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  1. utter shite Clough, Robson, Zidane, Guardiola, Simone, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Ancellotti, Capello, Conte, Deschamps to name a few
  2. Im not saying they should. Im saying you need to put some of these results you are talking about into context. You know by looking at what happened in the games. In the majority of games we have outplayed these teams. Agree? Now factor in shite refs (sending off players etc), individual player errors and shite finishing. Bottom line is if we had a player willing to take responsibility on a consistent basis we would have won most of these games easily. Im not saying the manager is blame free, some of his signings have been horrific but thats what happens when you are forced to bring in free transfers or players for 1-2 million specifically with the mentality to play for a club like Rangers
  3. laughing at Davis 'we should have tested the keeper a bit more' Try fucking shooting then you shitebag I hope we dont sign this guy on a contract after his loan is up
  4. Sick of seeing Aberdeen and Killie being talked about. The football they have played against us has been brutal and would get football stopped. The majority of these games it has been individual mistakes by our players (again today) or 'honest mistakes' from the ref which have cost us the points. You cannot tell me you believe Aberdeen are a better team than us? As i said above we have too many mentally weak players. The manager will see this clear as day and hopefully he gets the backing to bring in better players.
  5. It shouldnt even be up for debate atm. This is half the problem we need to give a manager some time. The guy has only had 2 transfer windows. We are a better team than last year imo there is no doubt about it but we still have too many players who are mentally weak. This summer will be a huge window for us as a club and Gerrard as a manager going forward
  6. Davis MOTM? Not for me. Low standards obviously. The guy was supposed to be an improved player from his time down south. All i see is the same shitebag who cant /wont shoot. Probably paying him 20k+ for the privilege
  7. the one positive was I didnt have to suffer watching him prancing about like jack skellington and doing the square root of fuck all.
  8. Absolutely embarrassing, Gerrard needs to man the fuck up and go through them. Due a performance for the fans? Ha same turgid shite served up with none of our midfield taking responsibility and pushing us forward. Aberdeen and fucking Killie both play the same way when they play us, camp in their own half and wait for one of our shite defenders to make a mistake. How can gerrard not see this and fucking change how we play?! encourage midfielders to have a dig ffs
  9. you are as well stopping watching us around 75 minutes. Cant remember last time we scored a match winning goal in the last quarter of a game
  10. we are stinking. And have been getting worse since the turn of the year
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