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  1. Can’t see anything but a carbon copy of what happens in EPL. Will await their decision & the SPFL announcing the same 5 mins later! So ate, fuck Liverpool!
  2. You literally made a thread up that was all your opinion, based on absolutely nothing and tried to pass it off as fact.....
  3. UEFA always advise member associations to handle these matters, so don’t see how they could then sanction them for doing so! You’ve made all that up just like you did in your thread earlier.
  4. You’ve went off on one there... The issue is that they’ve held a presser to tell everyone they want the title awarded to them! You said it yourself, the purpose of having it was to get their narrative out! Absolutely nobody else has had a press conference today, hardly surprising is it?
  5. Exactly the point no? Their narrative being they want the title regardless of anything else going on in the world!
  6. Surely that was yesterday & if not would certainly have been before the announcement.
  7. Awch come on to fuck, did any other clubs even have a presser today? He will have been briefed on his response prior to the presser! Zero class about the response considering what’s going on & also falling in line with what his captain had spouted previously. I have no doubt that we would be looking for the same outcome in their position however I would hope we would deal with the situation with a bit more decorum.
  8. Tarriers champions.. Hearts to stay up! Wait for it..
  9. Someone made a good point on this the other day! We have been fucking shafted by the club over & over when it comes to ticket prices etc. We get absolutely fuck all reward from that & are absolute cash cows to the club. The thing is though, I, like others will always pay these prices & wont take a penny back from this years season ticket, regardless of how many games we miss out on because it’s for the good of the club.
  10. Worst case scenario of the leagues being determined as they are, will still have a silver lining... neither them or the scum get to celebrate their wins! No awarding of the title in front of fans etc. Obviously the preferred option is for them to win fuck all!
  11. Season voided & we start again next season as if it never happened. However, I have absolutely no doubt that if we were sitting top of the league I would be all for the league finishing with current positions. I think every team will have their opinions based on where they are sitting. Personally, I think we will do the same as we did when suspending the league. Wait & see what happens in England then follow suit.
  12. Kent was rotten again
  13. Needs to start Sunday
  14. There’s disrespecting then there’s saying you appreciate a team beating us... Weird comment! Angry wee boys? For not being happy to watch their team get beat?
  15. Stupid post! Everybody can appreciate football... just not against our team! What’s to appreciate?! I certainly don’t enjoy football for footballs sake when it comes to Rangers! Especially when we’re getting beat! Have a word!
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