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  1. A bit like Wilson when he went to Liverpool hardly kicked a ball same will happen here very little chance of making the 1st team in the top 6/8 in the epl.
  2. firtly I don't give a shit about your gramerr opines. I di not say they have not got a rota I said they only have 2 weeks games issued at any one time. I think I know a bit more than you about the workings of refs as my user name denotes been at it for 25+yrs I am also a referee observer upto and including the conference league. I also have two friends who referee in the championship who pass on information as to how things work. you no doubt will come back with the argument that that may be what happens in England but I can assure you its the same system in Scotland. and there are many reasons behind it. and yes you can get dropped from the list if you make big mistakes(in law) in a game. it takes you out of the spotlight a bit.
  3. your wrong in that assumption ref at local level get a 4 week allocation at top level they only get a max of 2 games at a time. for a ref to be dropped from a game he has had to do something in law wrong during the game and that is normally down to the observer. we all like to think and it does look at times its a club influence that gets them moved but its only when they cock up in law. eg he fails to give a stone wall pen like madden did in the o f game.
  4. Regardless of it being said by him he is not saying anything we dont already
  5. with refs head on both were red cards hard to understand why the lino missed fods ref has little chance to pick that up. garners also a red as it was classed as reckless and the smile probably didn't help. with fans head its about time we got a break with the decisions.
  6. All 3 but the players have also under achieved as well so must also carry some responsibility ok mw brought them in but they have just failed to perform to even a reasonable level
  7. was listening to sashbash fm and was mentioned on there so put ssn on and it was being reported
  8. to be honest who gives a toss if he was pushed or jumped he is gone and we have to deal with it
  9. for me its pointless even talking about another manager until the board sort out exactly what they are going to do to improve things for anyone who comes in or even for mw. I don't see that happening in the near future.while they leave a manager in limbo we will get nowhere
  10. Both but players have also played a big part in it to many not performing the way they were hyped up for me the board is more to blame forcing mw to get so many in on loan
  11. if he is indeed from Kilsyth there are plenty blue noses in the area and am sure he will be asked to join them for a beer. that face will stand out for years to come
  12. you don't half spout some shite. yes we were mostly expecting 2nd and would still take that. however this manager is out of his depth his comments last night his drivel after most games we don't even need to listen to as its the same we will learn week in week out. well they are not learning and not performing for this manager or the club for whatever reason but its head that is on the block for that.and this is not me just knee jerking reaction I have deliberately stayed away from sack the manager threads but enough is enough and if you cant/wont see it then you need to either up your legal medicine or stay away from the other medicines you appear to be taking.
  13. have tried to stay out of all the manager out stuff but after his comments last night his subs and his stance re halliday Kiernan and tave all must play at all costs if fit is just wrong. have no idea how much input davie has but it cant be much or am sure we would not be seeing this crap on the park he knows what it takes here or did when he played. so at last I am saying its time to go. but who can we realistically get in his place.
  14. Unless they have another angle or the other player makes a statement saying he punched him cant see how they can prove anything.any player that makes a statement is asking for trouble from every other pro all we can see is an arm going round a player and that happens so often in a game if they done every player every club would have 5or6 banned every week.all down to mutton having to much anti rangers spite in him ok for us to get elbowed etc nothing in that
  15. that's what happens when you play with these things sober