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  1. Pena

    If he’s to be in team then we’ve got to change formation to a 3-5-2.
  2. The Case for keeping Pedro

    And then we face Leveins Hearts. I said on here before Mwell game what we’d be facing in these two games. We failed the first test and i dont expect us to get anything at Murrayfield. We were told we had a team of men now, i’ve yet to see any evidence of that.
  3. We are absolutely shite

    WATP and banning green boots..
  4. We are absolutely shite

    Kenny Miller, referees against us, passionate, dugs, caravans
  5. We are absolutely shite

    A complete and utter embarrassment
  6. Moult or Herrera

    The fact the fraud brought a loanee on before him says it all.
  7. Someone please justify his position

    The PR campaign has already started, it’ll be upped this week ahead of our game at Murrayfield. We lose, Pedro goes and certain folk get the blame.
  8. Someone please justify his position

    Yeah, but how do Stewart Robertson and Andrew Dickson keep their job? A PR exercise blaming a player mutiny, ‘Pedro would have worked but his foreign methods upset Scottish players’.
  9. Someone please justify his position

    C1872 and The Rangers Obserrver are hand picked lackies by the club. When Caixinha goes they’ll be used to blame it on certain players as to deflect from the guys who appointed this disaster.
  10. Someone please justify his position

    There Is no justification for this guy to continue as Rangers manager. Said it weeks ago, we’re about to see a PR exercise with the point being the 3 man panel who appointed this fraud being excused and a Kenny Miller led player revolt being blamed for his demise. Folk calling KM a ‘rat’ snake’ etc being shoen up.
  11. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Pena to come on at half time and change the game.
  12. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Fair play to Dave King, missing Liverpool game today and being at Hampden.. Respect..
  13. Junkies unsold tickets to cost us £62.5k

    Difficult for the Hibs fans to sell out in both ends, tbf.
  14. Correct attitude for any Rangers manager to have.
  15. Best Summer Signing

    Morelos has been outstanding. Top scorer in league but offers way more than just goals. Whatever happens in future with Pedro, I’m sure we’ll be thanking Him and tbf JJ for getting this guy.