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  1. Yeah mines was shite this week also, emailed them and they said no one was reporting issues so it must have just been me xD
  2. My bug bare is they don't have the score displayed during the game but stream is always pretty decent
  3. Surely that should have been "Our Club" :/
  4. Most of them are on twitter claiming to know hee haw about it which is a bit strange
  5. Sorry bud, damn eyepad made me disapprove your post
  6. I seen this floating about on twitter a couple of weeks ago and had a chuckle
  7. Wasn't it Durrant that was there at the same time?
  8. You could wear this
  9. Yeah that was a fuckin laugh and a half that one
  10. He won't be flying anywhere, its Giro day
  11. Bye bye Bougie, thanks for the memories. Just think, tomorrow when you wake up you'll be a nobody again.
  12. If we bow to Whits agent then just imagine how much Shagger and Davis will want
  13. Call the bluff, accept the Bursa bid and lets see how much he wants to leave us.
  14. I wonder what sort of influence Sir Walter had in these matters
  15. There was always hospitality before the games and both bars where open when I worked there