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  1. So chuck away a year's worth of income for 8 or so games.
  2. Not saying it is, but could be a reason why kept quiet. And it would allow them to get more evidence to aid the challenge aswell
  3. I said that yesterday, or at least it being John nelms being the whistle blower
  4. Do you think maybe John nelms is the whistle blower, and that's why Dundee are staying quiet for now. Maybe played drysdale at his own game to out a rat in their camp, and drysdale has popped his head out the sewer
  5. You have mentioned this umpteen times, what do you think it means
  6. Maybe send sparkle a pm with your source as she will keep quiet on who it is
  7. I'll get something sent on Friday when paid
  8. Maybe due to his missus is due to give birth soon and the shit he has to put with from the media and some of or so called fans
  9. Wouldn't say a bizarre post from him, just the usual crap he posts about whoever is his weekly scapegoat
  10. The season is over, can't see us beating Hamilton, with the way we have been playing. Players and management has chucked the league away
  11. Don't think the op even knows what day it is never mind what the story was
  12. What exactly are you on about
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