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  1. davger

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    I always thought it was after we put them out of the cup in 1998. Goram chucked the glove in there changing room on the way past.
  2. davger

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    Psv at home in 1999 champions league. We destroyed them 4-1 with Mols and Mcann tipping them to shreds. Also Derek McInnes (ewww) playing infront the defense to plaudits.
  3. davger

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    I’m not sure mate. I think the smell the glove would have been the 97/98 season after one of the games near the end of the season. We gave them a few sore ones then as well.
  4. davger

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    An old firm game at parkhead 1996 if memory serves it was a Thursday night for some reason. Laudrup scores from a Oneil slip gazza missed a pen as did van hooijdonk ( well he didn’t miss it was saved) and Goram celebrating was class. Most remember it for van Vossen missing. For me it was the goal and that penalty save and celebration. We smashed them in every league game that season too to calum 9 in a row.
  5. Or we could be having a wee laugh cause for the first time in a while things are looking good. Cheer up mate I know Bomber only had good intentions and is a legend.
  6. Or he wants to see the deeds àla John Brown?
  7. davger

    Magnanimous in defeat

    I was just reading Gordon parks there and he holds up Mcann as an example on how to take poor decisions . Now I like Mcann but after last season you’d be pushed to call him the dignified silent type. Such a poor journalist.
  8. davger

    David Hagen

    Falkirk are talking about a fundraiser or at least supporting it etc. He played most of his career with Falkirk. Would be nice to see Rangers involved as he started his career there.
  9. davger

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Normally Lustig’s face annoys me tonight it pleases me.
  10. davger


    One for the teenagers eh.
  11. davger


    How long before McClean is back up in Scotland
  12. davger


    Rarely been this angry at everything on that pitch in one half. Sheep, ref and us and this season that’s saying something. Any offer of money for that wee sulking bastard up front and we need to take it.
  13. davger

    A serious question

    I would add Conte to that list.
  14. davger

    Dundee United

    They don’t go up or make the playoffs then it’s admin for sure.