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  1. Ffs. Windass needs booted in the face and get him off the park, total pathetic aswell in the tackle
  2. Useless fat fuck waghorn is, doesn't he know to pick a side and not straight at keeper. Or fucking square it for another player
  3. Yass. Hopefully don't go to sleep again
  4. I got the email aswell, bit fuck knows how they got my email address, don't know how they hope to get folk to do it with guys like Gilligan,Murray and Robertson. I would just want to rattle then with the clubs
  5. Who scored my stream has shit it
  6. Wee baz showing the 4 strikers that started what is required
  7. Halliday comes on and we will concede another goal
  8. Says it all.about the poofy wee spice boy waghorn getting hooked for a 38 year old defender
  9. Absolute piss 4 so called strikers and no shots on target, get waghorn to fuck as well. Need creativity on the park to stand any chance of picking up a point
  10. Stick me down, But be a few weeks till i am paid again
  11. Well.call them fucking out. You claim to be the Rangers fans media watch, so do as you claim ffs, don't think we really care what the rhat infested paper has to say, and you then come on acting like a taig acting all.offended
  12. This post says more about you than it does Beerman
  13. Couldn't tell you. But the poor excuses I heard previously about not having rights issue last year is pretty crap. If we were to include the share purchase king did he has spent roughly £5-£6m but then a third of that didn't see the clubs account
  14. And I would water king has spent about £4m in 2 years
  15. I honestly thought the count was asleep