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  1. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    he takes a lot of shit for his performances when at times he is not the worst on the park but is still singled out, some of us should be looking at the performance of those around him and what he is getting from them to work with, not saying he doesn't deserve criticism but it is at times ott, as for social media should be renamed unsocial media and banned from players activities,
  2. Cheating refs helping the filth

    2 red cards there brown for the push in the face and kiprie for the kick out granted neither were overly violent however letter of the law its 2 reds. both players spoken to was all that was needed as it was even less than handbags. ref was a bit excited. brown is a protected species so he gets away with this type of thing most weeks PS I agree he is past his sell by date by a fair bit
  3. Jimmy Nicholl

    we all thought weir would do this as well with warbs but he never seemed to do much. he also knew how to beat the scum. we have to ask the question does murty listen or make the calls on his own the same as warbs seemed to. either way don't think we can blame JN for the defeat
  4. TBB - Word change question

    Up our knees in the animals blood not spcific to them and its how the were reffered to way back
  5. Willie Collum

    ok I can understand the feelings of some about collum et al. however no matter what level of the game you play at you know the refs and how they perform as a rule.so for me its down to the players to act accordingly and perform in a way that gives the ref no chance of making dodgy calls. if we turn up and press them high we will get the benefits if we sit back and take what they give we will get what we deserve and that would be nothing. teams have got to not only play the opponent but play the ref also and I don't mean he is anti one team or the other just that we know what he is liable to do in certain situations. I see it myself every week.
  6. todays game

    Sharks and the inability to stand on one of them boards living in devon it had to be tried and failed
  7. todays game

    fair shift but you can keep that surfing lark
  8. todays game

    made it to yer bed yet ya whimp
  9. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    them and us
  10. todays game

    Am on the old pulteney and stella hope the games as good as the drinks
  11. todays game

    just opened with 4hrs to go thought you said you were staunch. 4hrs is not enough time for the appetisers mate
  12. todays game

  13. todays game

    this from someone who in all probability will watch the first half fall asleep and wake up wondering what happened in the game
  14. Video Referee

    sheep away 7.45ko game over 9,40 at latest unless a serious injury has taken place. with the added stoppage time adding approx. 5min in the 1st half then in the 2nd you have the standard 3/4mins plus what could be anything up to 5mins again best part of 10pm before your out the stadium. ok its only an extra 10/15mins but that makes a lot of difference to the time you get back. can see the last 10mins played to an empty stadium. alternative brig the ko forward but think this will affect the crowd on the night so a money loss to the clubs. and at home subway loyal would be away at the normal time meaning the stadium looks empty longer.it will come I have no doubt and it will change the crowds costing clubs money
  15. I await a Stauncher pub name.

    King William IV. in barry s.wales