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  1. scottyc06

    Grezda and Barisic

    Grezda wasn't great but there's definitely a good understanding between the two of them! If Grezda improves it could be lethal! Barasic certainly looks like he's exactly what we have been crying out for at LB!
  2. Keep 11 on the park and I fancy us to scud them!
  3. scottyc06

    The League's Finished

    St Johnstone but it's not until the end of Jan so we have the opportunity to go clear of them by the time they play that game in hand
  4. scottyc06

    January Transfer Window Dave?

    Gerrard has said he wants to add a couple & King has said funds will be available if the right targets are identified! Yet there's still some having a go at King weeks before the transfer window has even opened!
  5. scottyc06


    We don't need a 442 just a creative midfielder! We had 3 defensive mids playing tonight and there's people wondering why we never created many chances?
  6. scottyc06

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Typical Fenians man
  7. scottyc06

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    This has provided some entertainment after the disappointment of earlier
  8. scottyc06

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  9. scottyc06

    Squad rotation

    Will we see a settled first team now that we are out of Europe? We have rotated so much with playing twice a week but now that we shouldn't have such a high intensity of games surely we will now find our strongest 11 & where possible stick with it! Especially at centre half!
  10. scottyc06

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    No shaking hands, no applauding the Rangers support, no consoling his players! Wouldn't be a problem but it's not really like him? Looking into things too much or something in it?
  11. scottyc06

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Gonna have to sneak this 1-0 I feel
  12. scottyc06

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Look at they animals throwing paper!!!
  13. scottyc06

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Stuck a tenner on 3-2 Morelos at 150/1 but don't give a flying fuck as long as we're in the next round!
  14. scottyc06

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    No because Rapid will also get a point