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  1. Rangers Tv

    Yeah mines was shite this week also, emailed them and they said no one was reporting issues so it must have just been me xD
  2. Rangers Tv

    My bug bare is they don't have the score displayed during the game but stream is always pretty decent
  3. I gave my all for the Club

    Surely that should have been "Our Club" :/
  4. Is God helping?

    I seen this floating about on twitter a couple of weeks ago and had a chuckle
  5. Novo and Fleck deserve a start in the next game
  6. --------------------------------------:mcgregor: :whittaker:--:wilson:--:weir:--:ssmith: --------------------------------------:thomson: :novo:------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------:davis:-----:fleck: --------------------------------------:lafferty: Here is my bash at being the manager
  7. Fuck now we need to win this game, get the finger out
  8. Finally Aaron is coming on
  9. I'm surprised by the amount of people that have Fergie in there stating 11
  10. Laff on the left again ffs we know it doesn't work.
  11. ***The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    Some man Eck he's now on route to the Cock Tavern on East Poultry Avenue, London, EC1, London RSC
  12. ***The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    Anyone know a pub in the London SW1 area thats got the game on, My brothers is on Buckingham palace road looking for a pub lmao.
  13. The Pedro Mendes Thread

    sorry i edited the post
  14. The Pedro Mendes Thread

    I dont want him back not the kind of player we need was good 1st ten games then after that nothing exciting, some more flair and pace would be nice!! I agree, Davis is a decent player but too similiar to Thomson and Ferguson with that little edge going forward, we can get better for our money. _______________McGregor______________ Whittaker__Bougherra__(NEW CB)___Papac _______________Thomson_______________ __________Mendes____Bresciano_________ __Aaron______________________Beasley__ _______________Lafferty________________ what an improvement that would be. Defo a winning side Doesn't Aaron play on the left?