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  1. Edmiston House CIC is nowt to do with Edmiston House, according to the Marshalls.
  2. October in which year?
  3. Well then you must agree with what I said.
  4. Makes no odds. He had left before any fee was even thought of. As previously said, the worst Captain in our history.
  5. Need better quality at RB and LB. Knew that before kick-off today.
  6. I would agree.
  7. He did. Can't see how Europe would affect it. The longer it goes the less the demand will be though.
  8. Being reported elsewhere it will be mid-October.
  9. They now have a cairn at Contalmaison. Worth a visit.
  10. We need to have our own singing from the same hymn sheet before we bother about the rest. The taigs thinking will not be altered by the VBs.
  11. As long as every Rangers fan gets to see it thats fine. A few will have issue with VB no matter what.
  12. Tell them you are Captain Black.
  13. Not me. Taigs are outing themselves.
  14. But do they consider themselves from the old country like the VBs mentioned?