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  1. cbagan92

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Cheers mate cars sorted within the hour he’s said so gives me few hours to get up anyway 👍
  2. cbagan92

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    That’s the thing about reputations a lot of hearsay, it’s genuinely not that bad on the outskirts just the Central area is a kind of one big “ghetto”
  3. cbagan92

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Haha I take it you have you been before ?
  4. cbagan92

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Seasons off to a good start driving up from Middlesbrough get to Penrith fault with the exhaust all of a sudden, currently waiting in a garage. The things we do for Football eh.
  5. cbagan92

    Gers in spain Rangers TV

    Just copied and pasted from the website RangersTV STANDARD Every game on demand in the UK & ROI Pre match, half time and post-match coverage Match highlights and reviews Exclusive interviews and features Watch any programme on the RTV player twice Access to Rangers archive of classic matches
  6. cbagan92

    Gers in spain Rangers TV

    Just watched the past 3 days of the players out in Spain media team do a great job with some of the vids, theres little highlights on the Rangers instagram page for those not subscribed to RTV. But it is well worth the £5 a month, A side note the shooting knock out drill video Windass absolutely smashes it out the park.
  7. cbagan92

    Season Tickets

    Finally got sorted block MFM row B.
  8. cbagan92

    Season Tickets

    Shocking, I've got a confirmation email of a seat but now can't get through to enquiry's i just hope they don't just cancel the seat even though the first payment has been taken
  9. cbagan92

    Season Tickets

    Shambles got email confirming seat in the main stand front first payment was taken, woman then says there having problems with the 4 payment system, phone goes dead where to go from here I don't know.
  10. cbagan92

    Season Tickets

    i new this was coming when I typed it out, currently in the Que anyway number 18 on the phone so fingers crossed
  11. cbagan92

    Season Tickets

    Get through to the ticket office the woman says "phone back at 9", try to call back and the ticket office is too busy can't win
  12. cbagan92

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    What a fucking half of football, the joy in them 2 pricks commentating when they go 3-0 up was embarrassing. Then Bruno with that free kick to make it 3-3 was absolutely priceless. Rossiter is a player btw
  13. cbagan92

    Junkies vs Rangers

    2 world class saves ensured we got all 3 points I'll class that as outstanding all day long
  14. cbagan92

    Junkies vs Rangers

    I'll take 2-1 all fucking day after that first half, battled like fuck in the second and Fod was outstanding few crucial saves. Stuck in there well done Rangers
  15. cbagan92

    Junkies vs Rangers

    Buzzing for this tonight 3-1 Rangers, end this 15 week working away in South Africa with us battering these junkie bast*rds then home to the family for Christmas. WATP