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  1. King tried to pay on club card but the card got rejected as King put in wrong pin number. King blamed the Trainspotting film saying that all the clubs passwords have had to be changed since the film was released so Pedro had to pay for dinner.
  2. Hearing King fucked off and left Pedro to pay the bill. disgusting if true.
  3. Love big Waldo but he's a piss poor defender.
  4. Just seen him having dinner in Sarti's with Paul Murray, John Gilligan, Craig Houston and @eskbankloyal
  5. Surprised Xavi not in his team. Him and Iniesta two of the best midfielders i've seen..
  6. i'd accept any bid for him. Bang average player.
  7. Back to the Recordhaving the i side track and Keith Jackson and his klaxons if Barry gets the job. Novo, Brown or Ferguson. Jesus is weeping.
  8. Are Club 1872 using Traynor to write their statements. That's absolutely honking.
  9. Almost everyone in agreement on a Club 1872 thread..
  10. He thinks he's bigger than Club 1872. His ego is out of control.
  11. It looks like a monster has been created.. Swanning about Ibrox with his entourage en tow.. bawpouch.
  12. A positive OP and no mention of DCK or the board..
  13. At least Craig Houston is still involved....