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  1. Show Racism the Red Card Apologise to Club 1872

    Still no apology on their website. Perhaps it needs to go above Nicola Hay.
  2. Latest from Imperial Bears

    Very poor. Should just have said celtic FC rather than all this Bheast stuff. Didnt finish the article because of it.
  3. Banners on staircase

    Club statement is hilarious. They think we are buttoned up the back. The fuckwits who came out with the idea of the banners and that statement should be fired.
  4. SPFL statement

    Wont surprise me if the SFA change their mind.
  5. Tav's defending

    Both fullbacks need replaced and we need better cover for Alves if he goes forward for a corner.
  6. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Roundabout ticket, you talking about?
  7. Clearing up kit rumours

    But the Rangers Observer wouldnt dare comment on that.
  8. Ally and Butcher

    McCoist knows he is persona non grata with us so why is anyone surprised at his attitude? He was never a fan like we are either. Wonder if Dave King still wants to see McCoist back in the Directors Box.
  9. Sutton...well being Sutton

    Never heard it but if he came out with this asking the question line then the club should be contacting SPFL and BT to say their will be no more interviews with Sutton.
  10. Rangers Lotto

    If we signed up on a direct debit can we make the Fund the Agent?
  11. Rangers Lotto

    Looks more like the Marketing is the problem? For example I do not expect any Rangers Youth players to make the first team so marketing it as Youth Development does not entice me. In saying that I do Rangers Lotto on and off. Previously I did the Pools and paid the money to my Agent in advance. Times have changed with electronic banking but I think a new approach is required to get fans to sign up permanently.
  12. Copper dog shelve stadium application.

    Edmiston House CIC is nowt to do with Edmiston House, according to the Marshalls.
  13. Looking like October for tops

    October in which year?
  14. Need better quality at RB and LB. Knew that before kick-off today.