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  1. DEFLECT DEFLECT DEFLECT!!! They complained about “gestures” by our players, so when one of their own gets involved with supporters what do they do? Condemn their own player the way they did ours? Of course not, come up with a story that turns said player into a victim! You can honestly read them like a fucking book! I can’t wait to ram 55 right down their throats & enjoy a summer of suicides! Honestly, I’d love to win the league by a single goal, a penalty, that Morelos dives for! Properly send these victims over the edge!
  2. Had we not been playing at Tynecastle on Sunday I doubt Flanagan would have played tonight but he’s probably the right choice for Sunday, so he had to get game time tonight.
  3. Gerrard said it himself, the boys will play if they offer more than what we have in said position! Given that St Mirren will offer very very little going forward, it’s all about what our chosen right back has to offer going forward & Patterson has more quality in that aspect than both Flanno & Polster. You may have a point against Hearts where it will be a high intensity game & more will be required defensively.
  4. Everyone except @Courtyard Bear who wouldn’t even have played him tonight never mind St Mirren
  5. If they weren’t so influential in the media/Scottish football etc this meltdown would be fucking hilarious... but I honestly fear what is coming when we start to open up a gap in the new year.
  6. Expect that the line they use is that he was making sure Katic knew it was him being booked or that he was dropping the card etc. Nothing to see here...
  7. 7 seconds You seem to be doing your best to rubbish this here...
  8. No he already was due to miss the Scottish Cup game I believe, misses a game for this red card & another from a past red card (which was a 2 game suspended sentence I think)
  9. Watch the other video of him walking off & being called a black bastard!
  10. The evidence is in this thread, in the video of him walking off you can hear him being called a black bastard as clear as day!
  11. VAR is a pile of pish! This statement is phenomenal however, highlights the sub standard refereeing & piles the pressure on them without it being a direct attack by us. The defence of Alfie is very welcome too.
  12. I mean the actual highlights.. not the section as a whole! If you watch it for instance on the website they have missed out numerous chances for us, didn’t mention the fact it was a handball for their goal, didn’t show Christie hitting Morelos in the groin, no mention of Aribo being pulled in the box, completely missed out Jullien bringing down Morelos.
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