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  1. They are full on shiteing themselves for coming through here today
  2. Right up for this today!! Pocket full of coins, couple of glass bottles & I will get a couple of pies in there! They're getting it!!! Might even put the middle finger up at them as well to really ramp up the abuse!!
  3. Anyone else find this shit embarrassing? I mean, the whole strip the titles campaign is fucking brutal never mind this comeback pish! The rest of Scottish football will always be in our shadow & they know it, pathetic wee hashtags will never change that!
  4. How fucking clueless are you??? His role is so simple, win the ball and offload it! He done that all night, and the majority of the time, it was off loaded to either another midfielder or wide man, bearing in mind our full backs are constantly going forward as well! Now im not saying he had a great game but over the course of the 2 legs, especially the first leg, he's done what he's been asked to do!
  5. We don't really we have Fredrick & Cedrick (that part you really couldn't make up) who don't understand what the role of a defensive midfielder is! It honestly amazes me that this pair think he should be picking out 60 yard passes or driving on at defenses on a regular basis! For what it's worth he did drive on at times and the majority of his passes were to attack minded players!
  6. Away and watch the match again, you're so far off the mark!
  7. His role is very very simple.. break up the play, win the ball back & offload to attack minded players! He done that all night!
  8. you don't remember Barry Backwards playing 5 yard passes to the side?
  9. You don't really understand what a defensive midfielders role is do you?
  10. Actually thought Tav was one of our better players tonight! Still not sure if there's a player in there though!
  11. No, it's not!
  12. Sadly it's true! In a 3-1 defeat!
  13. Makes you wonder if this is just him being a wee fanny or if that is the general consensus on that bus, are they all that fucking detached from what this club means to us!
  14. And both before and after the game he was being pulled out the bush? They have clearly been taken at exactly the same time!