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  1. is it his lack or the players lack of ability to adapt. given the performances of the players I would say its more the players inability to adapt and partly seeing out the season knowing most will be punted. in any line of work if you know your out the door do you give it 100% no you drift along till you walk. again with the set up he has players who have been moved all over the pitch by warbs and he never found the right set up. so pedro is probably trying to see what he can get out of them again knowing who he will want to keep. we have to be fair to him and give him at least a transfer window and a couple of months to settle them down then we can see what we have as a manager and a team. to call for his head at this point is will also show how much the board back the man and that is important if not more important to our future.
  2. when did he improve he used to be absolute fucking garbage
  3. cheers tried it but came up with a virus alert.
  4. lost kodi any links
  5. would agree with all you say however I would be happier if they could first find a team mate with a pass then worry about goals
  6. can see where your coming from. but my thoughts are with the refs on this one it totally undermines them. from the spl to the lowest sunday lge ref hung out to dry. a disgraceful decision.
  7. as a fan and ref I am stunned that he got that reduced to a yellow. the whole context of the tackle was with intent. he had been caught and should have had a foul then the penalty decision gives him the right hump and he lost the plot in that tackle even timmy mate down here is lost on how he got away with it.
  8. He is one of the very few that have been at least trying this season at worst a good sub and example to the youngsters
  9. 1st goal his feet were'nt planted as he was trying to reposition himself that can happen so no real blame for him from me the second was for me defo down to him should have been his ball when a keeper starts to come the defenders normally slow it up a bit to avoid getting in his way then when he stops the defender has to try to get back in then comes the rash challenge school boy error from fod. always got told that once you start to come you come all the way gives the defender the chance to cover the goal.
  10. A bit like Wilson when he went to Liverpool hardly kicked a ball same will happen here very little chance of making the 1st team in the top 6/8 in the epl.
  11. firtly I don't give a shit about your gramerr opines. I di not say they have not got a rota I said they only have 2 weeks games issued at any one time. I think I know a bit more than you about the workings of refs as my user name denotes been at it for 25+yrs I am also a referee observer upto and including the conference league. I also have two friends who referee in the championship who pass on information as to how things work. you no doubt will come back with the argument that that may be what happens in England but I can assure you its the same system in Scotland. and there are many reasons behind it. and yes you can get dropped from the list if you make big mistakes(in law) in a game. it takes you out of the spotlight a bit.
  12. your wrong in that assumption ref at local level get a 4 week allocation at top level they only get a max of 2 games at a time. for a ref to be dropped from a game he has had to do something in law wrong during the game and that is normally down to the observer. we all like to think and it does look at times its a club influence that gets them moved but its only when they cock up in law. eg he fails to give a stone wall pen like madden did in the o f game.
  13. Regardless of it being said by him he is not saying anything we dont already
  14. with refs head on both were red cards hard to understand why the lino missed fods ref has little chance to pick that up. garners also a red as it was classed as reckless and the smile probably didn't help. with fans head its about time we got a break with the decisions.