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  1. Didnt macallister say in the press conference they learned from mistakes last year of making 3 or 4 changes to the team and they have learned from them. Strong team and hopefully as strong a performance
  2. Man City used that tactic against spurs last season I think it was, ederson played a couple of short goal kicks, drew spurs in and then the next one he hit it long and man City scored
  3. They was signed before he came in?
  4. Had faith in Ryan when he signed, could see how he played and was more of a doing the dirty work type player. Now he has added to his game and become more balanced type midfielder, some of his crossing left footed last night was brilliant and unlucky noone stuck the ball in the net
  5. Hasn't ajear went off injured the last 3 games and then played the next one
  6. And some wanted him sold, said he was a liability. Well he just showed he is a match winner and knows what it means
  7. Give it a few weeks and he will flip flop to support them and say they are playing the long game and actually back us
  8. Sorry to hear, best of luck to you and your wife
  9. Tavs assists is usually down to a ball between keeper and 6 yard box. Whereas playing in the left his crossing would be coming in between the 6 yard box and the 18 yard box, 2 different type of balls the 2nd one being easier for the keeper to defend and harder for the attacker. The easiest solution to this is buy a replacement lb and you stick to the paedo forums
  10. So move a rb that can't defend to lb that can't defend? And move a rb that plays lb that can't attack to rb that can't attack?. Where in any of that is the issues we currently have solved. Stephen hawking got nothing on you for the brains department
  11. That's what rape looks like. Alfredo made a mug out of them
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