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  1. We'll probably then loan him out to Annan Athletic.
  2. Is this guy a protestant?
  3. I honestly think this is the signing we've been looking for to guarantee our 4th place finish.
  4. Going for 55, lads..
  5. A perfect foil for Dalcio.
  6. Miller will be fucked out wide in a 4-4-2 wi Herrera or Hardie partnering Morelos. I can barely wait. what's wrong with that floppy haired cunt Windass now?
  7. Not with Fraudro in charge and not whilst this board are in charge.
  8. Fraudro mare like
  9. Good grief. Another season of absolute mediocrity.
  10. Funny name for an aftershave..
  11. He's shite. He's also a lazy bassa
  12. His next tweet was "you broke my heart Fredo" He's either a Godfather fan or, like me, is disgusted at the price of the chocolate bars now.
  13. Beaker you say..
  14. Perfect for Pena as chilli sauce from his kebabs wont show on that..