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  1. I love our away support but at times I fucking hate how good it is when you struggle for anything bigger than Motherwell away over a full season on cccs!
  2. Seemingly says "wives are crying, children are crying, each one of us is flying to Glasgow"
  3. Ross McCrorie playing at right back seems weird to me however the pompy fans want him in from the start there at their next game!
  4. What is it you're actually upset about here? We've drawn the worst team in the draw for the last 16 then the second worst team In the quarter finals! Why does the fact it was two fenians who done the draw matter?
  5. Imagine coming up with conspiracy theories after drawing the second worst team in the draw 🙄
  6. This was my first thought also, no had one yet this season so will be an absolute stick on for this! Had them last season as well, such a boring away tie.
  7. scottyc06

    Left back

    To be fair, it doesn't matter who anyone thinks is our best left back. The point is that we don't have a left back good enough for this team.
  8. League 9/4 Scottish Cup 7/2 League Cup 3/1 Europa 100/1 Also... Morelos top scorer in the league 9/2 Would say there's definite money to be made there, especially on the top scorer!
  9. Being smart and paying the ones that they say are linked to the club while continuing the separate entity lie where the much bigger claims will sit. Vile. And will no doubt get away with it!
  10. normally the easiest draw possible is what you want but the tarriers at Ibrox does actually make sense! Last year showed the benefit of home advantage so would give us a good chance to take them at Ibrox rather than a 50/50 split somewhere we have struggled in recent times!
  11. As long as you go down the stairs to your seat at the club deck (after climbing the hundreds to get there) you've got a decent view! OP, should hopefully be kept in BF but will all depend on how many seats are not season tickets in the BF!
  12. I'm in BF5 & on CCCS, will money come off tomorrow or do I wait until 21st to pick a seat?
  13. 4. New signing ✔️ We shouldn't be settling for mediocrity!
  14. That's generally what happens when your attacking players lose the ball, they leave gaps that others will then move across to fill in.
  15. @polishranger Big question, do they or do they not follow the codex??
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