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  1. Tonight’s Goals

    a good watch thanks for posting. back four awol again at goals.saying that their back four made ours look good
  2. will take it two stops by Gordon and a poor header from alfredo and I don't recall fod having to make a stop in 2nd half
  3. took me till the 30min but think I cracked it got a link on vip with sound but no commentary
  4. agree but who have we signed with the balls,guts and brains for that
  5. Tomorrow's routine

    where was the breakfast invite. don't need one to get pished.
  6. I have tried them all on show tonight and for some reason none are working for me on chrome firefox or google so about to give up
  7. Thoughts With Neil McCann.

    think that was why he never did the pre or post match press talks. all the best to him and his family lost my dad a few tears back at this time of year also so know he will be gutted.
  8. Showed some class today managed to make it look close truth is should have had a gubbing and more of the same to come deep joy
  9. Ryan Jack Red

    no intent wins the ball but follows through in the laws its a red no question. as many have said the other way and we would be screaming for the red
  10. two good results against the sheep although not as convincing as Wednesdays still a good result. collum never makes it easy for us and to be fair he had no choice with the red card but a few other odd calls. but who gives a fuck 3pts and into 2nd place with miller and windas leading the line cant be all bad can it.
  11. King Kenny

    more worried about his playing ability these days not about kissing a badge had them before and they have fucked off means nothing to them
  12. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    best this season so far. never expected that kind of performance our pace on and off the ball was something that had been missing.made the sheep look poor and that was never really on the cards for us after the last couple of games . at last a performance we can all be proud of.well done all round
  13. Fernando Ricksen at Ibrox tomorrow.

    good on him he must be suffering bad with that condition as it takes no prisoners. showing the true Rangers spirit and fight.
  14. Miller

    from the bench late on might be useful but not a starter his form has been pish so far.