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  1. I’ll leave a tenner get yourself a bovril and a pie as well
  2. Not letting me post in the ticket section. Ativated my season ticket for Tuesday sat in the main stand front but can’t make it due to been stuck away with work, don’t want any money for it if anyone wants it you need to DM me your address/DOB/full name then go the ticket office they’ll print it off for you It costs £5 to print.
  3. cbagan92


    Think a new section needs to be made for the kids & there song patter, it’s absolutely horrific I get majority are probably joking but to think some grown men are seriously thinking of some of these songs on show is mental. other than that, what a fucking day today’s turned out to be working with a handful of them and the reactions today “how can we afford him, he’s 36 he won’t handle the rough Scottish football” They don’t half know they’re in a title race
  4. We've been poor recently I think it clicks tonight Lennon gets sent to the stand we win 3, Morelos scores 2 must start
  5. Travelling up on the train to Glasgow for the game have to go to Aberdeen strait from the game for work what’s the easiest way of getting back to Glasgow queen street anyone ? Usually drive it from Middlesbrough so brand new to all the subways etc
  6. Scary how much our midfield lacks a ability to pass the ball forward, we’ve got a lot of time in the midfield and there struggling, Arfield & Halliday can’t be any worse that half surely
  7. Haha I can imagine I get the same looks, she's off out in a min house has to be empty when I watch this game
  8. Getting hot & cold sweats all morning never been like this before, the misses (We live in England) just doesn't understand how a game of football means so much it's a way of life not a game I told her, the little girl who's 5 and the little boy who's coming on 2 have been watching old games with me all morning & theres nothing better. Just hope we put on a performance today & show the world we are back to where we belong 2-1 Rangers
  9. Any more news on his injury is he back training again ? Going away to that mob he’s exactly what we need in the centre of the park
  10. 25,000/30,000 Them cunts in that shithole stadium tonight according to reporter on Clyde 1. Best fans in European football poll on twitter the other day and them cunts where included, makes you laugh
  11. Purchase finally went through now all up and running fine on Rangers Tv
  12. New bank card came this morning I've just finished work
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