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  1. Why share that fuds stories, more than likely he has known for sometime, before the latest court cases came about, that there was paedophiles operating within that cesspit. He also stated that the cesspit of a club doesn't have to take responsibility for the actions of the bheasts. He doesn't want a Scottish government investigation into football in case it brings more disgusting actions to light of those that were once at that club
  2. The sun is shining, the beers is flowing and the paedos don't know what to do with themselves hahaha
  3. It was a mistake for the manager to drop katic when he did. But live and learn really for him, hopefully he doesn't make the same mistake next season
  4. Stupid bastard mcgregor is. Could have cost us the win now
  5. Can see they bastards sneaking a goal, and we fail to hit the back of the net
  6. The sheep are playing with 3 strikers, Cosgrove, may and wilson
  7. I'll be pre ordering if true
  8. He wasn't all at fault for us losing yesterday, just like if we don't qualify for Europe and finish 2nd won't be his fault, it will be down to the players on the park not performing and putting the ball in the net.
  9. Fucking riding our luck,can see these bastards scoring from a corner
  10. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/41765/Hamilton_vs_Rangers.html
  11. Need to. Lay off the crack, was never a leg breaker ffs. For 1 mckennas legs aren't wrapped around Alfred's leg
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