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  1. BigBearButt


    He played well but as I said he isn't a right winger imo and plays better more central. He ran himself into the ground I'll give you that but should have been replaced earlier than he was
  2. BigBearButt


    He is missing the chemistry with DC. Arfield for all I love him isn't a right winger and by all accounts was blowing out his arse after 60 mins
  3. BigBearButt


    He had a better game than Davis who again was poor. Constantly made poor decisions and struggled to do the basics. Summed up his performance when he took the shitebag option of a hospital pass instead of shooting. We were lucky Ryan Jack was fit and was an absolute beast tonight.
  4. Davis should be better than this. Terrible performance by him tonight. A player of his experience should be able to do the basics
  5. Davis is a fucking shitebag. Sorry but take responsibility ffs
  6. Ojo either does something absolutely brilliant or absolutely dugmeat. Could be a top top player with better decision making
  7. Some really touching tributes in here. I unfortunately have no words to do the guy justice. I'm glad his suffering is at an end and he no longer has to battle and fight daily but fucking hell it doesn't make it easier. Just absolutely gutted tbh.
  8. I'll wait to see what he says but Gerrard got it wrong tactically. We were really poor. Defoe was absolutely honking as the single striker.... But he didn't have wingers to give him service. Brutal performance as a whole as celtic didn't even play well.
  9. Amazing. Atmosphere just blowed me away at the end. Gutted I wasn't there
  10. Ojo has been fuckin hoachin. Should have been subbed at halftime
  11. Legia aren't a bad team. We haven't been great but there aren't half some over reactions on here. We are looking by far the better team here. Need defoe and morelos on the pitch imo. Ojo has been ineffective
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