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  1. It should have been the club board releasing a statement make aware of the inaccuracies of the reporting and that legal action would be sought if further lies is produced. This open threats about complaints aren't enough now, as they take it as a slap on the wrist and start doing it again. It's time for the club to hit them where it hurts
  2. Wallace has been pish and struggling to beat the first man. Whereas tav has been doing better than normal. Tackling and keeping payet at bay
  3. What a strike niko. Pick it out
  4. Signed and good luck. Shared to my fb page hopefully get more signatures
  5. Anita signed with Leeds yesterday
  6. Stv reporting 500k plus add-ons
  7. Oh well guess Europe is over then
  8. Ffs, got a feeling were going out
  9. Hopefully get a goal shortly settle the nerves, must say Wallace's final ball is pish
  10. The attention was drawn before kong uttered a word, that's why fare had a representative at the bloody game. Kong was just warning fans to watch what is sung so the club doesn't fucking get fined. I can't stand king but ffs I can't find any fault in him standing out on the pitch and issuing the warning. Seriously pathetic excuse to blame king and c1872 when all they tried to do is protect the club
  11. So.would you be happy of say the club gets fined for this then
  12. Get well soon. True gentleman and took the time to talk to myself and my daughter when we was on the ibrox tour last year
  13. Your deluded, king never attacked us, he was highlighting behaviour to cover the club's back, while also making the fans aware of the situation, and the statement from.c1872, was released after UEFA cited us again to try and make it actually sound a.stupid charge by UEFA, your hatred for king is actually clouding your judgement when things are said or done that's actually for the benefit of the club, maybe it's time you take a break away from here and get your priorities in line
  14. Beat change of the night
  15. New signings have done we so far, cardoso unlucky not to score, niko best player so far, and Kenny just his usual self. Waghorn piss as usual, and hopefully see the other new signings in second half and a few more goals