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  1. That’s Liverpool officially safe from relegation.
  2. Don’t know what you are talking about pal. my post was about Liverpool sneaking it.
  3. If they want him to stay then absolutely.
  4. What a stupid post. He won’t be on £150 a week at Man U ffs
  5. If Rangers are looking for 25-30 million for Alfie then he’ll need paid accordingly.
  6. He’ll be the top earner at club with a clause stating he gets a percentage of any future transfer fee.
  7. Any win will do. Alfie and hopefully Tav back next Wednesday.
  8. Not a chance he starts at Tynecastle.
  9. He should be binning him, Barker and Jones and signing someone.
  10. Davis, Jack and Kamara all do their jobs and do them well. It’s just that their skill types aren’t required against 10 men behind the ball.
  11. 1. Any win will do. 2. IT’s probably already happened but Gerrard and Co are going to have to sit down and drum it into Alfie that we cannot win the league if he’s sitting in the stands. 3. We need to sign at least one attacking midfielder. We’ve got ourselves into a brilliant position, let’s not risk it for the sake of a signing.
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