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  1. Yet ask how many Rangers season ticket holders regularly attend Scotland games & in terms of percentages I would have us towards the bottom end of the scale.
  2. Absolutely doesn't change the point I was making, our record sale PLUS inflation, is still well below what they are paying for 21 year olds with less than 40 games experience. If that doesn't show the massive difference in the market then I don't know what does.
  3. Doesn't really alter my point though does it? A 21 year old who's only played 39 games for Swansea has a higher value than our record signing! The markets are massively different!
  4. That transfer is only £5m less than the highest anybody has ever paid for a player leaving Scotland & £6m MORE than we have ever received for a player. Tells you everything you need to know about the market in Scotland.
  5. He went from a development squad at Norwich, with next to no chance of breaking into the first team, to Rangers. Even if he had signed for Doncaster permanently it would be a step up to playing in a development squad!
  6. The big one is Tav, Kent very likely won't be back & there's nothing we can do about that. Morelos has been leaving for the last year & will bring in more than enough funds to replace him, especially at SPL level. I think we would struggle to replace Tav with a like for like player for what we will sell him at. In saying that, the foundations are already there & if we lose them both there will be more than enough money generated to win this league
  7. Fenian logic: Brendan knows that Gerry & his aquantancies sexually abuse kids. Brendan doesn't say anything because Gerry works for him & business might take a hit. Barry finds out about this & pushes for Brendan to be dealt with as harshly as Gerry because he knew & did nothing about it, leaving those kids to suffer. Gerry - made a few mistakes but can move on from it. Brendan - done absolutely nothing wrong & it is sick that he should be brought into this, Gerry worked for an agency, not him directly!! Barry - horrible bastard!!!! Does nothing but point score & partake in whataboutery!! Scum of the highest order! Doesn't pay his taxes so in actual fact, it should be him that's locked up!!
  8. Of course it is, embarassing that there's folk believing him as well!
  9. "it is simply not true that we have done nothing" "Our insurers appointed somebody to carry out an investigation & deal with the matter for the club" So what exactly is it you have done Peter???
  10. Fully expect their 'inquiry' to be another attempt to cover up who knew & what they knew, quite possibly with a gesture of goodwill or something to that effect. Along the lines of although they had no direct jurisdiction over the boys club they did have links so because we have such a good reputation that we want to uphold we will pay out a small compensation. Media, government & governing bodies will pile them with praise & on we move with their sordid secrets kept under wraps.
  11. Why the fuck would you do a 2 year investigation into a seperate entity??
  12. Stabbing apparently! What the fuck is it with them & stabbing eachother??
  13. Got to remember he hasn't accepted the job as of yet, and were the rumours last time not that he had left due to a lack of backing?! Them offering him the job suggests they aren't likely to be heavily investing in the squad this summer. Will he really take the job & risk being the guy who never delivered the 9, if he knows he won't be backed financially?! I don't know, he's not really got two brain cells so will probably take it but if he doesn't, where the fuck do they go from there?! Who in their right mind would take a job knowing you were second choice behind him!
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