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  1. scottyc06

    Website Ticket Sales

    It seems to be when games are in high demand it's switching to this method!
  2. scottyc06

    Has BlueTube...

    Aye mate, they've got a new site set up so that they don't get shut down! Just google bluewaffle.fr & request to be added.
  3. scottyc06


    Any chance you could tell us what the score was?
  4. scottyc06

    Europa League rival watch

    Spartak have just sacked there manager. Got be pushing for 6 points over these two games!
  5. "Already sold 400 of these in under a day" They come in batches of 50, you've sold 8 ya weapon!!
  6. scottyc06

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    So wee Durranty has a few add on's to Sweet Caroline.. big deal!
  7. scottyc06


    He's a weird looking wee cunt
  8. scottyc06

    28th minute

    Think that's the same post i've just read it wrong! Either way, there's no need for a minutes applause for an 86 year old that's passed away.
  9. scottyc06

    28th minute

    Was absolutely spot on today! Good tribute & well done to Hamilton for being part of it! On a side note, seen some guy on Facebook wanting a round of applause next Sunday for his 86 year old grandad from London that died! Not for me I'm afraid! Condolences and all that but that's a bit much!
  10. scottyc06

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Il take that all day long! We didn't play well but gotta remember we haven't won away from home all season so all that mattered was the win, we can build on that!
  11. scottyc06

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Just win
  12. scottyc06

    St mirren

    Would be easily fixed if there were rules put in place at the start of the season regarding allocations & not being able to change them. That would allow us to go back to the original method of being allocated your 6 or so games at the start of the season which guaranteed everyone the same number of games (near enough) and a fair distribution of the bigger games!
  13. scottyc06

    Semi final allocation

    South Stand P5 - Stupid wee bit above the tunnel between stands! I'll take it, as it means I'm not down the front so should see the game!
  14. scottyc06

    St mirren

    I've had two.. Livi & St Mirren, didn't get the cup game at Killie.
  15. scottyc06

    Semi final allocation

    If the smaller of the two teams can't fill their half of a 50/50 split then a stadium small enough for them to fill half of it should be used... they're fucking unbelievable