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  1. We play at 3, they’re at half 5
  2. We could be 11 points ahead by the time they play next... away at Tannadice! Regardless of the games in hand, the psychological effect that could have would be massive.
  3. I’ll give you that, they’ll never be as bad as your other club!
  4. Arsenal showing their level today.. 55 staff redundancies! Absolute tin pot club!
  5. What’s with putting a y at the end of everything? Timmy? Sonny? Off you fucky!!
  6. You’re actually slagging a players performance having not seen it yourself.... fuck off!! “Happy fucking dafty” right enough!
  7. So you want to ignore the last 5 games and look back to inconsistencies last season?
  8. He’s literally not put a foot wrong in pre-season, 2 goals & an assist I think... then was involved in the goal today! How’s he not showing consistency?
  9. He was deep from very early on! The reason he got no service is because he was so deep, numerous times Barasic & Tav had to cut back because there was fuck all on.
  10. To be fair, you’ve made a shocker of a statement which would suggest you never...
  11. We’re literally 1 game into the season 🤦‍♂️
  12. Would take a 1-0 win every week, boring as fuck but Welcome to the party!
  13. With there evidently being some interest & likely negotiation of some sort from Lille for Alfie, what do we think of him playing vs the sheep. Does the fact he is our only recognised out & out striker available change the opinion? Does the fact it’s a potential £20m risk change opinions? 1. Should be play? 2. Will Gerrard play him?
  14. They’ve got a tough run of games around that old firm. Lose absolutely fuck all before it, beat them then watch them crumble away to Motherwell & Hibs! They’ve got the sheep in there too but they could field wee jay in goals and still win at Pittodrie.
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