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  1. Big Lee McCulloch rubbin the back of his heid.
  2. I think you are right and a fortnight or so later they were back in.
  3. Orange with 5 stars in crimson
  4. Has Warburtons favourite agency benefited from any of Forests transfer dealings
  5. I have no interest and that is why they will not receive a penny of my cash. Come back to me when C1872 has 50000 members (Rent a Gub stated that was possible)Hallmarks of RST II at the moment.
  6. Away and play with your beads
  7. Proud rather than happy.
  8. Better when you broadcast you married a catholic. Your standards ate dropping.
  9. Perhaps. One thing is for sure none of them would have been signed pre McCoist.
  10. Perhaps he is a better fullback?
  11. So my point still stands they had to be told. Regardless I would rather give my money to your fund than C1872.
  12. You like fullbacks who cannot tackle i guess
  13. Cannot be any worse than Tavernier at RB.
  14. They have to be told to get active. Sums them up to be honest.
  15. They dont account for the gash and the tops look gash.