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  1. Young Bob

    Buckle up troops

    James should recommend that State funding of catholic schools will cease immediately. If they are serious thats what they should do.
  2. Young Bob

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    Indeed. Could buy it for a quid and let the council pay for the demolition
  3. Young Bob

    Europa League expectations

    Didnt expect us to qualify. If we now finish 3rd and have played well then thats good. Anything else is a big bonus.
  4. Young Bob

    Kai Kennedy

    Out of interest , have you kicked fuck out of your workmate thats Bheast a fan and who only takes tickets for bug games? If not why not?
  5. Young Bob


    Not bad today. Needs to play to a consistently higher standard if picked.
  6. Young Bob


    Any team with any sense does it.
  7. Young Bob

    *****Betfred Cup QF draw*****

    How did Anton Fagan of the SPFL react to the draw?
  8. Young Bob


    Kevin Thomson is agreeing. Killie played practically everything down our right side as they know he cannot defend.
  9. Young Bob

    "Setback plus Thank You"

    Good luck mate.
  10. Young Bob

    Police Scotland once again

    If the Police have knowingly left a 10 year old unaccompanied on a bus they should have more than a complaint to deal with. Who said what would be totally irrelevant.
  11. Young Bob

    Police Scotland once again

    So this so called Police Officer knows the man is the guardian of a minor but forcibly removes him from a bus and takes no action to protect the child?
  12. Young Bob

    Greg Docherty vists fan

    Its the thought that counts
  13. I will do a bank transfer in the coming days.
  14. Young Bob

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    Only ones winning here are lawyers.Im sure if the SFA proceed Rangers will have the SFA in court and I think the potential of that will spoil the script.
  15. Young Bob

    Emmanuel Eboue arrested for Arson

    Good to see Dude back to his best. Lets no be fooled.