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  1. Fernando Ricksen at Ibrox tomorrow.

    good on him he must be suffering bad with that condition as it takes no prisoners. showing the true Rangers spirit and fight.
  2. Miller

    from the bench late on might be useful but not a starter his form has been pish so far.
  3. Jack sending off

    from that clip it looks like the ref seen the head movement = yellow. but it also looks like he kicked at him as well that he may have missed so lino or 4th telling him that also took place so it would be upgraded to the 2nd yellow. showing the straight red would be right for the two actions so possibly yellow is rescinded and it goes to just the red for disciplinary action. not defending time it took but a possible explanation.
  4. Referee today

    the ref was shite and his assessor at the game should be ripping into him. he was on top off all the major calls so cant use the excuse my view was being blocked. he also cant say that he was looking to play advantage on them the head knocks are an immediate stop of play regardless of any advantage he may try to play.its not the first time we have come across poor refs but this was shocking even in local lge football if a ref performed like that he would be reported to the lge and county for failure to protect players. keeping players safe is the paramount in any game at any level he failed on that all ends up. as a ref and an assessor I usually try to find a reason for the refs to have made the decisions and the alves / mount one I think it was the ball broke to the touchline for a throw he may have followed the ball rather than watching the afters no excuse for that either at that level. park football learning the game you could get away with that but not at that level with 3 other official also watching. very poor to say the least.
  5. 9 in a Row.

    the same as older bears that were about during their 9iar. that was no fun. but your right we will have those memories
  6. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    probably tbb when we could sing it loud and proud. Londonderry on the foyle/stevie McCrea
  7. Just listening to..

    great song but somehow cant see the youngsters singing it.
  8. One of the best days of my life

    most of us will be on the piss trying to blot it out not dreaming of what should have been.fuckin lightweight
  9. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    oh the romance of being stood on those terraces the whole place swaying to whatever song you wanted. then some guy behind you trying to piss into a can he had just emptied and missing getting the back of yer legs or being a few rows in front when some plonker lobbed the can of piss landing on yer nut or shoulder deep joy. lost count of the times the gf told me I stunk of piss and telling her it was a small price to pay for being on the slopes of ibrox park. then afterwards heading down to big kia,s on the govan rd till about 7 for a right sash bash with some old guy on the piano.those were the days sadly they will never return. not politically correct don't you know
  10. If you won the lottery...

    not a penny. don't think I would last long enough to get the paperwork done. probably a heart attack in the first 24hrs or alcohol poisoning within a week.
  11. Butcher

    not defending him but he was right was he not. still a knob end though
  12. he was asked if miller was going to Canada he said the list would be out later. so neither confirmed or denied. think its obvious he wont be going otherwise why send him with the kids to London.
  13. Rangers hugging beggars

    your right about them going on the piss together. on a Wednesday evening if no mideweek games they used to turn up at the kincaid house hotel. seen grieg stein and a few others mixing it with the likes of mcneil gemmill etc. however that was never shown on the pitch it was a case of into them then no quarter asked or given. changed days
  14. Ban them from ibrox

    when I did the tour about 4/5yr ago am sure the guy said then they never went to hospitality and the same at theirs for us. although he did say that in the players lounge so may have been meaning only the players.