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  1. Love big Katic but we've got four outstanding options at the back. Changed days from Russell Martin... 😬
  2. £1 million. Fucking ridiculous what we've got on our hands for that. Genuinely love him.
  3. Thought we were decent in the first half but as usual needed to be more clinical. Second half we came out and did that. Don't think we got out of second gear all day overall though - comfortable really. Happy with that.
  4. Was expecting that to be a lot tougher but we were fantastic. Jack and Aribo standouts. Morelos' second superb.
  5. Was absolutely superb at times last year but really struggling so far this season unfortunately.
  6. Brilliant first half. Aribo looking more productive and out of his shell a bit. Jack sensational.
  7. Third one before half time would be smashing. Looking decent here.
  8. Arfield has offered as much this game as he has all season - nothing. Poor.
  9. Wafflesniffer


    Doesn't seem to give a shit. Slow, lazy and a total shitebag to boot. Atrocious.
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