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  1. good win boab bet you were bricking it everytime juve went near the 18 yard box
  2. glad i didn`t bet tonight theres to many suprises
  3. You could keep the money in your account until your old enough to withdraw. Could be a tidy some. Its not going to gain interest :lol::lol:
  4. Fuckin bet365 won`t offer odds on Jedward winning im a celeb
  5. Crazy bet boab good luck tho mate
  6. U won`t make a profit if tims win
  7. i fancy lazio and genoa double just about to kick off
  8. if you want mate i`ll send you a recommend a friend thing from 365 and we both get free bets lol
  9. I have an account with wh aswell mate and i asked for one they said they offer free bets all the time with the place 20 on correct score and get a free 5 on the 1st goal scorer. Try bet365 they seem to give out alot of free bets especially if when you join them
  10. can I have 1 fucking brilliant! Hey it worked lol i got a 10 free bet
  11. info: Thank you for contacting bet365 Live Chat. An advisor will be with you shortly. info: You are now chatting with Matt C. Matt C: Hello, welcome to Live Chat. How may I help you? steven: alot of people i know have had free bets recently can i have 1 Matt C: Can I take your username? steven: ************ Matt C: Before we discuss specific details on your account, could I take your 4 digit security number please? steven: ****** steven: thanks for your help matt Matt C: No problem. Matt C: One moment please. steven: no problem Matt C: I will be right with you. steven: no problem matt take your time mate Matt C: Thank you. steven: your welcome Matt C: Do you mind continuing to hold while I look into this for you? steven: yeah of course mate Matt C: I can offer you a £5.00 bonus. steven: no chance of a 10 mate steven: or is 5max Matt C: Okay, on this occasion I will match your last deposit of £10.00. steven: thanks mate i really appreciate it Matt C: No problem. steven: ok mate thanks Matt C: Is there anything else I can help you with today? steven: no thats fine mate thanks for everything This is easy to get a free bet guys get wired in
  12. I edited the last lines, I did send them what company is that with boab