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  1. Back in the 60s a lot from both sides lived in kirkie and lenzie as both were dry they would go to the kincade hotel usually about a dozen of them pre drink driving so who cared who went where with who.
  2. stupid fines that could have been prevented by the fans themselves.the guy throwing the bottle at least 5 folk could have prevented that.the 3 guys sat right behind him and the 2 either side of him must have seen the raised arm with the bottle in so why not grab it or the arm to stop it. the guy running onto the pitch surely to fuck the guys on the spot could have grabbed him fair play on that one we had just scored so most jumping about but it was preventable by our own.(tin hat in waiting)
  3. knocking on a bit now would he have the legs to run from goal do the run up and get back before they score if he misses­čĄÉ
  4. Mom for me edmundson close 2nd arfield in the mix as well
  5. fair comment. however he has played long enough to know you normally get booked for it in European games.read somewher think its germany that is stamping down on dissent of all kinds.player got booked for a foul moaned and got second yellow.as an ex ref now for me its long overdue that the pros are getting done for dissent. one ref I know was told when he ref in conference not to book for dissent. so its little wonder there is so much of it.
  6. don't recall braga players throwing an arm towards the ref when having a pop.thats what he probably got carded for.its seen as aggressive behaviour towards an official.having just retired as a ref after 30yrs I can understand that i don't need to agree but I understand it can also understand his frustration but he needs to try to show it without the aggressive gesture.
  7. dunno what game you watched mate but madden wasn't good enough to be shocking.he was far worse than that so please no more compliments to the slag
  8. We worked hard to get that result.looked determined not to test their keeper our only success
  9. Cant remember who but the cunt that pulled shagger down no card and the perv that grabbed buffs bollocks.thats a red violent conduct free kicks given so he seen them but no action suspect behavior to say the least
  10. RIP Fernando loved and missed a true blue
  11. devref


    that and the two early cards for McGregor and jack are what he would have been asked about by the assessor on the day.but hardly a hanging offence.am sure there have been games when our players have done things to break up play.standard tactic
  12. devref


    a few on here are looking to blame the ref.from that they are clutching.as for the numb nut that would appear to be you.the ref had a decent game end of.have you ever been in the middle for anything other than a kids game doubt it.i have and just retired from the middle after 24yrs. have also been a qualified assessor for 18yrs and am still doing that so I know what I am looking for in a ref.granted the refs up there are pretty poor but when one has a decent game and we play shite then don't try to slate the ref saying he had a bad game. numoty
  13. devref


    watched the game and he had a decent game could easily have had two reds before he did show a card the red was a defo red.he tried to keep the game moving the fact that we were shite is what all the fuss is about trying to say ref was shite is clutching at the wind.i assess refs on a regular basis and he would have easily have made the grade.his assessor would have question why the two reds were not given and its easy to see why. we were shite and we have to eat it
  14. anyone else lost the stream telling me it don't exist
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