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  1. The whole champions league campaign of 95/96 season was a nightmare decent goal from gazza aside. Now I think of it the 96/97 one might have been worse. Beat of grasshoppers first game.
  2. That was B.EBT ( before. EBT) mate but funny no less. Ah fuck it we must have had a few EBT's in us that day as we skelped them 3 zip that day to take the title in there own back yard.
  3. Do you of all the shit we've seen recently that still goes down as one of if not the worst season I've had a season ticket for. Don't know why because let's be honest the last few years have been painful. Maybe because it came after an amazing 02/03 season. Anyway I think we were sold fake or knock off EBT's that year.
  4. Bang on mate. That was the king of EBT's a super EBT if you will. That one would probably even have been unbeatable in court.
  5. God bless EBT's gone but never forgotten.
  6. 1 down in seconds to a Sutton goal at ibrox in 2002 then boom the EBT's kicked in and we were 3-1 up going into half time.
  7. Thing is we will get over it all. Who'd have thought 20 years ago just having won 9 in a row and spending pretty big on players that summer with them bringing in a pretty much unknown manager we'd be in this position. Things can change fast in football and when we do starting winning the big prizes they'll be even sweeter for what we've been through.
  8. That's right mate all at ibrox too. Still won the league that year..........lol would bite your hand off for that now. Was a good season tho purely for being the first season of easily the best player in my life time the Great Dane.
  9. AEK Athens was another in 94 lauders and Boli in the team. I'm sure boli was playing on the wing at one point during that game. Remember seen bears fighting each other walking out people were that pissed off. Now famous for the chic young Walter video of course .
  10. Motherwell the game after Manchester final killed me most. I'm sure cousin was through 1 on 1 with keeper. Ment we were always going to be dependent on them dropping points. Kilmarnock 98 was a good shout as well can still remember them breaking away and scoring. Falkirk twice last year really pissed me off too.
  11. Greek boy who played for hearts 2005
  12. He looked finished to me today. The epitome of a paper hard man
  13. Sorry never noticed the other thread admin scrap this.
  14. With us both getting through in the cup does this game now get moved?
  15. Like a previous poster said showed his class in that he wasn't just comfortable in the company of the 1998- 2000 team but one of the main players. Great crosser of the ball. However I did blame him for the defeat in feyenoord in 2002. He could be a bit hot headed but more than made up for that during the years.