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  1. Played well so far and controlled the game. Just lack a cutting edge in the final third. Otherwise comfortable. Looking forward to the second half.
  2. He's a professional hospital patient whose career has been blighted by football.
  3. Would have taken 11 wins out of 12 at the start of the season!
  4. Why the hate for Zelalem? Very tidy wee player who was decent when he came on. Unlucky to lose that. We move on to the next game. Some quality up front is required.
  5. It's Hibs FFS 3-0 Rangers
  6. Great news. Natural goalscorer
  7. Ticket sales looking very good!
  8. Will finish 2-2
  9. I don't think St Johnstone will be a test.
  10. We play the best football in the country so there's no reason why we can't
  11. This a wind up?
  12. Clean slate. See if Warburton can get something out of him. Boyd couldn't score last year either.
  13. It all began in January here on Rangers media....
  14. Where is their defence?