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  1. I seen this floating about on twitter a couple of weeks ago and had a chuckle
  2. I'm devastated, after being put out of the CL Final the season before I thought this would have been my year so made sure everyone was tied up long term for another crack to see if we could get the cup this time, so season 15/16 started off like any other, brought in some young talent with an eye on the future until AJ started accepting offers for my first team Taufic Guarch 17.25m Alex Sandro 11m Sergio 9m Bebe 15m Dirty bastard just ripped the guts out ma team and to top it off, the fans are blaming me pahahaha
  3. Aye right!! I just knocked back an offer of 14m+ for Mario
  4. Lower your training sliders and start kicking people about the park works for me
  5. That was last 16 of CL and tbh if it wasn't for their keeper it would have been about 10 to us and my keeper blundered their goal into his own net,
  6. Novo and Fleck deserve a start in the next game
  7. --------------------------------------:mcgregor: :whittaker:--:wilson:--:weir:--:ssmith: --------------------------------------:thomson: :novo:------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------:davis:-----:fleck: --------------------------------------:lafferty: Here is my bash at being the manager
  8. I bought FM09 on Friday, what a disappointment, the 3d mode sucks baws, much prefer FIFAM09 with Full stadium with authentic sounds and music, nothing beats thrashing the tic at home while your fans are belting follow follow and simply the best.
  9. Fuck now we need to win this game, get the finger out
  10. I'm surprised by the amount of people that have Fergie in there stating 11
  11. Laff on the left again ffs we know it doesn't work.
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