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  1. When did the manager lay the foundation of HIS side?
  2. "Im sick saying that mastering Scottish football isn't rocket science. You need to build a spine of a team starting from defence, be organised and have a winning mentality. We need a strong manager and some funds - not some revolutionary gamble." Pedro has yet to sign a player.
  3. Last time we had a decent performance we drew with the taigs and beat them on penalties. Name a manager who could field a Warburton select to beat the taigs? Warburton never achieved it.
  4. I will agree after Dave gives him 15 million and he blows it.
  5. First half his distribution was dire. Second half he made up for that. Hill and Miller are the best players we have. Now Dave go out and find a squad good enough to compliment them and win the league. You wanted the Chairmanship and you got it.
  6. Could be worse yer maw might be yer sister.
  7. Maybe he will be introduced as failed Rangers manager Ally McCoist.
  8. Rover STs and bevvy would cure the atmosphere problem.
  9. I thought we would win last week but tactics and players let us down. I am confident we will make amends tomorrow.
  10. Went with my Da and he got scunnered with me as I kept saying I was going to throw up all the way in and until kick off. No drink involved just nerves. He was fully of confidence all the time. Can picture him sitting in the stand even down to what he was wearing. Great memories all round.
  11. I was hoping they would be hand knitted by Mrs King, Murray and Gilligan. Just have to wait another year then. The ladies could start production now though.
  12. Sarcasm is obviously not your strong point.
  13. If you hate him more than Johnny Doyle instead of Grant then you might be taken more seriously.
  14. Same food should be served to those in the Directors Box.
  15. I voted yes because Dave King has appointed a new manager and is going to give him the finance to bring in the players to stop Bheast FC.