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  1. Well done to the boys that smashed the bus window :-) reminds me of villarreal ha ha
  2. The bold coisty will get us promoted via play offs
  3. What he say mate can it be repeated ha ha ?
  4. Ally has set us back years , he has fucked us good and proper. We had a great chance post admin to get our house in order, hes fucked it with shite players and shite tactics, added to the extortionate wages for those shite players and his own salary. Can this mess be rectified?
  5. Holloway will concede more goals than mcoists teams :-)
  6. Anyone know how to change your username?
  7. Looking forward to the Mra England end England win the tartan army are a disgrace would never sit with them
  8. If he was really going to do that he would get a back hander with no court case
  9. Am with RFC 52 a dont believe Ahmed wants to sue then re-invest...aye right you are
  10. Brilliant thread just finished reading it in its entirety well in 1st jan for updates and the others who contributed. Going to ma kip now lets hope everything turns out fine and we can get back to normality again!
  11. Would like a 4-0 comfortable win. Set down a marker show how much better we are from this time last season.
  12. With our previous, First time i have heard us being described as shitebags.
  13. Dirty Bhastards. Stay clear of them bears enjoy the first game of the season watp
  14. Justin rose must be hacking it just spied his score i didnt think he teed off as well ha ha
  15. Backed Justin Rose after winning his first major might spur him on to do another. Can remember his first open he played in he done right well cant remember the course though?
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