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  1. You’ll know they’re close when you get an email from Rangers prompting the soccer schools
  2. Usually a 50,30,20 split for ccs, rsc’s & staff, I believe? 22,000 odd tickets? So 11,000 to the ccs with what 30,000+ in the ballot? So 1 in 3 chance of being successful in the ballot? That right?
  3. Would rather we didn’t against YB as some are suggesting, would make a big difference finishing 1st rather than 2nd
  4. Champions League > Europa League, every day of the week!!
  5. Of all the cities for the papes to go to & not feel safe... Rome for fuck sake 😂😂😂
  6. Couldn’t resist it mate 😂 Glad ticket arrived safe & well! Enjoy your day out & follow with pride eh?
  7. North stand tickets were £35 for the final vs Hibs in 2016. Three years later & it being an old firm, it’s not ridiculous to charge an extra fiver.
  8. 👍 Exact same thing happened to me for Porto, only it never got fixed in time for me to get a ticket! Ticket office were as useful as ever 🙈 Luckily fanatic CR sorted me out!
  9. Numerous options on YouTube in HD quality, with or without commentary! Stop moaning for the sake of moaning!
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