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  1. Cunt should be barred from Ibrox for saying roasted cheese.
  2. Aye was Betis manager. Everywhere had Xavi getting the job too
  3. Didn’t know he was still playing. Good option for the bench. Although could probably still get about 20 a season in league one. edit - I thought their record goal scorer would’ve had more than 103 goals for them😂
  4. Shocking that he’s stealing the ronny roar imo
  5. Stauner at the final whistle, blew my load with Gerrards passion in the camera
  6. Walker ‘ if we had VAR it would be disallowed, but we dont’ can’t hide his smile the wee rodent
  7. Brilliant getting through but should be top. Silly at the end there.
  8. Had a feeling Morelos wasn’t going to score the penalty, Tavernier should’ve told him where to go and hit it himself. First half dominance without a goal really cost us. Unfortunately their keeper had about 8 limbs today.
  9. Anybody got a better link than the pinned one? Not working for me
  10. Pochettinos not even cleared out his desk yet and Mourinhos sitting at it 😂
  11. Paulie Walnuts

    Borderlands 3

    Got this a few days ago. Can’t get into it just feels like I’m playing the last borderlands again.
  12. Heartbreaking to hear this. RIP Fernando what a warrior he was
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