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  1. Well I don't know abut everybody else but I found it funny!
  2. Well that makes me feel like a part of a family now!
  3. It is a bit poor to be fair, plus it's almost impossible to work out how to claim the £25 voucher which you can't spend on anything anyway!
  4. What about those people who don't ask for a refund but also aren't getting the mygers thing, do they just get hee-haw?
  5. Well that's my 2 tickets renewed at a cost of £1350 seems a lot of money for what will be little football, but hey ho, also the way the club has gone about this whole thing is starting to make me feel like claiming a refund but maybe for just one of my 2 tickets, but in the end I probably won't bother!
  6. But on the other hand it means Rangers are selling a service which they aren't providing, so they are basically taking your money with nothing in return, so to all ends the ST you buy this year is really just a gift of cash to the club!
  7. I think we can all agree that badly will be how the club respond to this!
  8. I emailed them and got a automated response on the first of May saying they would give me an proper answer within 48 hours and I'm still waiting!
  9. But to be fair he is absolutely correct, people will have been forking out about £50 for the MyGers membership for away tickets they will go to the games!
  10. Is probably the largest in the UK!! (sorry couldn't help it)
  11. You don't need too join MyGers to get the final and semi-final tickets if you are on CCCS but they will be given to people on MyGers first then if any are left which is doubtful they will be balloted to the CCCs people, hope this helps!
  12. Well I bet they do the same as always which will be Fuck All!!
  13. The bit in bold above, care to explain how exactly??
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