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  1. Has Struthi the Lions Da introduced him to Dave yet?
  2. 10 to 15 million. Win league. Qualify for CL.
  3. I think he scored almost an identical goal against St Mirren in the same season. It was a midweek game at Ibrox during the winter. You were always confident Davie would do something at a setpiece. Wonder what the opposition players were thinking. Remember standing for what seemed hours at the roadside on the day of his funeral. Loads of people but hardly a sound.
  4. Thanks mate. I was wondering if he was injured. Hope he does well. 100% effort out of him every game for us and no hiding.
  5. Is he a regular starter for Falkirk? Any time I have checked he seems to have been on the bench. Nice to hear he still attends our games. Not many retired players even do that.
  6. First we dont know what it is and we dont need to contribute. With the membership of C1872 apparently in decline I think it will be very difficult to get others to join any new initiative. The original idea may well have been for the fans to finance the refurbishment of Edmiston House but we may never know. Odd name for a CIC ,if its nothing to do with the building,and having the Rangers Secretary and a local publican forming it does make you think along certain lines.
  7. There is that. If it ever came to it and it were the boards friends making a living from it then it wouldnt see a penny from me.
  8. By rights the three Club stoogies who back him should also be forced off.
  9. What do you think it is then? I think it may have been an idea to refurbish EH and having someone run it but when it was investigated thoroughly the costs have killed it off. If they are going to go down that road it should be managed inhouse rather than by any friends of the board type arrangement.
  10. Aye. His brother travelled to the Wolverhampton game. He used to tell me about it all the time. Wasnt about the match though. Said he had never saw so many darkies before. Think his exposure to coloured chaps was fighting alongside some in WWII and Wolverhampton was a culture shock.
  11. Great read that. My dad was at the match against Arsenal.
  12. I was always under the impression the first floodlit match at Ibrox was also a game against Arsenal? Not googling it but does anybody know?
  13. Did The Booler not say King would be in Glasgow on Wednesday?
  14. Cheers mate. I always remember Dawson as a bit on the chunky side. Must have been the Souness training that made him shed a stone or 3.
  15. Is that Avi Cohen behind Souness and Ally Dawson on the left of the pic?