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  1. Yes but as an experienced campaigner you would think he would be able to see that he needs to take responsibility and some risks to push the team on. For someone who was team captain in past years he just seems lacking in any leadership qualities what so ever. He would rather pass when on the edge of a box than take a shot and worst of all he pulls out of 50/50 challenges.
  2. Davis needs to do more, for a player with so much experience and supposed quality he rarely impacts games in a meaningful way. Needs to start grabbing games by the scruff and pushing the team forward.
  3. He needs to do more. We paid double what we should have but he has potential to improve
  4. We are clueless without morelos tbh. Defoe doesn't fit into the way we play and we don't play to his strengths.
  5. I'd sell him if we are approached yes. He isn't good enough. Neither is Barker. Ojo is a much better player than Jones but not consistent enough, he has ability but no heart and desire for the Jersey.
  6. I'm not using his support of the club against him just find it funny some give players less stick as they are gers fans. If he wasnt a gers fan he wouldn't be getting such a light time of it from some of our fans.
  7. Why can you not? He has had more opportunities than Barker to impress and he hasn't looked anything special. You can't have it both ways.
  8. And who's fault was that? Look at the quality of opposition ffs. He is brutal. If the rumours of bids coming in for him are true we should bite their hands off.
  9. Why does Jones need the benefit of the doubt? Cause he is a pure Rangers man? He is pure shite that's what he is. Ojo by far the worst as he has had the most opportunities and constantly let's us down. I don't necessarily rate Barker either. If I was Greg Stewart I'd be raging.
  10. Cmon now. Massive difference between Kent and jones. Expectations on Kent are through the roof. Jones just has to put in a half decent performance which he struggles to do and as seen tonight is just poor
  11. He had a couple of half decent games granted but he doesn't have enough in his locker to be a Rangers player imo.
  12. Never Rangers quality in a million years chief. As you say because he is norn iron folk for some reason give him the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Jones is just pish mate. If the interest in him is real I'd take a quick profit
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