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  1. mus

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    If you have taken out the monthly package you need to notify them at least 5 days before the month runs out, or they will roll it onto the next month mate!
  2. mus

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    You do know it's only 3 players??
  3. mus

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    Whilst I agree with most of your post, the highlighted bit is nothing but guess work on your part, you have absolutely no idea what the cost would be!!
  4. As Keane said last night it's not very often the first trophy you win as a player will be the world cup, and we have a squad who have won next to nothing domestically!!
  5. mus

    Great Night For Scotland

    You Fucker, was just coming into this to cunt you right off but then read the content, well played!!
  6. mus

    England related thread

    And as someone who is from the south east of England I am quite confident in saying what foghorn says is bollocks!!
  7. mus

    England related thread

    And I see that some Millwall fans have set up a gofund me page for repairs to the ambulance and it has gone to over£7k @.Williamson.
  8. mus

    England related thread

    You are probably right, the people who are more right wing/ unionist know what's what, but the average football fan hasn't got a clue, I mean I'm English nearly 50 and until I met my missus when I was younger I lived and breathed football but didn't have any idea what it was like in Scotland, but now when I talk to people to make it simple I just tell them Rangers-good, celtic-bad..
  9. mus

    England related thread

    The bit above is only true to some English fans as you don't see anything about them being anti-British in the papers, most people only know what they see on things like CL nights etc..
  10. mus

    Wigan Emails Out

    You are right, what they should have done was given everybody who can't take their own seat due to the away team having that area should get a couple of days after the ST deadline and before general sale to move, can't believe they don't do this, especially as there is still over a fortnight till the game, hope you get sorted out ok!!
  11. mus

    England related thread

    Not sure if the above is quite right, in my experience a lot of people down south like the taigs as all they see is them on CL nights and think that's how it actually is, but once you speak to these people tell them what to look for on the internet they mostly change their approach, and start to keep an eye on Rangers instead, also a lot of people don't give a fuck either way
  12. mus

    Wigan Emails Out

    That must only be whilst the sale is on to ST holders as they can't tell how many will take their seats, there could be as many as 25,000 that go on general sale on Friday, the uptake of ST holders for the game Friday wasn't huge I am led to believe.
  13. mus

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    Got a couple of mates down here who are ST holders at the Den and they rate him very highly and can't believe he would go for anything under 3m
  14. mus

    New Programme

    Anyone in London who wants one and can get into the city next week, I'd be happy to get some for you!
  15. mus

    I'm prepared to give King a go now

    We have a manager who has never managed a senior team in his life, how can you be confident they he knows anything? hopefully he does but ATM no-one has a clue how this will work out