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  1. They are all using the same company for their stats! There's not a chance we had 40% possession today! As mentioned it doesn't matter a fuck as Rangers 1-0 St Mirren
  2. Are you someone who doesn't attend games as well??
  3. Typical tarrier, only interested in the Rangers!
  4. This lot?? This was a majority singing TBB not just a section! Do you not understand that? This is why they are annoyed, that they are the only ones being punished for something we as a collective have done! Then again, I would put money on you being somebody with an opinion that rarely attends!
  5. @ForeverAndEver has finally forgiven McGregor 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
  6. The smart thing to do here is to refund/relocate non-season ticket holders! Arrange a meeting with the UB's behind closed doors & in private to discuss any concerns they had! In the meantime push the "minority" narrative/everyone anyone initiative etc. And move on! Instead this board go to war with the most popular fan group this club has at a time (short term, this weeks massive or long term, the season is even bigger) that doesn't suit us to have in-fighting!
  7. My point is, why make this warning?? Why now? You must admit that the timing is horrible & they have jumped on this as a reason to get one over the UB's at what could be to the detriment of the club! Regardless of who is right or wrong regarding song choices, this is madness from the board! Listen, if they don't want to back the fans then fine but don't go after them, not this season!
  8. Are you seriously suggesting that the club are doing the UB's a favour here??
  9. President has already been set regarding political statements! Fined less than £20,000! Fuck the IRA!
  10. The statement from the club has no mention of that whatsoever... UEFA has ruled that a section, or sections containing no fewer than 3000 seats must be shut off during the club’s next European match, which is the home match against Legia Warsaw. The area, or areas to be closed will be announced in due course and the Club will do its best to restrict the impact to offending supporters. If it was then as I say, fine explain that! Something tells me that's not the case however!
  11. You're right, they are risking our success to save their own faces! Fucking pathetic!
  12. It is obvious but to do it now of all times is fucking mind blowing!
  13. From the board! In regards to closing BF1 & refunding them as opposed to finding them new seats. Why are season ticket holders, more than likely signed up to CCCS being told to stay away? Could all non-season ticket holders not be refunded first? If the specific instruction was to close BF1 then fine, explain that! Although the wording of the statement suggests there was no specific area advised to be closed. If it was, as expected, the boards decision to come down on the UB's and those in the section then serious questions need asked of the board! We are going into a massive week for the club & they are going to war with our biggest vocal backing! Complete incompetence! At a time when we really need to be together they are potentially ripping us apart! This could easily turn into a fucking disaster if not handled right, and it won't just be our European campaigns that will suffer!
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