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  1. Utter gash. Really disappointed in the general performance and tactics deployed. It's highlighted midfield is severely lacking. Davis should never be starting another game for us.
  2. Naw last time was probably when he played for Sunderland. Hero worshiped by some on here. Well past his best and then some
  3. Davis has done fuck all. Get hagi on at least he doesn't shite himself on the ball
  4. Weird view on things tbh. I'd hope hagi sparked a reaction as he is you know an attacking creative player it's kind of his main job to create and inspire our play. I don't think tav should be captain but the suggestion of hagi is laughable he was non existent against Aberdeen. What we need captain wise is someone who moans and doesn't put up with people's shite. Basically mcgregor but an outfielder. I don't think we have anyone who screams out as captain material. Hagi is waaaaay down the list though.
  5. True but going by this thread pretty much our whole team is rotten.
  6. Just one of those games we're nothing is coming off for him
  7. Far too much moaning. Points before performances. I'd be looking to get Barker on though to use his pace
  8. You can tell that Hayes boy is a Tim. Face like a slab of raw mince
  9. We are looking so comfortable yet not looking like we are going to score again. Slightly worrying
  10. i have been a massive morelos fan however its time for him to move on. He has shown previously he doesnt perform when his heads been turned so i dont see this time being any different. What i am really disappointed in is the board and management have left us in the position of going into the first game of the season without a recognised striker. That is unacceptable. They know exactly what is at stake this year yet we are still looking bare bones at some areas of the park and in others still a ton of dead wood to shift. i get they dont want to rush into signings but they have known for over a year morelos would be moving sooner rather than later.
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