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  1. Well hopefully it's away first as we are flying to Londonderry on Thursday the 8th
  2. I assume the home and away part won't be decided until the draw is done?
  3. Goes through the fountain, but through ferryquay gate if I remember correctly!
  4. It's a great day, hell of a long walk especially if it's hot, are you in the Campsite club as their initiation is on the Friday afternoon?
  5. The August Parade in Londonderry really is something else!!
  6. Well you should pop back down and have a look plus the added bonus that tanneral lives in the stones cross area!!
  7. Mate you wouldn't recognise the area now, the amount of houses being built around Hailsham is ridiculous, they are going up everywhere, the Marlett is now an estate
  8. Probably about the same mate, no fucker is desperate to live there!!
  9. Fuck me that's not a good way to start your RM career!!
  10. God knows mate, and i guess they are the same up here, that some are Ok, some are shit tips but most have decent people in them,(then again being from the leafy south east our town never had a person of colour living there until I was at senior school 😁)
  11. It seems that schemes are taking a real hammering here lately for some reason, ( not being scottish I guess they are the same as what we call council estates down here?)
  12. Mate, whist I agree with most of your post, I'm not sure a person cutting across the parade can be classed as rampaging public, also do we know who it was, as I saw a fair few pissed up idiots cutting across the line on the walk from GG to Govan who were there supporting the parade,(also saw a lot ask a marshall when it was ok to cross as well)
  13. On the parade back they were stopping the public walking under it, you had to walk round, any idea what that was about?
  14. I think they can use as many as they want, as long as they agree before the game!
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