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  1. But that doesn't actually say what he brings to the table, as King said in his Q&a with the sun, he doesn't have any involvement with day to day running or with the board. So he isn't responsible for that in any shape and form. Does he truly warrant the chairmanship, I don't think so
  2. Let's turn it around, for all that gives blind loyalty to King, what does he bring to the table that warrants being chairman and the ability to not walk away from the club while holding his shares
  3. What does king bring to the table that means he can't be replaced and remain a shareholder. Like he said in his interview he doesn't do anything it's all the board and Stewart Robertson. So why must he remain till we find someone to replace him
  4. What king says and does is 2 different things. I have no time to listen to the man now, and as for the accusations of point scoring it ain't, King should have been stood there along with all the directors of the club showing his respect for the 66. But like Gilligan couldn't be fucked, as King said he can't be expected to turn up on the day and then head back, well come over for a few days once a month and take a game in. Probably gets a free subscription to Rangers tv aswell
  5. Who said there will be replacements brought in. Going by the email it's not something that's been suggested or thought of by the remaining board members
  6. It seems to me they ain't too bothered and it just works in their favour now. Half expecting on them pushing through some things, glad I cancelled my dd now
  7. It's fine, nothing to hide
  8. Good Afternoon Mr Gray Thank you for your email With regards to your concerns about replacing the three directors that resigned. There is a board meeting in early April and I will put this as a point on the agenda. Kind Regards William Cowie Club 1872. That's my reply after messaging at the weekend, asKing if the board planning on making a short term announcement on replacing the three that resigned.
  9. I.got an email from William Cowie. Will post it up
  10. Deco
  11. Good post. I don't think he will come out and give his side of the story as he was asked previously on the sos fb page and he did a sturgeon and answered the question without actually answering it. Now he hasaid also removed his personal page from fb aswell. He more than likely knows he done wrong but won't admit it and it won't stop him either, he more than likely thinks he is owed it after what he done. He is looking out for himself rather than the beliefs he claims to have
  12. Well dd cancelled, not a shock either thay Houston would stabs those he represents in the back to further his quest for the blue pound. So fitting word for him is scum and spiv
  13. Fuck
  14. The treatment Halliday has received is justified. He ain't got the qualities imo to be a Rangers player. Throwing himself to the ground looking for fouls, making repeated mistakes, Crap passing and tackling. What would be different under a new manager exactly, if they felt they could do better under another manager, then why didn't they try under Warburton. If they couldn't be arsed to try then get them to fuck
  15. Well wasn't expecting that but what a performance and great game from garner.