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  1. mus

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Actually William I was struting round London town giving it big licks!!
  2. mus

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Starting to think I'm getting an unfair rep over this
  3. mus

    ***Feedback Thread***

    so whilst you and @Billy1984are taking the piss out of me you are buying and selling tickets to each other, Bastards
  4. Saw That Edouard was dispossed more time last night than any other player in this years Europa competition!!
  5. Cheers mate, sorry it took me so long to do it this year!!
  6. mus

    Semi final allocation

    No I'm all good thanks, peolpe said when I moved up here how good the Scottish sense of humour was, fuck knows when I will start to see it
  7. mus

    Semi final allocation

    South Stand P4
  8. @govanbluemoney sent into bank this morning!!
  9. mus

    Semi final allocation

    @.Williamson.@Mr Soprano@Bronzy @Sportingintegritymyarse @Billy1984 You bunch of Pricks I actually saw the email from the club and got a ticket(bet my flight back up to Glasgow gets cancelled now)
  10. mus

    Semi final allocation

    Still having a nightmare trying to source a ticket for this, I seem to look at the FB sites about 1 min after one goes on and someone else gets it
  11. mus

    Semi final allocation

    Good luck, but I'm sure it will be fine!!
  12. mus

    Semi final allocation

    I never said I wanted it to happen just that it will, but hopefully only on weeks your not coming over, (now saying that I'm going over for Lundy and will probably get stuck now)
  13. Why wasn't Jack involved on Sunday??
  14. mus

    Semi final allocation

    I can accept that, but lets see when you are moaning that boats/planes are cancelled in the winter, and you can't get there?
  15. mus

    Semi final allocation

    That's what happens when you work away, no point being on the CCCS when I'm in London for every mid week game!! And to be fair she still goes to the games!