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  1. He is the bargain of the season. Guy just oozes quality & composure and is young enough to improve. Exciting signs for next season
  2. Thought he was excellent today. The engine on the boy is unreal. I think he will want to stay and win some trophies so it will really depend on how much money is offered an whether or not it can tempt the board. For a lot of our support it unfortunately will be they won't know what he had till he is gone. Cracking player who has grown as player in his time here.
  3. Gave them fuck all despite the refs best efforts. Proud as fuck.
  4. should fine him a couple weeks wages, no need for it and has severely weakened us for the old firm game
  5. what a fucking idiot, needs to cut that shite from his game
  6. we are gonna need at least another two strikers regardless, if as expected Morelos and Lafferty both leave
  7. For me it's part of being a fan and supporting a club like Rangers I'd expect traditions to be upheld however painful it might be. Being there through the good and bad is all part of it as a fan. Fans should just turn their back if it bothers them that much. Once the whistle blows it will be long forgotten about.
  8. I think the players should yes. Maybe toughen up and embarrass a few of them that they allowed such a shite team to stroll to another title
  9. fucking hell Scott McDonald giving high praise there. Liam Macloed could learn a thing or two from that
  10. yaaas well in lads. The future looks bright if we manage these players right
  11. agreed was surprised we got him as he was very highly rated down south
  12. fucking hate that liam macleod the guy is a complete chunt
  13. eh? you not watch the first half? and just scored
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