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  1. scottyc06

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    No it benefits us as it gives us a better chance of winning the league this year, ending their dominance of CL opportunities!
  2. scottyc06

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    Them being in Europe benefits us..
  3. scottyc06

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    No, but they can definitely go through to the EL group stages! It’s all about the league and them playing every Thursday benefits us! If they end up out of Europe, they’re then rested & playing the Saturday with us playing twice a week and the day after them most weekends, so likely playing catch up!
  4. scottyc06

    The atmosphere at Ibrox

    Strange thread considering so far this season it’s been the best atmosphere at Ibrox we’ve had in years!! Even from before we went down the leagues!
  5. scottyc06

    Emails out for extra Kilmarnock tickets

    Definitely doesn’t count as an allocated ticket, only those that had payments taken after the ballot have their ccs affected!
  6. scottyc06

    Emails out for extra Kilmarnock tickets

    Yep, showing as sold out
  7. scottyc06

    Emails out for extra Kilmarnock tickets

    Won’t be an allocated ticket! Those without a ticket so far on the ccs will still be in the pot for Motherwell then the tarriers!
  8. scottyc06

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Handed his resignation in but is covering the role until they get his replacement in place as far as I’m aware
  9. scottyc06

    Progres vs Ufa

    Gotta be a good thing, Progres game looks like it was postponed at the weekend so they will be well rested & also don’t have the travel that Ufa will have! Gotta hope that Progres take it, don’t fancy having to travel to the middle of Russia 3 days before an OF.
  10. scottyc06

    Progres vs Ufa

    The third goal at Ibrox just about tied this up, a goal in Maribor & it’s game over as there’s not a chance we are shipping 3 goals to this mob!
  11. scottyc06

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Tony.mcglennan@scottishfa.co.uk compliance officer
  12. scottyc06

    Progres vs Ufa

    2-1 Ufa after the first leg, 2nd leg this Thursday 6pm. We really want Progres to win this. The most obvious reason for this is the distance to Ufa. We're looking at a 5 hour flight on the Thursday night after the game to get back in to Glasgow on Friday AM then travelling to the piggery on Sunday lunchtime. Throwing in the impact of a 4 hour time difference as well to adjust to. Not ideal preparation by any stretch. Again that time difference will be cunt, Ufa's game with Progres was a 3pm kick off uk time. (won't affect the team but not ideal for viewing it here, possible lack of coverage as well if Premier don't see it as being profitable with such an early kick off). Absolute nightmare for anyone wanting to attend, I know these are the types of games you live for but it's going to be very pricey with visa's & flight prices etc. And just because, we owe them one!!
  13. scottyc06

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    Was brilliant! Anybody got the picture of the Govan from yesterday? Interested to see what it looked like before being held up!
  14. scottyc06


    What a fucking mongo statement! The guy who spent the majority of his Rangers career injured would run through walls for the team? The guy who left Rangers at the first sign of trouble would run through walls for the team? The guy who said it’s not the same Rangers would run through walls for the team? You sound like you’ve run through a wall and come out with severe brain damage! Steven Naismith would run through walls for Rangers, wow!!