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  1. BigBearButt


    Still doesnt look fit but looks like he is going to be a very handy player once he is
  2. I didnt think we looked great before the sending off to be honest. Too many misplaced passes. Just being honest and giving my opinion. 10 men or not it was a great performance and dominant which we havent always done in the past when teams go down to 10 men
  3. Great team performance even if it took a sending off. Though Lafferty was very poor when he came on though. Would have thought he would be busting a gut to impress but he hardly touched the ball or was involved at all.
  4. BigBearButt


    You should just stop watching football tbh
  5. BigBearButt


    A goal scoring midfielder. He is under contract. Get him in work on his fitness give him some starts in January and see how he does. If nothing else may encourage someone else to buy him. I'm sick to death of us paying players off
  6. BigBearButt

    Flanagan cost us that game

    Tough tackler and can spot the occasional pass. Struggling to see how he was at Liverpool though as he is lacking in the basics such as pace and positioning.
  7. BigBearButt


    What? That doesn't even make sense. Our players aren't allowed to celebrate penalties or o.gs? I've heard it all now...
  8. He is no worse a captain than Steve Davis or Lee Wallace. Too much is made of a captains part imo what you need is a number of characters in the dressing room. Anyway I trust gerrards judgement on the matter since he see's them day in day out
  9. BigBearButt

    Lack of winners?

    The players we would need to buy to fill it full of "winners" would bankrupt the club. People need to reel in their sense of entitlement as fans and accept this as a work in progress. Gerrard was never going to turn it around after 1 season nevermind 1 transfer window.
  10. Im viewing these euro games as a wee bonus. Some nice cash in the coffers and experience for our young team and young manager, people need to remember Gerrard is still a novice. In saying that we really should have won that tonight. Too many poor performances but Flannagan and ejaria were just honking. Flannagan shown up to be the cart horse he is and ejaria was far too casual and doesnt look fit. Anyway lets keep our heads up and look forward to the weekend
  11. That flannagan is dug meat
  12. BigBearButt

    Farewell Josh Windass

    We miss his goal threat from the wing/midfield
  13. Our one player who is a danger at set pieces doesn't even get a game (katic)
  14. BigBearButt

    Oli McBurnie

    Why did he sign another long term deal then? No interest in taking him when he is past it.