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  1. Welcome To Rangers Declan John *permanently*

    Sorry, I picked you up wrong Mediocre is the right word.
  2. Welcome To Rangers Declan John *permanently*

    Fair enough - backup/substitute/make-up-the-numbers player. My point was he's decent but not the sort of quality we'll need to overhaul the scum.
  3. Welcome To Rangers Declan John *permanently*

    Squad player at best.
  4. Murty until the end of the season

    "So much at stake..." yet they've clearly made fuck all effort to find a manager and have just appointed a man who's experience is with the u20s. That's not a dig at Murty either; good guy doing his best but he's not what we need. Plus, he'll sign off on signings in January (if we even make any moves) yet is not guaranteed to work with those players past the summer? Robertson and the board are inept, incompetent shitebags. Potless and rudderless. Just get to fuck.
  5. Herrera

    Mobility and movement of an open fridge. He’s fucking atrocious and symptomatic of how far we’ve fallen. Rotten.
  6. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    “Aye but they got rid of the spivs an’ aw’rat”. Fucking shambles. They don’t have the finance to take us forward so why aren’t they chasing investment or handing over to folk that do? Isn’t that what a board should be doing, protecting and enhancing the clubs future? Naw, shitloads of soft loans while bumbling from one atrocious appointment to the next. Mediocre board and mediocre executive which has led to mediocre management and a mediocre team. The most depressing thing? Too many cunts are accepting of it.
  7. Burst the Bank Dave

    Does that mean every ‘non Rangers man’ is as bad as Green? When will we stop comparing everyone to they cunts? They were shysters - we know. King and that can’t take us forward but do we just keep them around because they got rid of the last mob? If their Rangers men status was true they’d recognise we’re going nowhere, hold their hands up and put us on to someone that can take us forward. ”Aye but Charlie Green an’ aw’ that”.
  8. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    I'd rather we pulled out of football altogether at this rate. Fucking woeful.
  9. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Fuck off man. Honest to fuck.
  10. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Fucking hell.
  11. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Aye, another unimaginative rushed loan signing that has failed. Fucking dire having to see this out, against this fucking mob. Dug shite.
  12. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    So much for a reaction; same slow paced pish with no creativity. We're brutal and going nowhere at the moment.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    When Herrera wins the ball or has it at his feet he never seems to know what the fuck to do next.
  14. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Haven’t read the whole thread but I saw absolutely fuck all improvement today and haven’t seen any in weeks. Still slack at the back including suspect full backs, overrun in midfield or backing off far too much and fuck all creativity where it matters. The only difference from last year is that the pish on display cost several millions more than the pish last year. I see nothing to suggest Pedro will get it right - he’s had plenty time and has showed fuck all. Not all his fault though - most of that lies with the board, who either don’t know what they’re doing making these appointments, or are simply happy to accept mediocrity which appears to be filtering down. tl;dr - fucking shite, again, and time for more drink
  15. The SFA team can take a fuck to themselves. Largely supported by 'Yes' voting, Rangers hating scum and run by those of the same ilk. Fuck supporting a team full of tarriers while sat next to worstcunts who wanted us dead, or like him in the OP who will no doubt be apologising for being 'one of us'. Boils my piss they cunts.