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  1. Whatever. Up to the board to decide. Guy has agreed to a request which could tarnish his reputation so should be paid accordingly.
  2. Thats your opinion. Mine is different.
  3. He is the acting manager so should be on the managers wage. Our board are happy to waste our miney on lawyers it seems.
  4. Hivs dominated that game from start to finish?

    Hope the taigs sign Mcginn. He is pish.
  5. Derek McInnes

    Where did you get this? I think 200 grand for a manager of McInnes pedigree wouldbe more than enough
  6. Club Statement

    I would say 2k.
  7. Club Statement

    Tenner a week more than the sheep would be fair enough. The guy has no track record. Lets just be thankful he isnt Rangers manager.
  8. Club Statement

    I do not see where I said that. I wouldnt expect him to take a pay cut but I dont think we should have offered to double his salary either.
  9. Club Statement

    We dont know if we matched it or bettered it. Maybe McInnes was expecting 800 grand. I dont think he has done anything to merit that so its rather positive our board may think the same.
  10. Club Statement

    Fear not folks. C1872 are meeting with Robertson during the week. They will get to the bottom of all this and wag a finger at Robertson too.
  11. That wasn't just 3-points against Ross County

    Lots of people are rejoicing Actually I am rejoicing also but thats because Del and Tony are still shepherds
  12. Club Statement

    I think we should all just be thankful Tony wasnt trackside today. Just means Derek wasnt there too. Another plus point from todays match.
  13. That wasn't just 3-points against Ross County

    And then they wiped he floor with others. This team has not done that. Did we rejoice at winning 3 in a row by December in any of Walters spells? As I said there is winning ugly and there is winning ugly on a Saturday with a team thats in the CL on a Wednesday.