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  1. You were championing Lydoon Dykes and Ryan Gauld yesterday pal.
  2. I’m sure the “Premiership needs Hearts more than the Championship does” will go down like a pork pie in a synagogue.
  3. Katic struggled badly last year and i don’t see how he goes from fourth choice to being a starter next season.
  4. Genuinely can’t believe so many think Katic is good enough to be starting for us tbh
  5. Ryan Kent, in our system, is required to score around 20 goals in a season and 15 odd assists. That’s with a 30-40 goal season from Morelos still in team and i reckon he’ll leave.
  6. Honestly, under normal circumstances, I’d have Aribo sat behind Jimmy Bell and Kent sat Behind Michael Beale.
  7. Well you didn’t considering you had Lewis Ferguson in team. In your team, Morelos would need to score 45 goals and Hagi 25. the other 2 (Aribo and Kent) can’t play those positions. You’d also need Goram and Mcgregor in goal as defence shite.
  8. You not fancy stopping ten in a row mate?
  9. Aye mate since they beat us 1-0 the last time we played.
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