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  1. Expect same team that started in Denmark to start this one. Think we’ll score over there and a draw would be an excellent result.
  2. Difficult for any player to come in from cold and stand out. Agree about the left back issue, hopefully it’s sorted asap.
  3. Decent win and all our main players got the weekend off. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Must’ve got the shock of his life going from playing against Nicky Clark the last time he played against us to going up against Alfie.
  5. Think if we were to get Kent then he’d get sold or loaned.
  6. Ojo’s ability to shoot from a distance and run in behind are going to add a lot to team. Defenders love the game in front of them but Ojo is running into channels and getting them turned.
  7. I forgot about Stewart and Barker. That should be the team.
  8. Disgusting if Dave King starts purely because he’s major shareholder tbh

    Left back

    Can appreciate Gerrard giving Barasic a chance again to do pre season but if he’s not good enough then sell him and buy someone else. Flanagan is great in 50/50’s but limited as a footballer and dodgy defensively.
  10. The third game down will be the game that cunt Smile from Rangers media will start a thread saying i’m shite.

    Left back

    Considering Flanagan is right footed, it’s amazing how many times he gets caught on inside when playing left back.
  12. Should be in position to rest virtually full team. Wes Polster, Edmundson,Helander, Halliday Doc, Kamara,King? Jones, Defoe, Hastie
  13. Outstanding results to get through. Very pleasing to see a spread of goals through strikers and Midfield. The left back is an accident waiting to happen and hopefully gets resolved asap.
  14. If Gerrard takes Alfie off when on a hat trick he’ll tombstone piledriver him
  15. Hopefully this doesn’t go to extra time as we need players fresh for East Fife on Sunday..
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