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  1. Rangers hugging beggars

    your right about them going on the piss together. on a Wednesday evening if no mideweek games they used to turn up at the kincaid house hotel. seen grieg stein and a few others mixing it with the likes of mcneil gemmill etc. however that was never shown on the pitch it was a case of into them then no quarter asked or given. changed days
  2. Ban them from ibrox

    when I did the tour about 4/5yr ago am sure the guy said then they never went to hospitality and the same at theirs for us. although he did say that in the players lounge so may have been meaning only the players.
  3. Pedro's refwatch

    long overdue but think he should have kept it quiet. and then hit the sfa with it at the end of the season and asked them to justify the errors.
  4. malaga

    thanks lads to the sensible replies to those trying to be smart you failed
  5. malaga

    mate is heading to Malaga for a few days anyone know where he can watch the taigs game anywhere in or around malaga
  6. Bruno Alves.

    wall breaking up in front of goal is shite wes should be going ape shit with them free kick debate all you want but to break like that is criminal at any level of the game. whats the point being there to break away.
  7. Mccoist on BT

    that's one of those things we jump on sure there was no foul either way but the ref has to consider the safety of players so blowing up with the ball stuck where it was prevented what could have been a serious injury to either of their players. he gave it as a free kick to prevent another possible incident if he had done the drop ball as he would do if it was outside the box. not defending collum in any way think the guys a dick of a ref just explaining what a refs reasons were for the decision
  8. New Songs To Sing

    and then straight into fuck yer harry. them were the days
  9. Windass

    he,s marmite to me.some weeks he looks the part others he looks a fart. needs consistency and a bit more bottle.but think he has come on a lot under pedro could we all be starting to like someone warbs signed
  10. Ibrox Gates

    welders I have known over the years all knew where to put the rods. seen my brother earth onto his brother in laws caliper certainly knew what he was doing wakened the fucker right up
  11. What happened?

    you made a point earlier about threads dying a natural death. fair enough. but we have thousands of pages of posts that must have died a natural death and not been visited in years surely they should go before newish threads.
  12. think he has that already after the way he shut Sutton down on sunday
  13. Ally and Butcher

    it was a red card he led with the elbow he made contact with the elbow red card no argument. them saying he was defending himself are at it. your going into a players back no chance do you need to defend yourself unless you know your going to give the player a whack. he could have been yellow for jumping into miller and just perhaps that's what Thompson based the decision on but I doubt it. even later with the hand ball no way can you call an arm raised at that height a natural position so a 2nd yellow should have come out. and well done pedro shutting Sutton down with the comment regarding his coaching experience also liked the we comment he made when Sutton said I ask the questions pedros I can ask questions also class.
  14. Highlights Gers v Hertz

    think we are forgetting we are at this point a couple of weeks behind all the teams we have played so far. they have all been playing competitive games in that pishy cup group so are pretty much up to speed in competitive games we are a little behind both in competitive game time and a settled team.its not an excuse as such but it does make a difference. we should be battering teams like this. so I will wait a couple of weeks till we have had game time to settle new players and new systems. I know as a support we expect only the very best from the team and rightly so.but an almost new starting 11 needs a bit of time.even the players from last season need time to work things out on the pitch with the new guys only so much you can do on the training pitch.
  15. they can but it would not do much good as the sfa/spfl are the sole arbiters in the appointments. so in all probability it would go nowhere. at local level slightly different. if a club contacts the league to say look we had so and so last week and he did xyz we would rather not have him for a few weeks to let the dust settle then 9/10 the ref would get moved to another game. shit I know but that's what we are living with. would much prefer to see an independent appointments board free from the sfa/spfl