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  1. You’ll know they’re close when you get an email from Rangers prompting the soccer schools
  2. Usually a 50,30,20 split for ccs, rsc’s & staff, I believe? 22,000 odd tickets? So 11,000 to the ccs with what 30,000+ in the ballot? So 1 in 3 chance of being successful in the ballot? That right?
  3. Would rather we didn’t against YB as some are suggesting, would make a big difference finishing 1st rather than 2nd
  4. Champions League > Europa League, every day of the week!!
  5. Of all the cities for the papes to go to & not feel safe... Rome for fuck sake 😂😂😂
  6. Couldn’t resist it mate 😂 Glad ticket arrived safe & well! Enjoy your day out & follow with pride eh?
  7. North stand tickets were £35 for the final vs Hibs in 2016. Three years later & it being an old firm, it’s not ridiculous to charge an extra fiver.
  8. 👍 Exact same thing happened to me for Porto, only it never got fixed in time for me to get a ticket! Ticket office were as useful as ever 🙈 Luckily fanatic CR sorted me out!
  9. Numerous options on YouTube in HD quality, with or without commentary! Stop moaning for the sake of moaning!
  10. He’ll be lucky to play at a bigger club than Hearts, if that’s a great career then aye he’ll “have a great career”
  11. No, no he doesn’t!
  12. The only point I agree with in this thread is that Tav doesn’t hide.. Which he deserves credit for cos he’s still been shite!
  13. Some amount of shitebags in here today, Rangers win, comfortably!
  14. Already pissed off at something that hasn’t happened??? Didn’t realise you were a middle aged married woman!
  15. You can have mine mate, will give you a message over the weekend!
  16. Just leaving Lisbon, don’t get into Edinburgh until half 10 🤮🤮🤮
  17. I’m in a bad way mate!! What a fucking trip but!
  18. celtic get battered, everywhere they go 🎶
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