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  1. Great goal. Really hope Aribo kicks on this season; definitely got the ability.
  2. Good to hear ­čĹŹ­čĆ╗
  3. Looks great but it's a bit shit the ticketing and RangersTV sites are still on the old domains - maybe they'll follow later though.
  4. Tarriers the last game of the first round of fixtures, colour me surprised...
  5. That's the thing. I get that we need to maximise revenue and that (without debating the pros and cons of MyGers) but who in their right mind thinks, "I know what will get folk to engage with a new membership scheme - tacky looking posters plastered on our iconic, red brick, which no cunt will take notice of". Its cringeworthy and cheap. Let the stadium speak for itself.
  6. Utter shite. Same as the other banners they've put up in recent years. Just power wash the bricks for fuck sake.
  7. @Louden_Greg - completely off topic but seeing as you're active in this thread: will the new website include improvements to ticketing? Having so many options to buy a season ticket is fantastic but the fact they all seemed to be processed in different ways and that some actively meant not using the ticketing site (hence why folk ended up getting tickets cancelled, waiting for refunds etc) is poor. Appreciate the finance options may make that difficult but in this day and age it should really just be a case of logging on to the ticketing site and selecting an option. Similarly, for recurring payments managing it online would be quickest and easiest instead of having to wait to hear from the ticket office at this late stage. I don't doubt it would help folk and also get the money in to the club sooner, in some respects. Plus, it'll save me having to field calls from my father-in-law explaining how to buy this, click that and what not
  8. Just got one this morning actually - confirmation of renewal and link to opt in to CCCS. So roughly nine days from the point I renewed to them sending confirmation - should mean you hopefully get something by the end of this week? Still a shambles of a service but.
  9. The very fact folk like Chick Young, Michael Stewart et al are considered qualified and full of such wisdom to commentate on our national game, highlights what a fucking shambles it is. Never thought I'd praise Tom English for being impartial as well ­čśé
  10. Only in Scottish football could someone that incompetent and weak be employed as CEO. What a life it must be for him getting paid £400,000 a year to be nothing more than a fenian puppet.
  11. Yeah if I try to update CCCS on the ticketing site it says there's no schemes available. Standard pish when it comes to Rangers and ticketing!
  12. Indeed. Who gave him the authority to negotiate the redistribution of money and to arrange friendlies? Even if the money was only redistributed having landed in United and Raith's pockets, how do they square that in their accounts and with their fans? I'd be astonished if clubs (even scum like United) would put themselves in that position without word from the SPFL directly or indirectly. That said, nothing should surprise anymore really!
  13. The Deloitte 'investigation' wasn't shared with members until it was complete; no one had a say in the parameters of the investigation and it specifically left most of the events/timeline surrounding the vote out. A sham.
  14. what a cesspit Scottish football is. Populated by a majority of short sighted, agenda driven fuckwits. If the last few weeks isn't enough for them to put their hands up for a fair and impartial governing body then what's the fucking point up here.
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