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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/41765/Hamilton_vs_Rangers.html
  2. Need to. Lay off the crack, was never a leg breaker ffs. For 1 mckennas legs aren't wrapped around Alfred's leg
  3. Its not moderating over there, its dictatorship
  4. It's posts taken from their forum along with posts made by them on twitter
  5. @AndyHalliday fuck the pope and the ira, thats all we have to say
  6. congrats and couldnt ask for a better result for it to happen
  7. old firm, beer and glen moray as well as babysitting aint a good mix, but by god the feeling is brilliant
  8. Alfredo doesnt need a goal in an old firm game to show what he is worth, he rag dolls them cunts and does everything outwith scoring and allows others to get the goal. in fucking dream land just now
  9. i want the players and backroom staff to go to the bheast fans and give it big licks to the bastards
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