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  1. Makes sense however it will never ever be approved!
  2. Seriously but... who’s the designated ticket holder???
  3. Maybe so, what did he provide to the team as a captain today?
  4. If James Tavernier is the only way we get up the park then this team will never win a trophy!
  5. Shite defender, shite captain, has barely crossed a ball all season! Pathetic from Gerrard to continue to play him!
  6. You’s near that Rossio train station? Thats where I thought we would be leaving from!
  7. Bus 3 for us, dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing 😂
  8. Brilliant mate, if you could price up the cathedral that would be great!
  9. Aye very good mate! That bus journey has a shambles written all over it! Can’t wait!
  10. Tickets sorted for Porto thanks to @fanaticCR Buzzin for this now! Utter carnage when we get put on the same bus as @Rfc52 but 😂
  11. Anyone doing Edinburgh to Stansted, then Stansted Lisbon on the Wednesday? Same return journey on the Friday?
  12. We should ALWAYS be taking 3 points off Hearts. Won’t be easy mind you, they showed it in the Edinburgh derby they can raise their game for the big occasion regardless of how poor they’ve been! 3-1 Rangers, looking forward to it!
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