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  1. Buzzing after today but sounds like you’re pretty happy with them winning the league
  2. Get Morelos on to wind them up even more and grab a goal, would love him to score against them.
  3. We need to be careful. They’ve been slowly getting into the game in the last 10-15 mins. Katic at the back though🙌
  4. He elbowed somebody in the face how can you even try and defend him.
  5. £250 million release or he doesn’t go
  6. Ended up about 10 seats away from my own that day, don’t think a sole left ibrox until about 20 mins after the final whistle. Brilliant moment.
  7. “The Rangers fans are animals”........20 seconds later “fuck off ya H** cunts” get it up you ya wee specky mongo, he needs a slap by his old man for filming himself at the game.
  8. Dad in thinking his son is Zidane but really a lump of wood shocker
  9. Could be solid centre back up here. Always thought Killie would drop away from a the top, but I think they are actually going to push us and the tims the whole way. Arsenal to sign Denis Suarez on loan from Barca
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