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  1. Looking forward to this. A free hit so to speak and gets more minutes in the legs of players.
  2. Edouard wont be at them by the time we play at Torbett Towers.
  3. If they get anything near the apparent 25 million they’re wanting for that Ajer then the ball is burst. He’s a fucking donkey.
  4. He came alive again for last 5-10 mins. Him and Hagi were dire for majority of game but we had no options to replace. That’s damning.
  5. Aribo had a good first 15 mins then hid for the next 70.
  6. Thought Kent and Balogun were excellent. Got bullied in second half in midfield which is the same as last few years. we need 4/5 signings if we want to win league.
  7. There isn’t going to be kits for under 2 yr olds either.
  8. Yup but at what point do they realise they’re being played. Forget MD, he’s a sycophant but DE doesn’t strike me as daft.
  9. To me, fan media should be independent of club. With H and H, is Davie going to slaughter Gerrard on his Post match show when he will be facing him at a presser. Is he going to slaughter the board whilst he’s getting these privileges?
  10. Which for me would be a shame. I really enjoy the H and H stuff but if it’s going to be watered down because they don’t want to upset their PR pal or the club then it’ll be disappointing.
  11. Fair play to 4 Lads, virtually confirming what a few of us thought. Not looking to clever for DE and Mark Dingwall (no laughing at the back)
  12. Depends how many Mygers points you have.
  13. Last chance saloon for this squad and management team. Losers or legends - up to them now.
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