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  1. Fancy us to beat the sheep twice & for them to get beat by the tarriers & possibly slip up at St Johnstone! On that basis we should be good enough to take 2nd, key game being us vs then at Pittodrie!
  2. Don't agree with this Ibrox would be a library without them pish! I remember going to Ibrox when I was younger and there was always songs going in the Broomloan! It is the way it is just now because people won't start songs like they used to because they don't catch on as the UB are singing something different! I'm not saying they're bad but I don't think they have improved the atmosphere from what it was 15/20 year ago! I would say it's now less people singing more often where as before it would be more people singing but maybe not as frequently! Also think the embarrassing talk of our support being so far behind others is brutal, what grounds have we been to where a home support has outsung our away support? All over the country home supports are never as vocal, we're no different!
  3. @STEPPS BOY Any team news mate?
  4. You've actually beaten the OP to the worst comment in this thread, and that's saying something!! Fuck me!!
  5. I agree you should always look to help the guy rather than filming it but it might actually help the guy in getting a conviction against wee sean if he goes down that route.
  6. Just realised Halliday wasn't even on the bench today? Suspended? Injured? Anything more to it?
  7. You'll get it stuck in your head & be singing it without realising you're doing it!
  8. Everybody hates, roman catholics
  9. See her as well!!
  10. How has there not been a thread set up for this yet? Into these tarrier bastards!!!
  11. Running just as fast as we can...
  12. Portugese manager of one of the biggest clubs in the world? Never mind Jose Mourinho, we've got The Special H**