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  1. Fucking listen to yourselves, we played badly and got a draw. Not the worst thing that could have happened. We would have lost that comfortably even last season. Kent is back and looking sharp so hopefully thats the last we will suffer ojo until he deserves a starting jersey. Tav needs dropped.
  2. We have too many shitebags that dont fancy 50/50s. Hearts players are crunching into them and we are pulling out of them
  3. Need to calm down, they wont be able to keep this pace up for the 90 minutes.
  4. Great wee player built like a twiglet but stood up to the rough and tumble of the Scottish game well. All the best to him in his retirement
  5. Would have contributed more than ojo tonight. He offered squat
  6. Any other player on that bench would have offered more than ojo. He looked lost and like he didn't want to be out there. Seriously one of the worst performances I've seen from a player in a Rangers top and I include tavs performance tonight.
  7. Gerrard needs to learn and learn quick. How can he honestly stand there and defend his inability to see ojo was a complete passenger for 94 minutes. Rediculous that he wasn't hooked at half time never mind seeing out the full game
  8. He is old enough to be making far better decisions than he does. It's like he has forgot how to drive at defenders.
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