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  1. Rangers vs Scum - Scottish Cup

    Unsuccessful in the ballot, any help would be appreciated 👍 After 2 but would take anything going!
  2. Rangers vs Scum - Scottish Cup

    Unsuccessful in the ballot, any help would be appreciated 👍 After 2 but would take anything going!
  3. Semi final ballot

    I think you might underestimate just how important these RSC’s are to the overall Rangers support! Its no so much about the individuals on the bus, more so that it’s better for everyone if these buses have a full allocation to allow them to travel without making losses & folding! We’ve sold out something like our last 125 away games, do you really think we would do that without these buses travelling every week?
  4. Semi final ballot

  5. Semi final ballot

    I would agree but I’m sure I remember seeing a tweet from him saying that’s how it would be dealt with & if that’s the case then i’ll be expecting a ticket for the final!
  6. Semi final ballot

    Aye well that’s what I meant by those that were eligible for this ballot! Signed up to all home games, semis/finals priority & had been to (or paid for) previous home games in SC! If we make it and I don’t get a ticket I’ll be fucking raging!
  7. Semi final ballot

    On the plus side, I’m sure GM said that those who were eligible for the SF ballot that never got would get the priority for the final! So by that reckoning, those of us that didn’t get here should have tickets for the sheep/Motherwell once we fuck these tarrier bastards out!!
  8. Semi final ballot

  9. Semi final ballot

    Anyone got that can’t go, we’re needing 2 now!
  10. Semi final ballot

    Those on semis & finals that had attended every round previously I’m sure!
  11. Semi final ballot

    See if you’re on a friends & family with others & they didn’t go to the last round, this meaning they wouldn’t be in the ballot would that then take me out the ballot?
  12. Semi final ballot

    Aye mate I’m exactly the same 👎
  13. There will be a few like you but I think the majority who follow us home & away would vote the other way! Dont get me wrong, there would be something fucking brilliant about being in amongst only a handful of bears at their midden!!
  14. The 96% quoted isn’t anywhere near a true representation! Had you asked everybody who attended our last away game this question you would have the figures reversed with a high % saying no!
  15. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    On route with the Dundee Loyal, 4 Tickets short if anyone has anything going?