that as a yellow is beyond belief. like you I have seen many tackles that should be red get yellow in fact I have done it myself and lived to regret it. we all cock up at work sometimes just that the ref is in full view of the tv/and general public. having said that the ref standards are poor in Scotland. I cant say for sure but I would think most have been fast tracked. seen it here where the refs get good marks and get promoted but are not really up to the higher level as they miss out on a lot of learning in the lower levels.when I started you had to do a min 2yrs at each level now they can get promoted to conference level in 5yrs way to fast.my mate has only just made middle of the championship after 16yrs he has learned the trade and is getting the rewards most refs in Scotland would struggle at confrence
  14. devref

    Jim Baxter

    guy was simply unplayable. when you look at what he did with that old T ball the way he could float a pass long or short he could put it on a tanner for his mate to run onto. seen him before and after he left not as classy when he came back but could see his brain working.
  15. devref

    Level Playing Field

    us being soft and naïve didn't help our cause last season. refs do the job to the best of their ability (granted not very good). but we can be our own worst enemies also. we lay down to often on the park when things went against us. not having a pop at the ref at the time and then trying to have a go at players in revenge and we get carded refs watch for that even they know when they have fucked up and they know someone will try to take someone out so are ready with the card. not saying that we deserved some of those reds/yellows but we did deserve a bit more protection from refs. steve g I have a feeling wont take long to take them to task in the media on the level playing field.