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  1. Don't think Iv ever been less up for an old firm game!
  2. Just came across this on my phone from the player of the year awards on Sunday night!!
  3. 100% down to the pish on the park!
  4. Was this after the game? I was in that night but fucked off for dinner after the game!
  5. Said it last week, this cunt is a protected species in Scotland!! Gets away with murder! Someone seriously needs to break his legs on Saturday!
  6. If it wasn't already paid for I wouldn't be bothering!
  7. Fucking buzzin for this tonight now
  8. If you're into sharing jokes & cuddling tarriers on OF day then fire on, it's not for me though!
  9. Cost him big time! In a game where we needed to be physical in the middle of the park, he couldn't as he was on a yellow after 4 minutes!
  10. Cuddling & laughing with the trannie shagger at the end says it all! Fucking embarrassing!
  11. Aye he PM'd me mate 👍
  12. I know mate!! Couldn't believe it had fallen on the night of an old firm! Hopefully we fuck them out the cup & the place is bouncing!
  13. Bump
  14. All the talk of him getting sent off is laughable! Don't get me wrong, he has deserved to be sent of on numerous occasions but the wee rat is a protected species in Scotland, no chance he'll walk!