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  1. Goldson is extremely slow as it was shown on Saturday!
  2. I have a ticket in MFN available for this as working away!
  3. To be honest mate, with this lot you can't ever turn it off!!😉
  4. Yes mate, I was guessing your sarcasm detector was turned off from .Williamson'.s comment?
  5. In all fairness one of those times was when Shearer kicked TLB in the head, so all good!!
  6. Just seen that mark Mcgee has become the Eastbourne Borough manager in the conference south!!
  7. I noticed that, just change it once and could go our way!
  8. Just reading some of the post's in the comments page of the petition, and somebody has stated that since she took over as the compliance officer celtic have never been citied, is this correct as that is a hell of a stat!
  9. well i will take your word on that as i have never seen him play for them, but he has been pretty rubbish when playing for Rangers as well!! (sorry bored at work waiting to get to the airport to go home)
  10. what shit in every game he has played for bluenose-11's team?
  11. Do you manage a Sunday team mate, or are you actually SG?
  12. unfortunately it is only one per season ticket!
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