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  1. Dunfermline away think it was 66/67 but remember we won.train from queen st was packed and swaying like a balloon in the wind songs being belted out. don't remember that much about the game. but as they were a good team back then it was great result and the journey back was manic.
  2. all arguing about him. we seem to forget he took us to Manchester. who complained about him then or when he stayed. he was then shit on by the club offering him a shite contract so he went fair play. anybody else here who would stay in your job at a reduced contract I think not we all want as best as we can get. as for the case against the club I aint sure if it was him or his advisors that kicked that off all the technical shit in contracts can leave it open to interpretation and the fact he never chased it through the courts says he accepted it might have moaned but who wouldn't moan. he was a good number 2 and when he came down the leagues with us he was a good No1.
  3. Try plymouth true carson dog he should be able to set you up
  4. I agree with a ban on the green and grey hoops. offensive to every decent set of eyes in the world
  5. They can refuse its use anytime they feel it could cause offence or incite trouble
  6. Cracking ineresting to see if the authorities let it be worn at girodome
  7. He had his chance to shine and failed.had some good games and scored some crackers for us but has been to often missing in battle.that was even on show with warbs in charge so he can have no complaints.
  8. to all those lucky enough to be at any of todays celebrations give it loud and proud and enjoy it. hope the weather holds up for you all.
  9. every game I have seen him he charges at the ball till the last 2yds then stops get taken right out the game when he does it. defo at fault for the 1st goal 2nd he was sold a dummy by the poor header out left him with no choice or chance to do anything. I give him a little and I do mean a little credit with some of his runs at defenders turns them but then cocks it up by not having a clue what to do next. pish poor overall should never be at ibrox at any level.
  10. doubt I will see much of it.just setting off on a pub crawl but all the best to them and those over watching it.
  11. probably the only one here that enjoys the Friday night and sunday games on telly at least them I can watch as on Saturdays am out every week doing a game so even with a 12o'clock ko I only get the 1st half fucks me off.
  12. Ok we threw some paper onto the pitch and i know throwing stuff onto the playing area is a no no.but if papet balls are out of order then why not the bog rolls that most clubs have thrown not got clubs done .big bad bears
  13. Cant argue with that. But why draw even more attention to yourself.
  14. did big jock not do this way back. seem to recall him telling players when they were good enough to wear coloured boots he would tell them. from a refs point they are great as its easier to identify the player when he kicks out at someone they deny it and your saying to them what other players is wearing green/pink/ yellow boots.
  15. ban then its lifted then its banned again. sick of seeing this pish. we don't need them to peddle half truths and downright lies about the club. I remember a while back someone saying on here we should only release a press statement through rangers tv.makes sense to me and any journo that puts a spin on what has been said on there should be hauled into court. only once will that need to happen and the rest will fall into line.