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  1. He looked finished to me today. The epitome of a paper hard man
  2. Sorry never noticed the other thread admin scrap this.
  3. With us both getting through in the cup does this game now get moved?
  4. Like a previous poster said showed his class in that he wasn't just comfortable in the company of the 1998- 2000 team but one of the main players. Great crosser of the ball. However I did blame him for the defeat in feyenoord in 2002. He could be a bit hot headed but more than made up for that during the years.
  5. Why is he so pro Ashley ? Genuine question.
  6. Perhaps we did ruin his football career but we also set him up for life. He would never have made the money he made in the last few years without us going to the 3rd. Wonder if he thought about cancelling his contract to rebuild his career at another team.
  7. Still trying come to terms with this tragic tragic news. The rumour I heard was he was one day from retirement. Surely the semi final is canceled!!!!!! Just let the work know ill no be in for 2 er 3 weeks.
  8. Winning at the piggery with a durrant/laudrup goal to all but clinch 9 in a row. Of course the 0-3 win at the piggery to win the league also amazing. Although both games were more important personally it was the 2002 Scottish cup final, it ment so much to beat O'neil that day.
  9. Pished an on route to Manchester
  10. Would Pedro mendes count?One and a half seasons.
  11. Totally agree mate.
  12. Would shine for fun up here
  13. I am maybe out of order here but from what I have seen of this guy ( and I did hold this belief before the game) he's comes across to me as an absolute tit. Don't really care about the " well beat them in the replay" bluff as that's nothing. He's comes across to me like the David Brent of football management. Seen his interviews for previous rounds and thought eh, who. Then I heard chic young say he's "an impressive man" before the game. If that's an impressive man am not wanting to be part of this world. Maybe I am being blinkered or biased but a thought they were possibly the worst team I have ever seen play at ibrox and I know what does that say about us. Anyway glad I got that out.
  14. Has there been any pie,bovril and pish updates yet.......updates appreciated.
  15. Off topic a bit as I know he did make it,but big Dunc's departure from us always rankled with me. I just knew he would be quality but then all the other trouble maybe made it impossible for him to stay, just thought it may calm down then we would see the best of him.