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  1. willygers4life

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Shocking defending and Gerrard needs to answer why we are losing goals like that
  2. willygers4life

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    He is that bad a sheep shagger and a taig agree with the stance we are taking in regards to this,must admit though they are 2 decent blokes
  3. willygers4life

    Candeias Red Card

    When does something become a conspiracy
  4. willygers4life

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    One word to describe the game so far, shite!!
  5. willygers4life

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    Sadiq should have been subbed at half time. Final ball has been crap, noone acting like they want to win this at all
  6. willygers4life

    *** RM Erskine Fund - Season 18/19 Official Thread ***

    I'll get payment sent tomorrow.
  7. willygers4life

    *** RM Erskine Fund - Season 18/19 Official Thread ***

    What's the payment details through bank for this. Forgot about it, alot on at the moment
  8. willygers4life

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad news, RIP ed. Condolences to his family
  9. willygers4life

    Edmiston Drive

    Terrible news, seemed passionate about the club, even though had disagreement about way he was going, but wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy never mind a fellow blue nose. Pass on my regards
  10. Supposedly back in court today for breach of contract with sd
  11. willygers4life

    Morelos Goal

    You said he should be punted as was incapable of doing his job, running about along the front line chasing balls down, should focus on scoring goals, well the last few games he has done his chasing down and all the other stuff that riled you up, and it's all paid dividends. I am enjoying the victory, but your the clown that goes from one player to another attacking them cause they ain't your flavour of the year. First it was Wes, then Tav and now Alfredo, when is next. Accept your repeated fuck ups when it comes to attacking players with no valid reason and then we can all move on
  12. willygers4life

    Morelos Goal

    He is shite and a waste of space according to @Blue Avenger
  13. willygers4life

    Morelos Goal

    Reckon if he tried to score with his front foot would have missed, cracking finish and such disrespect to hearts, love it
  14. willygers4life

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Good result overall, brilliant first half, poor second, seemed to step off the gas second half. Should have gone for the kill
  15. willygers4life

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Good first half, good goals aswell. Let's up the ante and go for the throat, get Kent and Candieas driving at them and draw more fouls and potentially a red card for hearts aswell. Show them we mean business