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  1. Paulie Walnuts

    Borderlands 3

    Got this a few days ago. Can’t get into it just feels like I’m playing the last borderlands again.
  2. Heartbreaking to hear this. RIP Fernando what a warrior he was
  3. Who’s Caspar? And why is he getting so much attention?
  4. Don’t really get the team selection. Where’s the width and pace. Had a feeling this was the game Morelos was gonna finally score against them.
  5. See if you wouldn’t pump him you’re not a real fan
  6. Fuck sake man, was already limited availability for tickets on the Rangers website.
  7. The OP probably is the kind of guy that comments ‘obsessed’ on Facebook when a tim mentions Rangers.
  8. How many players are Everton trying to sign. All I see is them announcing or bidding for players.
  9. Hope it was yourself I seen doing the slosh down the front. Great show, thoroughly enjoyed it a few cheesy bits but a lot of laugh out loud moments would recommend it. Theatre was roasting though
  10. Waste of a wage last season, should never have been signed the first time round never mind again. An absolutely awful football player.
  11. There was 6 goals
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