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  1. Nicholl and JJ for the rest of the season: https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-88/
  2. “Renew your season ticket and shut your puss” basically. The chancers in the boardroom have been around for several years and have attracted zero fucking investment. Zero. Now that the support are at the end of their tether there’s apparently ‘huge investement’ en route. Absolute pish. We’ll renew in our droves and fund the club as usual, and the blazers in the Blue Room will swan about doing fuck all, again as usual. ”Surrender, no!” says ‘ahead of the curve’ AJ.
  3. The biggest problem - too many of our support willing to accept mediocrity these days (not directing that at you, by the way). The likes of Murty shouldn’t be near us. If he has the minerals then fair play. I’m just sceptical after that pish the day.
  4. More concerned with building bridges and all that pish. Folk have said it before but not one of them gets it. Not one. They’ll go home the night, steer clear of social media for a week or until we beat some jobber pub team (next year at this rate) and then spout bollocks all over the shop. Absolute shitebags, every single one of them.
  5. Aye he is a more exciting option than both of them - I totally agree. With backing he could be a success. Whether he’ll get it is another thing. I’m just sceptical that he’ll take us on now and “a complete fuck up” you say - our board are more than capable of that and have proven so in the recent past.
  6. I’m sure he did. Today was a chance for a reaction though - if I was him I’d be interested to see if they’d step up to impress and they offered fuck all. Like I alluded to in my last post; maybe it’s the performance and the game the day but I just don’t see why he’d bother.
  7. To be fair he can’t really lose; he gets us going and wins the league then he gets all sorts of plaudits. He doesn’t then it’s down to the lack of investment/shitshow we are at the moment. So fair enough. Maybe it’s he performance and result the day, but I just don’t see it happening with him and if I was in his shoes I wouldn’t go near the job.
  8. He has no connection to us so why would he take it after watching that? He’s barely begun his managerial career so for a first job it would be fucking madness. If you didn’t support us and were in his shoes, would you take it?
  9. After the last few years don’t be surprised. No chance he’s taking the job anyway. Which is a relief.
  10. Cunts should do what they’ve done all season and hide. Player of the season? What a fucking laugh. From the board, to the management, to the players, every single one of them can fuck right off. Not one of them “get it”. Not one of them is capable of fuck all. So fucking scunnered with this pish to the point it’s normal expecting to get cuffed.
  11. Amazed if he’s still considering it after that. Risk his managerial career before its even started? Managing that shit, with no funds?
  12. No cunt will want the job of trying to take this squad forward.
  13. Longer it goes on the more I think he’ll reject us. On the one hand that’s a total riddy, on the other it’s a relief as I can’t see it be anything other than a fucking disaster.
  14. “All aboard...” Chat on there is fucking brutal.
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