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  1. Happy Birthday


  2. Does anyone fancy making me a sig and avatar of Jean Claude Darcheville and Steven Whittaker please REQUEST COMPLETE
  3. im going to start a new barcelona game and ill keep youse informed when im happy with my squad
  4. just started as AC Milan and decided to start by overhauling my team as they've got an ageing squad so far ive signed Zaccardo,Barzagli,Hildebrand,Huntelaar and ive got Robinho coming in January.I've sold Inzaghi,Pirlo,Dida,Kalac,Kaladze and Jankulovski im currently level on points at the top and im planning on bringing a few faces in January
  5. im away to start as West Ham as soon as i get home.Could someone make me a list of decent championship players please
  6. i used to get into trouble for making suck it signs towards people who lived in my Grans street and school when i was 9
  7. has your head always been that shape in your avatar? or have you fallen out a flat? my heads always been that shape...it looks chubbier when my hair's longer for some reason
  8. ill have to pull out because my grandads ashes are being scattered at Firhill next weekend
  9. i was sacked at man utd after a shite first six months so ive started as Barcelona and so far i've signed Reina (swap deal with victor valdes),stekelenberg,Huntelaar and Joe Cole.Ive got about £40m to spend in January as well so im scouting teams like Lyon and Ajax to see if i can get some bargains
  10. ok thanks ill make sure that he's scouted
  11. ok how much ive got £15m to spend and ive only signed the one player
  12. could anyone recommend a decent keeper as ive taken the man utd job and van der sar is away to retire at the end of the season
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