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  1. mus

    Group stage payment cccs

    Mine came out in 3 batches on Monday, all were £35
  2. mus

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    As well as John Wark, although no cunt could understand a word he said!!
  3. mus

    What did O'Squeal say to Giggs?

    Is that so? and pray tell why would that be??
  4. mus

    What did O'Squeal say to Giggs?

    I touch Kids and know other people who do as well
  5. mus

    Welcome to Rangers fc, Eros Grezda!

    Not to say some journo has made this shit up, but isn't Christian Panucci the Albanian manager?
  6. been watching the NFL hard knocks programme on the Browns training camp, be interesting to see how they get on!!
  7. Eaxactly, and as far as I could see there was no mention of it in any online or MSM reports!!
  8. Still think the worst decision in the game was the foul against Goldson against christie right on the edge of the area and Goldson got booked when it was a clear dive!!
  9. mus

    Group Stage Package

    Well at the moment it's pay now buy later 😉
  10. mus

    Group Stage Package

    So just making sure I understand your point, your saying its right for the club to take over a £100 in 3 days time, to buy more players in January?
  11. mus

    Pubs for Old Firm

    The Green Man Islington shows all the Rangers Games
  12. Don't forget that Ryanair are pulling out of Glasgow at the end of Oct!!
  13. AEK got a good group as well😃
  14. Your probably right as ATM Dundee are hopeless
  15. Only problem being is that the second game is on the 11th and we play dundee on the 15th, a lot of travelling with little recovery time in between