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  1. I was meaning financially. He carried us through the group sections virtually by himself. The wins, Qualifying and those two additional games against Braga and Leverkusen now look massive for club.
  2. Just a quick one on Morelos.. I’d absolutely dread to think were we’d be just now without his European goals..
  3. Who’s putting the Nethaniel Clynes out.
  4. I have a Sports Direct Mug. Spilled it once and flooded my neighbour downstair.
  5. Pretty poor from Dave King imo that he never contacted Tom English or Michael Stewart to tell them his plans.
  6. Well written statement too.. A decent tone and not the length of the Bible like Traynors were.
  7. Good statement and reassuring.
  8. The issue with a business model like ours is that when you rely on individuals to keep the club afloat is what effect this global pandemic has on their ability to put the money in.
  9. More laughing at the point about selling players in the summer..
  10. If King had stuck to his word that he’d be transparent he would have stood in front of Shareholders in November and told them he had intended to step down as Chairman.
  11. The DUP have given us a bridging loan until we get the Season ticket money in.
  12. Even in times of a pandemic, RM needs it’s fix of a Tav bashing thread... Join us next week when it’s Connor Goldsons turn.
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