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  1. Ibrox will be rocking if they drop points! Even more so if it goes into the following week! Unfortunately Killie are never taking anything & the sheep's record against them up there is shocking!
  2. Aye, no need to actually change anything just a freshen up! I mean, fucking look at it...
  3. That's one of the worst comments iv heard on here, Hearts bogey team? 😩😩😩😩 We're not their bogey team, we're just better than them!
  4. How anyone can say there's no bias from the SFA & that wee fenian cow is beyond comprehension. Paranoid protestants right enough!
  5. Squatting & Nada for me!!
  6. I think something like the temp covers that were up for the club deck staircases would be good at the end of the Broomloan & Copland stands.
  7. This is a pointless arguement, Rangers will accept full allocation next season because if we don't, many in our own support will be unhappy that they're being denied a ticket because Rangers are refusing tickets. Failing to see the bigger picture. The board really need to get together with the taigs and put something forward to the other clubs to get agreements in place about allocations.
  8. Nah I got one through CCCS but hadn't transferred the money into the account I use for it! Got an email today advising they were holding ticket until tomorrow!
  9. Iv got one sitting in my basket for this which I can't make! If anybody wants to pay for it then pick it up in Glasgow at the end of the week let me know!
  10. Think it's £1 fee, plus £2 charity.. £3 total
  11. Finally got a decent game this season... Not sure I can make it 😩
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