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  1. Need to play the strongest 11 both legs against progres we need a big win against they cunts
  2. need to see more of him but good to see we have a dependable option and can rest tav when need be
  3. Nice. Just what the game needed. No prisoners there from alfredo
  4. All the possession in the world but we are still poor at creating chances and more importantly converting them. Hope this is something we improve on in the coming weeks as this is exactly the type of game we dropped points in last season spl wise.
  5. Morelos has to stay more central. And we need to concentrate on feeding him some chances. You can see how he gets frustrated we have created knowt for him
  6. This team are shocking. Second string or not I'd expect us to hit at least 5 or 6
  7. I got banned from Badger loyal for daring to criticise a couple of players. Apparently they don't allow any negativity....
  8. We will make a ton of money on him
  9. Yaaas Jack. Davis is slowing things down far too much. Get him off and put this tie to bed now.
  10. Borefest. Davis needs to learn to shoot when he has space. Always too eager to pass responsibility for me.
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